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Priority Points

Priority points will be awarded for two categories - fixed points and cumulative points. Fixed points are awarded one time only and will always appear on the point total. Cumulative points increase with every year of activity, but some cumulative points may be lost. Below are the factors included in each category:

Fixed Points

  1. Lifetime Giving: Points are awarded based on the total amount of giving to The University of Tulsa through May 31, 1997.
  2. University Alumni: Five (5) points are awarded to alumni of The University of Tulsa.
  3. University Lettermen: Ten (10) points are awarded to lettermen of The University of Tulsa.
Cumulative Points
  1. Golden Hurricane Club Giving: One (1) point per $100 is awarded for Golden Hurricane Club donations. All points accumulate and are never lost.
  2. Golden Hurricane Club Continuous Membership: Two (2) points are awarded for every continuous year of membership in the Golden Hurricane Club beginning January 1, 1992. These points are lost if membership is not renewed.
  3. Season Tickets: Two (2) points are earned for every year as a season ticket holder in each of the following sports: Football, Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball. Five (5) bonus points are awarded for the mentioned sports if season tickets are purchased for five (5) consecutive years. These points accumulate and are never lost. Points began accumulating with the following seasons: Football-1992; Men's Basketball-1991-92; Women's Basketball-1996-97.
  4. Athletic Buildings and Projects Donations: One (1) point will be earned per $1,000 donated toward athletic buildings and projects. Points are received for monetary gifts to building funds for athletic facilities and fund drives for athletic projects.
  5. University Giving: Points received for a gift to the University are equivalent to one (1) point for every $4,000 received. Points are awarded, beginning June 1, 2003, for non-athletic monetary gifts to The University of Tulsa.
  6. Restricted Athletic Gifts: Points received for a restricted athletic gift are one (1) point per $200 received. Points are awarded for restricted monetary gifts to specific sports.
Priority Point Updates
Priority points are updated with the receipt of annual gifts or when changes occur in your athletic donations. Priority points will be re-calculated for every event which requires the use of the Priority Point System.