Tulsa Hurricane
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Steve Bowling   
Cliff Butcher  
Dean Graumann  
Phil Honeycutt  
Les Rogers  
Steve Rogers  
Mike Sember  
Jerry Tabb  
Men's Basketball
Wille Biles 1973, 1974 
Steve Bracey 1972 Honorable Menton
Eric Coley 2000 Honorable Menton
Julian Hammond 1966 Honorable Menton
Steve Harris 1983, 1984, 1985 First-Team UPI; Third Team Basketball Times ('85); Honorable Mention ('83, '84)
Jim King 1963 Honorable Menton
Dana Lewis1971 Honorable Menton
Rick Park 1964Honorable Menton
Bob Patterson 1955 First-Team Look Magazine; Second- Team Helms Fundation and Converse Yearbook; Third-Team Newspaper Enterprises
Paul Pressey 1982 Second-Team UPI, NABC and USBWA; Third-Team Associated Press
Ricky Ross 1984 Honorable Menton
Shea Seals 1995, 1996, 1997 Third-Team NABC and Associated Press ('97); Honorable Mention ('95, '96)
Ken Smith 1975 Honorable Menton
Bobby "Bingo" Smith 1969 Second-Team Associated Press and Converse Yearbook
Greg Stewart 1981, 1982 Honorable Menton
Women's Basketball
Allison Curtin 2003 Associated Press; Full Court Press Mid- Major
Jillian Robbins 2006, 2007 Associated Press; Kodak/WBCA
Men's Cross Country
John Beattie 2008 
Women's Cross Country
Alex Becker 2007 
Sid Abramowitz 1982 Third-Team Associated Press
Billy Guy Anderson 1965 Second-Team UPI
Steve August 1976 Third-Team Associated Press
Dan Bitson1988, 1989 Second-Team Sporting News ('88); Second-Team Associated Press ('89)
Don Blackmon1978, 1980 Second-Team Associated Press
Corey Brown 2000 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Nick Bunting 2003 First-Team Freshman AA Scripps FWAA; Second-Team Freshman AA CollegeFootbalNews.com; True Freshman AA CollegeSportsReport.com
Austin Chadwick 2003 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Sedric Clark 1995 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Charles Clay 2007 Second-Team Freshman AA Rivals.com
Ashlan Davis2004 First-Team Pro Football Weekly, SportsIllustrated.com, Rivals.com; Second-Team The Sporting News, Walter Camp Foundation
Glenn Dobbs 1942 Consensus First-Team
Ken Duncan 1970 Second-Team Sporting News
Rick Engles 1975 Second-Team Sporting News
Stan Fields1985 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Kevin Fitzpatrick2011 SI.com Honorable Mention
David Fuess 1989 Independent Insurance Agents of America Senior All-America
Mark Govi 1992 Second-Team Sporting News
Nate Harris1984 Third-Team Associated Press
Al Humphrey 1975 Third-Team Associated Press
Reno Hutchins 1981 Third-Team Associated Press
Shawn Jackson 2010 Second-Team Freshman All-America, Phil Steele's Magazine; Honorable Mention, Collegefootballnews.com
Trae Johnson 2007 True Freshman AA CollegeFootballReport.com; Second- Team AA CollegeFootballNews.com
Damaris Johnson 2008 First-Team Freshman AA The Sporting News, Rivals.com; Second-Team Freshman AA Phil Steele's College Football Magazine
Damaris Johnson 2010 Second-Team All-Purpose All-America, Associated Press; Second-team SI.com
Ellis Jones 1945 Consensus First-Team
Muadianvita Kazadi 1996 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Steve Largent 1975 Second-Team Associated Press
Marvin Matuszak 1951, 1952 First-Team Associated Press
Ralph McGill 1971 Second-Team National Enterprises Association
Garrett Mills 2005 First-Team CBSSportsline.com, SportsIllustrated.com, ESPN.com; Second-Team Walter Camp Foundation, NFLDraftScout.com; Third-Team Associated Press
Barry Minter1992 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Marco Nelson2010 Third-Team Freshman All-America, Phil Steele's Magazine; Honorable Mention, Collegefootballnews.com
Steve Nicholson1979 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Jerry Ostroski 1991 First-Team Associated Press, U.S. Football and The Sporting News; Second-Team UPI
Jerry Ostroski1991 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Doug Panfill1978 Third-Team Associated Press
Chris Penn 1993 Second-Team Associated Press; Third- Team Football News
Felto Prewitt1944 Consensus First-Team
Sam Rayburn2002 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Jerry Rhome1963, 1964 First-Team UPI ('64); Third-Team Associated Press ('63)
Drane Scrivener1972 First-Team National Enterprises Association
Kevin Shaffer 2001 Strength & Conditioning All-America
Steve Shores 1972 Second-Team Detroit Sports Extra
John Simmons 1963 Second-Team Associated Press
Lovie Smith 1978 Second-Team Associated Press
Jimmie Stewart1976 Second-Team Associated Press
Howard Twilley 1964, 1965 Consensus First-Team ('65); Second- Team UPI ('64)
Men's Golf
Mike Alsup 1978 Honorable Mention
Andre Bossert 1987 Honorable Mention
Scott Gibson 1994 Honorable Mention
Dennis Hillman 1995 Third-Team
David Inglis 2001, 2003, 2004 Second-Team ('01, '03); Honorable Mention ('04)
Clint Jensen 1996 Honorable Mention
Bill Lowry 2002 Honorable Mention
Martin Maritz 1999, 2000 Second-Team ('00); Honorable Mention ('99)
Brett Myers 2007 Honorable Mention
Chris Noel 2002 Honorable Mention
Ron Streck 1976 Honorable Mention
Women's Golf
Kathy Baker 1982, 1983 First-Team
Sharon Barrett 1979First-Team
Maria Brink 1994 Honorable Mention
Diane Dickman 1986 Second-Team
Sofie Eriksson 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 First-Team ('95); Second-Team ('93, '94); Honorable Mention ('92)
Kim Gardner 1984 Second-Team
Holly Hartley 1978 First-Team
Filippa Helmersson 1998 Honorable Mention
Carolyn Hill 1978 First-Team
Carin Hjalmarsson 1990 Second-Team
Christina Kuld 1997 Honorable Mention
Niina Laitinen 1998, 1999 Second-Team ('99); Honorable Mention ('98)
Nancy Lopez 1976, 1977 First-Team
Adele Lukken 1986 First-Team
Cathy Mockett 1989, 1990 Second-Team
Melissa NcNamara 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 First-Team ('88); Second-Team ('86, '87); Honorable Mention ('85)
Lee-Anne Pace 2005 Second-Team
Stacy Prammanasudh 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 First-Team
Kelly Robbins 1990, 1991 First-Team
Jody Rosenthal 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 First-Team
Barb Thomas 1982 Honorable Mention
Terri Thompson 1991, 1992 Honorable Mention
Tammy Welborn 1984 Honorable Mention
Stephanie Rogers 2005 CRCA Pocock Second Team
Men's Soccer
Kyle Brown 2005 Honorable Mention Soccer America
Chris Clements 2007 Third-Team NSCAA
Ryan Pore 2003, 2004 First-Team CollegeSoccerNews.com, NSCAA, Soccer America ('04); Second- Team CollegeSoccerNews.com ('03); Third-Team NSCAA, Soccer America ('03)
Frank Velez 1991 Second-Team
Women's Soccer
Beth Taruscio 1998 Soccer Buzz Freshman All-America
Jill Barrett 2014 Second-Team NFCA All-America
Aimee Creger 2011, 2013, 2014 Third-Team NFCA All-America
Lauren Lindsay 2010 Third-Team NFCA All-America
Men's Tennis
Arnau Brugues 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Andy Connelly 2008Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Ross Cunningham 2008Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Japie DeKlerk 2013Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Ryan Livesay 2003Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Clifford Marsland 2012Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Louie Pranic 1998Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Dustin Taylor 2003Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Nenad Toroman 1999Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Ashley Watling 2012Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Gareth Wiliams1998, 1999Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Women's Tennis
Anousjka van Exel 1998, 1999Intercollegiate Tennis Association
Men's Track & Field
Dwight Davis 2000 USTFCCCA Indoor Mile Run (First Team)
Mark Davidson 2009 USTFCCCA Indoor Mile Run (First Team)
Chris O'Hare 2011, 2012, 2013 USTFCCCA Indoor Mile Run (First Team)
Chris O'Hare 2012 USTFCCCA Outdoor 1,500 Run (Second Team)
Bryce Robinson 2013 USTFCCCA Indoor 60m Dash (First Team)
Bryce Robinson 2014 USTFCCCA Outdoor 100m Dash (Second Team)
Women's Track & Field
Alex Becker 2007, 2009 Indoor 3,000m, Outdoor 5,000m ('07); Outdoor 5,000m, 10,000m ('09)
Katherine Camp 2014 Outdoor 800m (Second Team)
Melanie Hardy 2005 Indoor 800m
Shana Robinson 2003 Outdoor 200m
Charlotte Sanderson 2000 Outdoor 10,000m
Fride Vullum 2000 Outdoor 5,000m
Jessica Adams 2009, 2011, 2012 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America
Jordan Clampitt 2010 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America
Kellie Culbertson 2013 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America
Jennifer Eichler 2010 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America
Tyler Henderson 2009 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America
Tyler Henderson 2010, 2011, 2012 AVCA Second Team All-America
Diana Silva 2011 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America
Julia Silva 2005, 2006, 2007 AVCA Honorable Mention All-America