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Scholarship Endowment Fund

Remaining competitive in NCAA Division I athletics requires TU to attract the best and the brightest. When a student-athlete makes the choice to attend The University of Tulsa, they enter a campus community committed to challenging them not only on the fields of competition, but in the classroom, in the community and socially as well.

Many of these student-athletes would not have been able to attend TU without financial assistance. Others may have chosen to attend a peer institution with a more attractive financial aid package. Though TU now offers a full complement of grants-in-aid (scholarships), fewer than 10% of our athletic scholarships are endowed. In 2012-13 for example, nearly $12 million, or 39% of the athletic department's operating budget, supported 234 grants-in-aid. Currently, 83% of TU student-athletes receive some form of athletic scholarship. We want to continue to offer the opportunity for a transformative learning experience, during which students will engage in academics and athletics at the very highest levels.

Endowing student-athlete scholarships enables TU Athletics greater budgetary flexibility and allows greater support to be directed to other immediate and pressing needs as they arise.

What are endowments

Endowments are gifts established as permanent funds that provide annual income for a specific program or purpose, in this case athletic scholarships, also known as grants-in-aid. These endowed scholarships are named for the donor, or anyone else the donor wishes to honor. They are permanently recognized, and most important, they have a direct impact on TU student-athletes for countless generations. Endowed grants-in-aid are supported by invested funds that appreciate over time, not operating monies that depend on revenue. For more information on establishing an athletics scholarship endowment or if you would like to receive further information, please contact the TJ Feuerbach at 918-631-3725 or via email at

List of Athletic Scholarship Endowments