Tulsa Rowers to Host Lawless Cup This Saturday

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The Tulsa rowers will host the eighth edition of the Lawless Cup on Saturday, April 19th at the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest.

April 17, 2014

Tulsa, Oklahoma -

The Tulsa rowers will host the eighth edition of the Lawless Cup on Saturday, April 19th at the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest located on the Verdigris River in Catoosa, Okla.  The regatta features Creighton, SMU and Tulsa in seven events beginning at 8:30 am, while the final race, the Varsity 8+, is slated to begin at 10:15 am.

"We have had a pretty aggressive travel schedule the last two weeks so it will be nice to come home and showcase our team in front of our fans," Head Coach Kevin Harris said. "Our goal is to have a great regatta to make our rowing supporters and the Golden Hurricane nation proud of the fact that we have a rowing team. We are hoping for a nice day and a big crowd, and we are looking forward to racing on home water for a change."

The three teams will face off in the Varsity 4+, Second Varsity 4+, Third Varsity 4+, Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+, Third Varsity 8+ and Fourth Varsity 8+.

The Lawless Cup Regatta was established in 2005 to recognize the outstanding contributions that TU President Emeritus Dr. Robert Lawless and his wife, First Lady Emeritus Marcy Lawless, made toward the success of the Tulsa women's rowing program.

"This regatta also gives us a chance to honor Dr. Lawless and his wife, Marcy," Harris said. "They were very instrumental in helping to start the rowing team at Tulsa, and although they won't be with us this week, we want to honor the people that help make this University great."

Since the inception of the Lawless Cup, TU has gone undefeated in Cup races, bringing home the trophy in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. The official Lawless Cup, which has become a celebrated tradition for TU, the women's rowing program and the many fans that come to cheer on the Golden Hurricane along the banks of the beautiful Verdigris River, is presented to the winner of the Varsity 8+ race. In the first five years, TU defeated Creighton, however the 2012 and 2013 Lawless Cup regattas were against SMU. This season, TU will take on both SMU and Creighton in the regatta.

Directions to the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest from the TU Campus
1. Go North on Harvard.
2. Take 1-244 East, which turns into 1-44 East.
3. Exit 241 onto 66 East toward Catoosa/Claremore.
4. After approximately four miles, turn right into Rogers Point Park.
5. Follow the road straight toward the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest.

Schedule of Events
Time	        Event	                Lane 1	        Lane 2	        Lane 3
8:30 am	        Varsity 4+	        SMU	        Tulsa	        Creighton
8:45 am	        Second Varsity 4+	Tulsa	        Creighton	Tulsa LWT
9:00 am	        Third Varsity 4+	Tulsa `A'	SMU	        Tulsa `B'
9:30 am	        Third Varsity 8+	Tulsa   	Creighton	Tulsa LWT
9:45 am	        Fourth Varsity 8+	Creighton	Tulsa F/N
10:00 am	Second Varsity 8+	Tulsa	        SMU	        Creighton
10:15 am	Varsity 8+	        Creighton	Tulsa	        SMU

Varsity 4+ Betsy Govig Ashley Lane Amy Nelson Jerusha Blankenship Carly Schmidt

Second Varsity 4+ Anna Cannone Emily Loudenback Rachel Perry Hannah Emnett Allison Kiefer

Lightweight 4+ Kaitlyn Schneider Jamie Roloff Lindsay Crute Marissa Catalanotto Jessica LeafMeeker

Third Varsity 4+ `A' Ellen Eisenhour Lauren Turner Sarah Palilionis Brittany Hatt Adrianna Catalanotto

Third Varsity 4+ `B' Marcia Vidaurri Leah Suleski Stephanie Hendricks Marie Manzo Anna McHenry

Varsity 8+ Angela Metzler Sarah Ringler Emalia Seto Brooke Helmberger Renee Vanasse Emily Farrar Kaity Swinford Alana Bobka Colleen Wohlrab

Second Varsity 8+ Marcia Vidaurri Maria Gearing Jennifer Casson Lauren Simpson Melissa Urquhart Sam Tober Phoebe Mulligan Skylar Luttjehuizen Maile Seto

Third Varsity 8+ Anna Cannone Ashley Lane Jerusha Blankenship Carly Schmidt Amy Nelson Hannah Emnett Allison Kiefer Rachel Perry Emily Loudenback

Lightweight 8+ Kaitlyn Schneider Jamie Roloff Lindsay Crute Marissa Catalanotto Jessica LeafMeeker Patrizia Perazzo McKenna Jarvis Abigail Elggren Mary Kowalchyk

Novice 8+ Ellen Eisenhour Lauren Turner Adrianna Catalanotto Brittany Hatt Sarah Palilionis Marie Manzo Anna McHenry Sarah Noman Stephanie Hendricks

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