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Appearance Request Policy

Tulsa athletics is committed to providing opportunities for our student-athletes to learn and pursue areas of social relevance while responding to the needs of the greater Tulsa community. NCAA rules permit TU student-athletes to make appearances and/or participate in certain community events. Availability is due to class, travel, and competition schedules, and student-athlete participation is subject to the approval of the coaching staff. Although every request may not be approved, requests that meet the following conditions are most likely to be considered for approval:

  • Events, activities, or projects mainly hosted by non-profit, charitable, or educational organizations.
  • Events, activities, or projects located within 30 miles of the TU campus (if outside the 30 miles, it may be considered for special approval on a case-by-case basis).
  • Requests submitted at least 2 weeks before the event, activity, or project is scheduled.
  • Events, activities, or projects that will not be advertised or promoted using co-sponsorship from a commercial entity beyond reproduction of a company logo or registered trademark, free of slogans, personal messages, or names. Please note:
    • Company contact information may be included along with a logo or registered trademark.
    • For events co-sponsored or promoted by commercial entities, please include any available draft of advertisements to ensure the event complies with NCAA rules.
  • Fundraising events, activities, or projects that give 100% of proceeds directly to TU, Conference USA, or a charitable, educational, or non-profit agency.
  • Requests that include specific dates and times of events, activities, or projects so that the Golden Hurricane Student Services Office can verify that a student-athlete will not miss class to volunteer.

Please note that the academic and athletic obligations of Tulsa's student-athletes take precedence and that NCAA rules do not permit student-athletes to miss class to participate in promotional activities. As such, there is no guarantee that an appearance request can be fulfilled. Student-athletes are also unavailable during certain times of the year, including but not limited to: Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, Fall Finals week, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Spring Finals Week. Availability during summer school is also limited. All appearance requests will be reviewed and either approved or denied by the Compliance Office in accordance with NCAA rules. Student-athlete appearances will be coordinated by the Director of Student-Athlete Development for Athletics. Coaching staff appearances will be coordinated either by the coach or an appropriate member of the sports' staff. You will be notified if your request is denied. Appearance requests for Captain Cane or the TU Spirit Squad should be made to the Head Spirit Coach.

To make an appearance request of a student-athlete, please select the button here:


Contact the Director of Student Athlete Development at 918-631-2255 or the Tulsa Compliance Office at 918-631-3112.