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Conference USA Announces Academic Medal Winners

For the third year in a row, Tulsa had the most academic medal winners with 61.
For the third year in a row, Tulsa had the most academic medal winners with 61.

April 13, 2013

Irving, Texas -

A total of 538 student-athletes have earned the Conference USA Commissioner's Academic Medal during the 2012-13 academic year, Commissioner Britton Banowsky announced today.  Medals are given to those C-USA student-athletes who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher.

For the third year in a row, Tulsa had the most academic medal winners with 61. Memphis placed 54 on the list, followed by East Carolina with 49 and UCF with 48.

TULSA (61)
Nick Wood	        Men's Basketball
Dylan Foxworth 	        Football
Matt Linscott 	        Football
Matthew Luetjen 	Football
Chris Worrell	        Men's Golf
Nanna Nielsen 	        Women's Golf
Hannah Emnett 	        Women's Rowing
Zoe Fleischmann 	Women's Rowing
Brooke Helmberger 	Women's Rowing
Elizabeth Keane 	Women's Rowing
Allison Kiefer 	        Women's Rowing
Rachel Perry 	        Women's Rowing
Sarah Ringler 	        Women's Rowing
Elaine Schillinger 	Women's Rowing
Leah Suleski 	        Women's Rowing
Sam Tober 	        Women's Rowing
Renee Vanasse 	        Women's Rowing
Jake Dobkins 	        Men's Soccer
Abé Matamoros 	        Men's Soccer
Ian Mussman	        Men's Soccer
Quinn Starker	        Men's Soccer
Zac Treu 	        Men's Soccer
Hayley Harryman 	Women's Soccer
Bradi Hinch 	        Women's Soccer
Claire Hulcer 	        Women's Soccer
Caitlin Jancuska 	Women's Soccer
Camille Pelley 	        Women's Soccer
Nikki Pokipala 	        Women's Soccer
Katy Riojas 	        Women's Soccer
Alexa Sidorakis 	Women's Soccer
Emma Horton	        Softball
Julie Kernen	        Softball
Jocelyn Sheffield	Softball
Matthew Kirby	        Men's Tennis
Carol Benito	        Women's Tennis
Renata Kuricova	        Women's Tennis
Belen Rivera	        Women's Tennis
Saana Saarteinen	Women's Tennis
David Annett 	        Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Nathan Barrett 	        Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Austin Cookson 	        Men's Track & Field
Casey Fitzgerald 	Men's Track & Field
Colt Johnson	        Men's Track & Field
Will LePage 	        Men's Track & Field
Alex Lybarger 	        Men's Track & Field
Kevin Mayer	        Men's Track & Field
Jake McDonnell 	        Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Adam Palamar 	        Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Tim Rackers 	        Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Alex Sementelli	        Men's Track & Field
Aaron Thornburg	        Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Tricity Andrew 	        Women's Track & Field
Hartly Carlisle	        Women's Track & Field
Emily Dunn 	        Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Janessa Dunn 	        Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Erin Huddleston 	Women's Track & Field
Brandi Krieg	        Women's Track & Field
Olivia Lopez 	        Women's Track & Field
Alex Lyons 	        Women's Track & Field
Carly Boatwright	Volleyball
Kelsey Parks	        Volleyball