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Tulsa Golden Hurricane Signing Day Preview

Welcome to the 2014 Tulsa Football Signing Day Central! Check back here for live updates as we announce the newest members of Tulsa's 2014 recruiting class.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane Signing Day Blog
7:00 PM

What Day Is It?

Yes. According to the camel, it's hump day. But more than that it's National Football Signing Day. Yep, February 5th, the day when every college football program in the country brings in the next crop of future stars.

Well. We welcome you to Tulsa's annual signing day blog. Just for the record. I arose at 5:00 am this morning, and had my first donut by 6 am. We're expecting breakfast provided by Tally's at 7:30 am and lunch provided by Trails End BBQ at 11:30 am.

Boy, I love signing day. Food, Food and more Food. (Don't tell my wife).

Alright, let's get down to business.

Head Coach Bill Blankenship arrived on campus at 6:25 am. He was met by at the football building entrance by our man on the Instagram camera Chris Becker. Check out Tulsa's Instagram at TulsaHurricanePics.

Don't forget the Live Chat with assistant coaches beginning at 10 am. Find the link here on Signing Day Central. Watch Bill Blankenship's signing day press conference beginning at 12 noon right here at TulsaHurricane.com.

We're gathered here in the Football Office Work room, positioned right next to the fax machine and not too far from Senior Associate AD /Compliance Director Crista Troester, who has to give her approval that each national letter-of-intent is probably signed. Once that's done, the signees name can be released.

There's been a few times in recent years when the national letter-of-intent had not been signed properly, therefore causing a hectic few minutes or maybe hours before the proper paperwork is received. Let's hope nothing like that happens today.

Who will be the first recruit to get his signed national letter-of-intent signed? Who will be the recruiting coach of that first signee? I'm sure there's probably a lunch or dinner riding on who that lucky coach will be. Maybe I can tag along (more food).

Assistant Head Coach Scott Downing and from Football Operations Ravi Savitala were the first to arrive today, clocking in at 5:55 am.

It's 7 am. Coaches are gathering in the Fax room.

We'll be back soon.

7:09 AM

Coaches were faked out. All gathering around the fax machine. Well the first signee letter-of-intent, Berryhill's Jeremy Smith, came through at 7:02 over email to Crista Troester. Oh boy, 7:11 the fax machine just rang. Who is it? Sorry got to wait until next update before we tell you who it is, but a couple more have come over via email, just waiting approval.

7:29 AM

It's nuts right now in fax room central. Most are emailing, some are faxing. It's fast and furious. They're stacking up for compliance.

CORRECTION. Tyler Bowling was the first one to come in, at 7:01 is when Tyler's came in, edging out Jeremy Smith for the number one. That mean's Jess Loepp gets the steak dinner at Mahogony's.

7:34 AM

It has quieted down somewhat. Coach Blank is sitting by the fax machine. The fax just rang. Who is it? So far, 8 signees are in the books.

7:41 AM

Well, so much for emailing. Signed letters for Isaac Johnson from Springdale and Chandler Miller from Bixby just showed up. However, they were sent at 7:01 and 7:07 AM. The emails went to the Compliance office junk mail. It was just now that it was discovered. Coach Blankenship still sitting by the fax machine. There is a fax coming in as we write this blog. Coach Thibodeaux just talked with Earl Rollins and his dad, congratulating both. Rollins is the first of the three defensive tackles expected to sign.

7:55 AM

Total is 11 signees + the three signees that came in at mid-semester. Makes it 14 signees.

Oh, I forgot to mention. A new wrinkle this year to Signing Day is the BIG BOARD. Just like an NFL draft board. So by the end of the day the final list of signees will fill out TU on the big board.

Is the food from Tally's here yet, Oh, there is food, 3 dozen donuts and sausage rolls, But where's Tally's - bacon, sausage, eggs, cinnamon rolls.

8:08 AM

Back from restroom break. Coach Blank hanging out by fax machine. Oh, keep an eye out. Tulsa expects to have an additional signee that has not been reported in any of the news reports leading up to signing day.

If your not checking out TulsaHurricanePics on instagram. We'll be posting a few of those videos on this site.

Need to check to see if breakfast is here. I can only have so many donuts. Be back in a few.

Coach Blankenship gives a recap of the first hour:

8:25 AM

Willie Wright makes it 16. And the new one that had not previously been reported in the news media is Bishop Louie, a 5-10 receiver from McLain High School. His papers are in give Tulsa 17 signees.

8:41 AM

Hallelujah!! Tally's is here. Well, we're up to 21 signees, including the three that enrolled in January. Coaches are waiting on two more from out-of-state to finish out the signing class. No word on when those are expected to come in. Okay, I've waited long enough it's breakfast time. That is if Coach Denver Johnson left any. Boy, I saw his plate. I guess when you coach the offensive line you need to eat like offensive lineman, and him being a former offensive lineman makes sense. Plus he's a lot bigger than me, so he can have as much breakfast as he wants.

Hopefully, by the time I get back we might have more news on the final two signees.

9:41 AM

No. I haven't been away eating all this time. It's been quiet. Still waiting on two signees. Most coaches are in their offices working while we patiently awit the remaining two that we expect to sign. Don't forget in 15 minutes Live Chat begins. First up is Recruiting Coordinator Jess Loepp. We'll keep you posted as we hear more news.

9:51 AM

Coach Brent Guy makes an appearance in the Fax room, his first of the day. And bam, the fax machine rings. We know which one of his recruits he's anxious to receive papers from. We'll see if that's who it is?? It's the one, just an extremely slow fax transmission. Memphis linebacker Petera Wilson, who had offers from Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Mississippi State and Tennessee. A big sigh of relief from Coach Guy as he leaves the room.

10:14 AM

Apparently, the word on the street is that the final national letter-of-intent has been signed. It's now just a matter of it being sent to us. The Live Chat is ongoing with coach Loepp. Keep those questions coming. Oh, by the way, the bacon was awesome. Lunch in 90 minutes.

10:25 AM

Update on the final signees' official papers. The coach at this particular school has 17 of his players moving on to play college football, so it's taking awhile on the old school fax machine. Adam Blankenship is keeping tabs on his final recruit to make sure those papers get here.

10:30 AM

The fax machine rings. Adam is excited. Bill Blankenship is standing by the machine anticipating this final signee. Is it the official paperwork of our final signee or an advertisement for something? Well, the NLI is in, and now the questionnaire and now waiting on the financial aid agreement for it to be final. North Little Rock linebacker Tim Quickel is in. That makes it 23 for the 2014 signing class. It's official, Coach Blankenship calls it at 10:34.

11:38 AM

I hope you have enjoyed the blog today day and the coverage on TulsaHurricane.com. The Live Chat is now over. Now we're awaiting the final element of the day the Tulsa Press Conference at 12 noon with Head Coach Bill Blankenship. You can watch live on TulsaHurricane.com. Locally, you can also catch Coach Blankenship on SportsAnimal Tulsa Radio at 1:05 pm and on The Buzz 1430 AM at 3:05 pm. The Franchise Radio in OKC will have Coach Blankenship on the air at 1:45 pm today.

Thanks for being with us today and Go TU!

Tulsa Golden Hurricane 2014 Tulsa Signee List

*Spring enrollee

Jabe Burgess*QB6-2210Greenwood, Ark.
Nigel Carter*WR6-3198Tulsa, Okla.
Tavarreon Dickerson*RB5-9185Arlington, Texas
Jeremy SmithDE6-5230Tulsa, Okla.
Earl RollinsDT6-3275Irving, Texas
Brodrick UmblanceWR6-1180Arlington, Texas
Terrance IveryWR5-8175Mansfield, Texas
Jordan MitchellDB6-2180Owasso, Okla.
Payton PrinceTE6-4237Norman, Okla.
Tyler BowlingOL6-6295Yukon, Okla.
Mildren MontgomeryOL6-5285Oklahoma City, Okla.
Isaac JohnsonOL6-7275Springdale, Ark.
Chandler MillerOL6-3293Bixby, Okla.
Michael RiosDT6-3290Wichita, Kan.
Myles MoutonDE6-3235Beaumont, Texas
Ramadi WarrenRB5-9175Memphis, Tenn.
D'Angelo BrewerRB5-9185Tulsa, Okla.
Justin HobbsWR6-4200Overland Park, Kan.
Willie WrightDT6-3280Houston, Texas
Bishop LouieWR5-10170Tulsa, Okla.
Jordan DennisDB6-2175Fayetteville, Ark.
Petera WilsonLB6-2220Memphis, Tenn.
Tim QuickelLB6-2215Little Rock, Ark.
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