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Golden Hurricane Student Services (GHSS)


The mission of the Golden Hurricane Student Services is to provide quality study/life skills education and support for all Student-Athletes at The University of Tulsa. To that end, graduation is of paramount importance. Additionally, Golden Hurricane Student Services aims to promote Student-Athlete academic achievement, community responsibility, and personal accountability. In doing so, our department believes in preparing student-athletes for the vast array of opportunities that will be presented in the future. Finally, Golden Hurricane Student Services works to ensure that all Student-Athletes maintain NCAA continuing eligibility with regard to overall GPA, earned hours, and percentage of degree requirements.


The purpose of EAS is to offer academic and personal support for Student-Athletes. All programs and services are to enhance the experience of the Student-Athlete in the academic, athletic and campus communities.

Requirements for EAS

  • All incoming Freshman and Transfers will be required 8 hours (to be reviewed at semester's end)
  • Freshman who earn a 3.5-4.0 will be required 4 hours
  • Freshman who earn 3.0-3.49 will be required 6 hours
  • Freshman who earn below a 3.0 will be required 8 hours
  • Non-freshman who earn 2.5-2.99 will be required 4 hours
  • Non-freshman who earn 2.25-2.49 will be required 6 hours
  • Non-freshman who earn below a 2.25 will be required 8 hours
All individuals in EAS are expected to complete their hours during the time they are assigned. Credit will be given for the hours attended during the scheduled time.


Prior to the start of a Student-Athlete's initial enrollment at TU, he/she is required to take assessment tests that measure their reading and writing skills. The assessment test results, along with high school and other test score information, will be examined. Based on this review, Student-Athletes are placed in appropriate academic support services. It is the goal of the GHSS staff to design an individual support program for each Student-Athlete that will best provide for the student's academic success.

Academic Coordinating

All incoming Student-Athletes are assigned to an athletic coordinator for the full academic year. They are required to meet with their athletic coordinator on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Student-Athletes who continue to need monitored academic support after their initial year at TU continue to meet with an academic staff member. The Student-Athletes and the GHSS staff member work together to develop long - and short-term goals that will enhance each individual Student-Athlete's academic success.

The primary purpose of academic coordinating is to monitor progress and to maintain communication with University faculty regarding the academic progress of all Student-Athletes. The GHSS staff member will help coordinate along with the campus advisor, semester class selection and registration, administration of the tutoring and enhanced academic support programs and the review academic performance reports.

Enhanced Academic Support (EAS) Expectations

Each semester, the GHSS staff identifies student-athletes who require academic assistance. Student-Athletes are given a "plan" for academic success. This may include several academic support services that the GHSS staff believes that an individual Student-Athlete will need to achieve his/her full academic potential. Student-Athletes who are placed in these academic services are expected to comply with the following guidelines:
  • Attend all required academic support sessions.
  • Be prepared for each support meeting. This includes bringing the appropriate books, materials, and planner.
  • Ask questions and seek help when they do not understand course material or other taught concepts.
Failure to attend required academic support services may result in disciplinary action. Continued failure to meet academic requirements can eventually lead to a loss of athletic scholarship and playing privileges.

Math Labs

Math labs create a learning environment in which students work collectively to solve problems and learn math concepts while being assisted by a tutor. Math labs target several of the required math courses at the University.

Study Skills Workshops

In order to be successful, students need three general skills: reading, writing, and critical thinking. Also, employed in students' college careers are other skills such as exam-taking techniques, listening, note taking, time management, reading for answers, and basic study techniques. A series of workshops presented throughout the semester can address these issues for student-athletes.


Content tutors play a key role in the academic development of Student-Athletes. Tutors are able to provide a more thorough understanding of course content as well as needed academic skills. Every member of the tutoring staff has been trained in study strategies, test preparation, and ethical guidelines. To receive tutoring assistance contact:
Coordinator/Learning Specialist - 918-631-3171

Missed Appointment Policy

Missed tutoring and mentoring appointments will result in the following:
1. Warning (email from Tutor/Mentor Coordinator) and notification of Head Coach
2. $8 reimbursement: notification of Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and notification of Head Coach
3. $8 reimbursement: notification of Associate Athletics Director for Student Services, Head Coach, and Athletic Director

  • Subsequent misses will be recorded and reported as in #3 and a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian
  • The financial reimbursements will be tallied and billed to the student-athletes monthly
  • Each student-athlete will start at 0 for each semester.
Students with Disabilities

Student-Athletes who have received academic assistance in high school can continue to receive support through The University of Tulsa's program for students with disabilities. Student-Athletes with specific disabilities (learning, emotional, physical, or medical) that might impact their full access and participation in University programs are urged to make an appointment with Dr. Jane Corso in the Center for Student Academic Support 631-2315.

Enhanced Academic Support

Study time is provided for all Student-Athletes. The Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and the Athletic Coordinator determines the number of hours Student-Athletes spend in Enhanced Academic Support (EAS) based on Cum GPA.

Study Hours for the 2013-2014 academic year

Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Progress Reports

Grade checks are completed each semester in addition to mid-term unsatisfactory grade reports generated from the Provost's office. Reports are also sent out an additional two times a semester from the GHSS staff to professors to monitor grades. These progress reports are compiled by the Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and the GHSS staff. In addition, the reports are provided to the head coach of each respective sport for review.