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Conference USA Announces Commissioner's Honor Roll

A record 2,027 student-athletes earned recognition to the Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll for the 2009-10 academic year.
A record 2,027 student-athletes earned recognition to the Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll for the 2009-10 academic year.

April 15, 2010

Irving, Texas - A record 2,027 student-athletes earned recognition to the Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll for the 2009-10 academic year, as announced by Commissioner Britton Banowsky today. Student-athletes named to the Commissioner's Honor Roll maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Rice placed the highest number of student-athletes on the honor roll, producing 227 members, followed closely by UCF with 221 and Tulsa with 202.

Student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better also receive the Commissioner's Academic Medal. Those winners will be released tomorrow.

TULSA (202)
Steven Idlet, Men's Basketball
Kodi Maduka, Men's Basketball
D.J. Magley, Men's Basketball
Will Sanger, Men's Basketball
Tiffani Couisnard, Women's Basketball
Virginia DeWare, Women's Basketball
Jermaine Kermis, Women's Basketball
Taleya Mayberry, Women's Basketball
Adria Phillips, Women's Basketball
Kara Vaughan, Women's Basketball
Bo Abbott, Football
Evan Allen, Football
Connor Anderson, Football
Matthew Best, Football
Marshal Bond, Football
Michael Britton, Football
Verl Brown, Football
Jacob Collums, Football
Alan Dock, Football
Harold Hatch, Football
Derrick Jackson, Football
G.J. Kinne, Football
Bryce Pacheco, Football
Marcus Pate, Football
Kenny D. Sims, Football
Justin Skillens, Football
Anthony Smith, Football
Justin Smith, Football
Jared St. John, Football
Michael Sullivan, Football
John Supica, Football
Kolton Taylor, Football
Trent Wilkins, Football
Cody Wilson, Football
Richard Young, Football
Brad Beeson, Men's Golf
Arie Fauzi, Men's Golf
Rob Laird, Men's Golf
Mark Mumford, Men's Golf
Philip Reiser, Men's Golf
Andre' Tourinho, Men's Golf
Ville Vaisanen, Men's Golf
Chris Worrell, Men's Golf
Abby Allford, Women's Golf
Sarah Elliot, Women's Golf
Marita Engzelius, Women's Golf
Kelly Fuchik, Women's Golf
Shu-Yin Liu, Women's Golf
Kamryn Ruffin, Women's Golf
Glynnis Aubrey, Women's Rowing
Kellen Baggett, Women's Rowing
Catharine Brierre, Women's Rowing
Allyson Brooks, Women's Rowing
Heather Brooks, Women's Rowing
Rachel Buchanan, Women's Rowing
Anne Campbell, Women's Rowing
Autumn Dinkelman, Women's Rowing
Caitlin Dryke, Women's Rowing
Alexis Elliot, Women's Rowing
Alaina Ferraro, Women's Rowing
Megan Fitzpatrick, Women's Rowing
Abigail Gorman, Women's Rowing
Elise Grafe, Women's Rowing
Kelly Hill, Women's Rowing
Katie Holtvogt, Women's Rowing
Michelle Kadin, Women's Rowing
Kelsey Kean, Women's Rowing
Krysti Knoche, Women's Rowing
Erin Leddy, Women's Rowing
Nicole McNamee, Women's Rowing
Megan Melott, Women's Rowing
Meredith Papps, Women's Rowing
Stephanie Rogers, Women's Rowing
Molly Selig, Women's Rowing
Kellyn Smith, Women's Rowing
Rebecca Stangl, Women's Rowing
Susan Stangl, Women's Rowing
Puja Sztorc, Women's Rowing
Arielle Tillou, Women's Rowing
Dana Urbanek, Women's Rowing
Shantel Wagner, Women's Rowing
Emily Wynn, Women's Rowing
Matt Boullt, Men's Soccer
Kyle Corrie, Men's Soccer
Kyle Cumings, Men's Soccer
Daniel Dittus, Men's Soccer
Jake Dobkins, Men's Soccer
Tom Gaus, Men's Soccer
Mason Gist, Men's Soccer
Ashley McInnes, Men's Soccer
Cody Mumma, Men's Soccer
Zach Nulisch, Men's Soccer
Jose Parada, Men's Soccer
Tanner Petrick, Men's Soccer
Ben Pettit, Men's Soccer
Kilian Poeschk, Men's Soccer
Joe Salem, Men's Soccer
Sidney Stewart, Men's Soccer
Thomas Story, Men's Soccer
Chris Taylor, Men's Soccer
MacKenzie Ayer, Women's Soccer
Julie Bunting, Women's Soccer
Katie Bykowski, Women's Soccer
Courtney Chadney, Women's Soccer
Rebecca Cowles, Women's Soccer
Sarah Greene, Women's Soccer
Melissa Hailey, Women's Soccer
Brooke Hubbard, Women's Soccer
Maddie Jones, Women's Soccer
Jennifer Kacergis, Women's Soccer
Lindsay Kirch, Women's Soccer
Lexis Learmonth, Women's Soccer
Stephanie Matthiesen, Women's Soccer
Emily McElrath, Women's Soccer
Rebecca Morris, Women's Soccer
Allie Rapp, Women's Soccer
Carrie Rasch, Women's Soccer
Kelley Ricker, Women's Soccer
Rebekah Riner, Women's Soccer
Alyvia Rogers, Women's Soccer
Shelby Steele, Women's Soccer
Hannah Taylor, Women's Soccer
Lindsey Wade, Women's Soccer
Georgina Walker, Women's Soccer
Kelly Chapman, Softball
Samantha Cobb, Softball
Caitlin Everett, Softball
Jordan Kinard, Softball
Jackie Lawrence, Softball
Keri Leach, Softball
Ashlee Lubniewski, Softball
Lauren Menke, Softball
Jessica Stoelke, Softball
Vanessa Vice, Softball
Alastair Barnes, Men's Tennis
Bryan Baynton, Men's Tennis
Patrick Collins, Men's Tennis
Cliff Marsland, Men's Tennis
Philip Stephens, Men's Tennis
Rusty Turpin, Men's Tennis
Caroline Beaulieu, Women's Tennis
JoAnne Karaitiana, Women's Tennis
Rebecca Row, Women's Tennis
Ewa Szatkowska, Women's Tennis
Jie Zeng, Women's Tennis
John Beattie, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Kris Bolom, Men's Track & Field
Austin Cookson, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Mark Davidson, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Corwin Dugan, Men's Track & Field
Justin Duncan, Men's Track & Field
David Fitter, Men's Track & Field
Julian Frazier, Men's Track & Field
Taylor Gulley, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Brad Harris, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Mitch Johnson, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
James Keilbarth, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Brett Koehn, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Attila Korosi, Men's Track & Field
Daniel LePage, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Will LePage, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Bill Martin, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Sam Masters, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Kevin Mayer, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Patrick McConnell, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Steven Morrow, Men's Track & Field
Tim Nedow, Men's Track & Field
Chris O'Hare, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Alex Sementelli, Men's Track & Field
Craig Shultz, Men's Track & Field
Carl Stones, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Lewis Timmins, Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Tricity Andrew, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Alex Becker, Women's Track & Field
Morgan Bolom, Women's Track & Field
Lydia Chamberlin, Women's Track & Field
Caitlin Clancy, Women's Track & Field
Laura Englehutt, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Jessica Ford, Women's Track & Field
Lenora Guion-Firmin, Women's Track & Field
Zoraya Hightower, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Erin Huddleston, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Carolin Imhof, Women's Track & Field
Lana Kelley, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Kelsey Klein, Women's Track & Field
Sarah Macpherson, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Jennifer Mace, Women's Track & Field
Paige Miller, Women's Track & Field
Racquell Powell, Women's Track & Field
Tayler Rigsby, Women's Track & Field
Jaclyn Rollins, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Caroline Schuster, Women's Track & Field
Ashley Scott, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Brianna Steel, Women's Track & Field
Paula Whiting, Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Katie Wright, Women's Track & Field
Jennifer Eichler, Volleyball
Kelsey Hancock, Volleyball
Julia Kenealy, Volleyball
Shelbi Pitcher, Volleyball
Hannah Stout, Volleyball
Shaylin Werner, Volleyball