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Athletic Department Mission

To provide student-athletes with the opportunity to compete at the highest level while making progress toward completion of a degree of their choice in an environment consistent with high academic standards, a commitment to equity and diversity, sportsmanship, personal growth and development, and ethical conduct.

Statement of Principles Governing the Intercollegiate Athletic Program

The University of Tulsa is committed to a philosophy of firm institutional control of athletics, to the academic and financial integrity of our athletics program, and to the accountability of the athletics department to the missions and values of the University. In support of that commitment, the University has adopted the following general principles as a guide to our participation in intercollegiate athletics:

The educational values and mission of the University determine the standards by which we conduct our intercollegiate athletics program.

  • The academic welfare of student-athletes including admission, satisfactory progress, and graduation shall be of primary importance to the University.
  • The institution shall provide opportunities for men and women to compete in intercollegiate athletics in a manner that enhances their educational achievements.
  • The intercollegiate athletics program shall be conducted with the highest ethical standards.
  • The University will maintain institutional control of intercollegiate athletics at all times by vesting in the president the responsibility and authority for the administration of the athletics department including all basic policies, personnel, and finances.
  • The University shall maintain compliance with all University, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations.
  • All student-athletes will receive fair and equitable treatment in accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.
  • The intercollegiate athletics program will encourage and promote diversity amongst its staff and student-athletes and provide a comfortable environment for the understanding of, respect for, and sensitivity to multiculturalism and diversity.
  • The overall quality experience of all student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics shall be of primary concern of campus officials.

The athletics department has identifies seven goals deemed essential to the realization of the stated principles:

  1. Recruit students who can meet academic standards.
  2. Provide a quality competitive and academic successful experience.
  3. Provide an environment that fosters diversity amongst staff and student-athletes.
  4. Ensure equitable treatment of all student-athletes.
  5. Provide overall life skill experiences for all student-athletes.
  6. Market the University through academic competition.
  7. Maintain the academic and athletic integrity of the athletic program.