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Golden Hurricane Club Student-Athlete Spotlight

Cody Kent
Hometown: Castle Rock, CO
Degree: Finance and Accounting
Graduation Year: 2015

1.) What does it mean to you to be a TU student-athlete?      

I am honored and privileged to be a student-athlete at TU, a university where hard work, athletic dominance, and academic excellence is not only expected but is achieved. I am humbled to say I play for The University of Tulsa.             

2.) How have you benefited from the support shown by TU fans and members of the Golden Hurricane Club?

The members of the Golden Hurricane Club and TU fans are always very supportive.  They always support the TU athletic program rain or shine and have the ability to show you opportunities that you otherwise may have never had.  

3.) To date, what is your most memorable moment as a Golden Hurricane student-athlete?

I've always enjoyed the Golden Cane Awards at the end of every academic year because it's a chance for TU family to come together and celebrate not only out athletic success but our academic accomplishments, as well. 

4.) What was the deciding factor in making TU your college choice?

The deciding factor for me in deciding on TU was the academic superiority that Tulsa has built over the years. I saw that a degree from TU would be more valuable than a degree from some of the other schools I was looking at.  The low student to teacher ratio was also very appealing to me.

5.) What are you studying, and more specifically, what are your plans after graduating from TU?

Since I redshirted my freshman year and will be at TU for five years I have decided to double major in finance and accounting. I am currently a Pro Shop Assistant at a country club back home and after TU I plan to either stay in the golf industry (playing, instructing and/or working to become a head professional) or I will work to obtain a position in the finance industry.

6.) After graduation, what is one thing that you will miss most about TU?

There will be many things that I will miss, but most of all I'm going to miss the people here at TU. The atmosphere that is created around TU reflects the gracious and caring people that make up the University from coaches to fellow students.