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Any group or agency outside of TU athletics requesting promotional items, must complete and submit this form TWO TO FOUR WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT.

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Schedule Cards
Autographed Ball

If autographed ball, which sport?

If you are requesting an autographed ball, please note the ball is not provided. You may purchase a ball at the University Bookstore and then drop it off to be signed with the Marketing Office on the west side of the Mabee Gym. If approved and once signed, a member of the Marketing staff will call you to arrange for pick up.

If you are requesting any marketing materials such as posters or schedule cards, due to NCAA regulations Tulsa cannot pay for postage. Please send a poster tube or envelope with enough postage inside to cover the cost to send items back.

Items should be sent to:
Director of Student-Athlete Development
Golden Hurricane Student Support Services - Athletics
The University of Tulsa
800 S. Tucker Drive
Tulsa, OK 74104

Is this a fundraiser*

If the donated item or the autograph on the item will be used to raise funds for an event, who would benefit from the funds raised?

If for students, what grade level?

Will there be any commercial sponsorship or co-sponsorship for this event?*

If yes, how will the commercial entity be involved?

Will there be any advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency?*

If yes, how will the event be advertised/promoted?

By typing in my signature below and submitting this form I acknowledge the following:

  • All monies derived from any TU memorabilia will go directly to the non-profit, charitable, or educational organization.
  • I shall not sell, auction, or trade the item without written consent from The University of Tulsa Department of Athletics.
  • Under no circumstances, will I loan, donate, sell, or otherwise transfer the item to:
    • Any staff member of a high school, prep school, or junior college (e.g., coach, athletic director, principal, etc…);
    • Any parent or guardian of a prospective student-athlete, which includes any high school, prep school, or junior college student; or
    • Any booster organization of a high school, prep school, or junior college.
I also understand that The University of Tulsa Department of Athletics reserves the right to request the return of the item when these guidelines are not followed or in a situation where a student-athlete's eligibility may be in question.

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