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Conference USA Announces Commissioner's Honor Roll

A record 3,213 student-athletes have earned recognition to the Commissioner's Honor Roll during the 2013-14 academic year.
A record 3,213 student-athletes have earned recognition to the Commissioner's Honor Roll during the 2013-14 academic year.

April 10, 2014

Irving, Texas - - A record 3,213 student-athletes have earned recognition to the Commissioner's Honor Roll during the 2013-14 academic year, Commissioner Britton Banowsky announced today. Student-athletes named to the Commissioner's Honor Roll maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Rice placed the highest number of student-athletes on the honor roll, producing 235 members who participate in league-sponsored sports. Tulsa followed with 216, while East Carolina ranked third with 195 conference student-athletes on the list.

Student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better also receive the Commissioner's Academic Medal. Those winners will be released tomorrow.

The following is a complete list of the Commissioner's Honor Roll award winners, listed by institution:

2014 C-USA Honor RollGet Acrobat Reader

TULSA (216)
TK Edogi	        Men's Basketball
Lew Evans	        Men's Basketball
Emmanuel Ezechinonso	Men's Basketball
Shaquille Harrison	Men's Basketball
Nick Wood	        Men's Basketball
Ashley Clark	        Women's Basketball
Ashley Hughes         	Women's Basketball
Erika Lane 	        Women's Basketball
Liesl Spoerl	        Women's Basketball
David Annett 	        Men's Cross Country
Dallas Elmore         	Men's Cross Country
Simon Greiner         	Men's Cross Country
Jake McDonnell         	Men's Cross Country
Adam Palamar 	        Men's Cross Country
Tim Rackers 	        Men's Cross Country
Adam Roderique         	Men's Cross Country
Elijah Silva 	        Men's Cross Country
Kirk Smith	        Men's Cross Country
Brian Tabb 	        Men's Cross Country
Danny Thater 	        Men's Cross Country
Aaron Thornburg	        Men's Cross Country
Emily Dunn 	        Women's Cross Country
Janessa Dunn 	        Women's Cross Country
Alyssa Jones	        Women's Cross Country
Stacie Taylor	        Women's Cross Country
Josie Wilcox	        Women's Cross Country
Blake Abbott	        Football
Jake Alexander         	Football
Jeremy Brady 	        Football
Joseph Byron 	        Football
Joseph Calcagni 	Football
Jonathan Chavira 	Football
Brock Dowling 	        Football
Zach Epps 	        Football
Conner Floyd 	        Football
James Floyd	        Football
Dylan Foxworth         	Football
Jackson Fuselier 	Football
Nick George 	        Football
Hunter Hughes         	Football
Chris Hummingbird 	Football
Blake Kitrell         	Football
Zack Langer 	        Football
Evan Lanoue 	        Football
Zach Lathrop 	        Football
Matt Linscott 	        Football
Keevan Lucas 	        Football
Derrick Luetjen	        Football
Matthew Luetjen         Football
Daelen McClendon 	Football
Austin McDaniel 	Football
Gabe Moyer 	        Football
Adam Noethe 	        Football
Shawn Norman 	        Football
Rob Riederer 	        Football
Ryan Rubley 	        Football
Colby Scott 	        Football
Jake Scott	        Football
Thomas Shamet         	Football
Evan Sheets 	        Football
Rowdy Simon 	        Football
Jake Sizelove 	        Football
Luke Snider	        Football
Garrett Stafford 	Football
Cole Taylor 	        Football
Zac Uhles 	        Football
Jerry Uwaezuoke 	Football
Cody Wilson	        Football
Tyler Wilson	        Football
Mark Hicks 	        Men's Golf
Cody Kent 	        Men's Golf
Matthew Marquez 	Men's Golf
Mark Mumford 	        Men's Golf
Francisco Yanez	        Men's Golf
Alex Haun	        Women's Golf
Nadia Majidizadeh 	Women's Golf
Valeria Otoya    	Women's Golf
Franziska Voellinger 	Women's Golf
Antonia Von Wnuck	Women's Golf
Jerusha Blankenship	Women's Rowing
Alana Bobka 	        Women's Rowing
Jennifer Casson 	Women's Rowing
Adrianna Catalanotto 	Women's Rowing
Marissa Catalanotto 	Women's Rowing
Helen Char 	        Women's Rowing
Madison Crane 	        Women's Rowing
Lindsay Crute 	        Women's Rowing
Ellen Eisenhour 	Women's Rowing
Abigail Elggren 	Women's Rowing
Hannah Emnett 	        Women's Rowing
Emily Farrar 	        Women's Rowing
Maria Gearing 	        Women's Rowing
Betsy Govig 	        Women's Rowing
Brooke Helmberger 	Women's Rowing
Stephanie Hendricks 	Women's Rowing
McKenna Jarvis 	        Women's Rowing
Elizabeth Keane 	Women's Rowing
Allison Kiefer 	        Women's Rowing
Mary Kowalchyk 	        Women's Rowing
Ashley Lane 	        Women's Rowing
Jessica LeafMeeker 	Women's Rowing
Amanda Lee 	        Women's Rowing
Skylar Luttjehuizen 	Women's Rowing
Marie Manzo 	        Women's Rowing
Anna McHenry	        Women's Rowing
Angela Metzler 	        Women's Rowing
Phoebe Mulligan 	Women's Rowing
Amy Nelson 	        Women's Rowing
Sarah Noman 	        Women's Rowing
Sarah Palilionis 	Women's Rowing
Rachel Perry 	        Women's Rowing
Sarah Ringler 	        Women's Rowing
Eleanor Rippert	        Women's Rowing
Jamie Roloff 	        Women's Rowing
Carly Schmidt 	        Women's Rowing
Kaitlyn Schneider 	Women's Rowing
Emalia Seto	        Women's Rowing
Maile Seto	        Women's Rowing
Lauren Simpson 	        Women's Rowing
Leah Suleski 	        Women's Rowing
Sam Tober 	        Women's Rowing
Lauren Turner         	Women's Rowing
Melissa Urquhart	Women's Rowing
Renee Vanasse 	        Women's Rowing
Colleen Wohlrab 	Women's Rowing
Bradley Bourgeois 	Men's Soccer
Christian Camera 	Men's Soccer
Kyle Cumings 	        Men's Soccer
Byron Knowles-Ramirez 	Men's Soccer
Abé Matamoros 	        Men's Soccer
Austin Neil 	        Men's Soccer
Cory Sauerwine 	        Men's Soccer
Quinn Starker	        Men's Soccer
Katelyn Admire 	        Women's Soccer
Lana Bermel	        Women's Soccer
Katelynn Duncan 	Women's Soccer
Roman Edwards 	        Women's Soccer
Marleigh Essler 	Women's Soccer
Allison Gochenour 	Women's Soccer
Hayley Harryman 	Women's Soccer
Bradi Hinch 	        Women's Soccer
Elisabetta Impagliazzo 	Women's Soccer
Caitlin Jancuska 	Women's Soccer
Lauren King	        Women's Soccer
Lindsay Kirch           Women's Soccer
Sierra Krenik 	        Women's Soccer
Claire Maris 	        Women's Soccer
Claire Nicholson 	Women's Soccer
Camille Pelley 	        Women's Soccer
Tori Peters 	        Women's Soccer
Nikki Pokipala 	        Women's Soccer
Katy Riojas 	        Women's Soccer
Tine Schryvers 	        Women's Soccer
Alexa Sidorakis 	Women's Soccer
Annette Sohmer 	        Women's Soccer
Olivia Viergutz 	Women's Soccer
Miranda Zoller        	Women's Soccer
Jill Barrett	        Softball
Shelby Blanton 	        Softball
Aimee Creger 	        Softball
Bailey Erwin 	        Softball
Haley Henshaw 	        Softball
Catherine Horner	Softball
Emma Horton	        Softball
Cierra Hughes	        Softball
Julie Kernen 	        Softball
Erica Sampson	        Softball
Jocelyn Sheffield 	Softball
Maddie Withee 	        Softball
Maggie Withee	        Softball
Carlos Bautista	        Men's Tennis
Japie De Klerk	        Men's Tennis
Chase Gordon 	        Men's Tennis
Matthew Kirby	        Men's Tennis
Clifford Marsland 	Men's Tennis
Dylan McCloskey 	Men's Tennis
Daniel Santos 	        Men's Tennis
Carol Benito	        Women's Tennis
Marcelina Cichon 	Women's Tennis
Renata Kuricova	        Women's Tennis
Rongrong Leenabanchong	Women's Tennis
Saana Saarteinen	Women's Tennis
Maria Sant'Anna 	Women's Tennis
Paul Akintade	        Men's Track & Field
David Anderson 	        Men's Track & Field
Casey Fitzgerald 	Men's Track & Field
Julian Frazier 	        Men's Track & Field
Andrew Heyes 	        Men's Track & Field
Austin Hostetler 	Men's Track & Field
Colt Johnson	        Men's Track & Field
Alex Lybarger 	        Men's Track & Field
Bryce Robinson 	        Men's Track & Field
Phil Royer 	        Men's Track & Field
Marc Scott	        Men's Track & Field
Rachel Baptista 	Women's Track & Field
Ursa Belaj	        Women's Track & Field
Katherine Camp 	        Women's Track & Field
Hartly Carlisle	        Women's Track & Field
Roos-Sanne Claassen	Women's Track & Field
Brandi Krieg	        Women's Track & Field
Clara Langley 	        Women's Track & Field
Olivia Lopez 	        Women's Track & Field
Elizabeth Lothamer	Women's Track & Field
Alex Lyons 	        Women's Track & Field
Lauren Thomas 	        Women's Track & Field
Carly Boatwright	Volleyball
Erica Bohannon 	        Volleyball
Abigail Cachero 	Volleyball
Valerie El Houssine	Volleyball
Miriele Gobbo	        Volleyball
Maura McGivern	        Volleyball
Alexis Mitchell	        Volleyball
Nicole Newton	        Volleyball
Paige Panfil	        Volleyball
Kelsey Parks	        Volleyball
Jaime Rahilly	        Volleyball