Eight Tulsa Boats Earn Top-Five Finishes at Head of the Oklahoma

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Eight of Tulsa's boats finished in the top-five on Saturday at the Head of the Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Sept. 29, 2012

Oklahoma City, Okla. - Eight of Tulsa's boats finished in the top-five on Saturday at the Head of the Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Okla. OG&E Night Sprint results were not available, but will be released when they are official.

"I am really happy with what I saw today," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "Today was a learning day, as it is still very early in the season for our young team. We aren't a whole lot different from where we were last year, which is encouraging for the season ahead."

In the Lightweight Single, Jamie Roloff, a sophomore from Richboro, Pa., turned in a time of 19:38.07 to finish second overall. She came in behind former TU rower and US National Team member Michelle Sechser who posted a time of 18:08.05. Marissa Catalanotto was fourth in a time of 19:44.70, while Colleen Wohlrab and Jasmine McGill were fifth and sixth, respectively.

"Jamie had a great piece," Harris said. "To finish right behind our national team member was fantastic. She hung in there with Michelle and all of our lightweights did a great job."

The Golden Hurricane Novice 4+ `A', consisting of Helen Char, Sarah Ringler, Emalia Seto, Emily Loudenback and Elizabeth Keane, captured a top finish in a time of 17:24.27, 11 seconds faster than second-place Kansas State. The TU Novice 4+ `B' was third with a time of 17:43.77.

Tulsa's Novice 8+ `A' and `B' boats finished second and third with times of 16:30.74 and 17:03.51, respectively.

"Our novices did a fantastic job today," Harris said. "They put together some great races and I am very proud of them."

TU's Collegiate 8+ captured a fifth-place mark in a time of 15:28.83, while the `B' boat was 16th overall. In the Collegiate 4+ event, the Hurricane finished seventh, ninth, 10th and 17th.

"Our Varsity 8+ rowed pretty well today," Harris said. "We intentionally rowed it very controlled and they had a very clean race. They stepped it up and then transferred that into our Fours. We haven't found our speed yet, but I am very excited about the way this team is moving. You can tell very clearly that this group of athletes has the potential to be really good."

Lightweight 1x
1. Michelle Sechser - 18:08.05
2. Jamie Roloff - 19:38.07
3. Nicolle Fisher - 19:39.59
4. Marissa Catalanotto - 19:44.70
5. Colleen Wohlrab - 20:10.75
6. Jasmine McGill - 20:12.19

Lightweight 1x Jasmine McGill Jamie Roloff Marissa Catalanotto Colleen Wohlrab

Novice 4+ 1. Tulsa `A' - 17:24.27 2. Kansas State - 17:35.79 3. Tulsa `B' - 17:43.77

Novice 4+ `A' Helen Char Sarah Ringler Emalia Seto Emily Loudenback Elizabeth Keane

Novice 4+ `B' Kaitlyn Schneider Kiren Koshal Kaity Swinford Ashley Lane Angie Matel

Collegiate 4+ 1. Stanford - 16:12.99 2. Clemson - 16:13.49 3. Oklahoma - 16:27.87 7. Tulsa `C' - 16:51.46 9. Tulsa `B' - 17:06.75 10. Tulsa `A' - 17:09.48 17. Tulsa `D' - 17:39.68

Collegiate 4+ `A' Helen Char Allyson Brooks Amanda Schenk Megan Fitzpatrick Zoe Fleischmann

Collegiate 4+ `B' Angela Metzler Brooke Helmberger Renee Vanasse Amanda Ames Melissa Urquhart

Collegiate 4+ `C' Megan Melott-Elliott Jamie Roloff Colleen Wohlrab Sarah Ringler Amy Richardson

Collegiate 4+ `D' Rosie McCarthy Meredith Papps Amy Nelson Puja Sztorc Alexandra Guth

Novice 8+ 1. Kansas State - 15:50.11 2. Tulsa `A' - 16:30.74 3. Tulsa `B' - 17:03.51

Novice 8+ `A' Kaitlyn Schneider Emily Loudenback Emalia Seto Marissa Catalanotto Jasmine McGill Leah Suleski Rachel Perry Lauren Delucchi Elizabeth Keane

Novice 8+ `B' Betsy Govig Emily Farrar Sam Tober Alana Bobka Kaity Swinford Ashley Lane Jerusha Blankenship Angie Matel Kiren Koshal

Collegiate 8+ 1. Clemson - 14:42.53 2. Stanford - 14:48.36 3. Oklahoma - 14:59.57 5. Tulsa `A' - 15:28.83 16. Tulsa `B' - 16;09.24

Collegiate 8+ `A' Betsy Govig Allyson Brooks Amanda Schenk Amy Nelson Renee Vanasse Brooke Helmberger Zoe Fleischmann Alana Bobka Melissa Urquhart

Collegiate 8+ `B' Megan Melott-Elliott Meredith Papps Megan Fitzpatrick Sam Tober Emily Farrar Puja Sztorc Amanda Ames Lauren Mann Allison Kiefer

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