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Tulsa Golden Hurricane Signing Day Video

Welcome to the 2012 Tulsa Football Signing Day Central! Check back here for live updates as we announce the newest members of Tulsa's 2012 recruiting class.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane Signing Day Blog
Welcome to Football Signing Day. It's 7:00 am, and the waiting begins.

This year is a little different than last. Do you remember the Oklahoma snowstorm that crippled nearly the entire state in February? Yep, it was one year ago yesterday that the snow began to fall and seemed like it kept falling for at least 24 hours.

Well, manned on our laptops and cell phones we handled signing day remotely. Coach Blankenship at the office and the athletic media relations staff in their respective homes watching the snowfall and our phones.

This year a little more technology has crept into the signing day process. Now, not only is faxing a viable option for a signee to send in the national letter-of-intent, but emailing will work just as well. While we'll be camped out in the football offices at the fax machine, Senior Associate Athletic Director Overseeing Compliance, Crista Troester, will be informing us via text when the paperwork has been emailed in.

No matter what, until we can release a signee the Office of Compliance (Crista) must sign-off on each national letter-of-intent to confirm that it was properly completed. So, you'll get reports from other websites, saying that so-and-so signed his papers at such-and-such a time and list him as a signee -- Not so fast, not until you see it here is it official. (we've had that happen in the past where a national letter did not have all of the proper signatures, Whoops! But, by the time the press conference rolled around, the problem was corrected)

In addition to the live press conference at 2 pm and all the other stuff -- bios, statements about each player, video interviews, player video highlights -- Coach Van Malone, our recruiting coordinator, will do a live chat at 11 am right here on www.TulsaHurricane.com.

Okay, let's get down to business. Where's the donuts?

As I walked into the football office this morning at 6:45 am, you could smell the fresh-brewed coffee and, of course, who was the first person I see - Head Coach Bill Blankenship. But, he was not the first one to arrive this morning. That honor goes to Recruiting coordinator Van Malone and assistant head coach Scott Downing, both arriving at 5:55 am.

I just heard the words - Heinz we've got to go get two dozen sausage rolls - that's music to my ears. Make it three dozen. As two of the GA's go off for sausage rolls, the milling around the office continues, as Coach Blankenship gets a cup of coffee.

The magic words by coach Malone. Who's the first one? None yet. Well, coaches Malone, Blankenship, Johnson and Downing are gathering in that all-important fax machine room. It' 7:05 am, and the fax machine just rang. Coach Malone is guessing that it's one of his cornerbacks.

Hold on, got the first one in, but it's not official. The national letter-of-intent has not properly been completed, so coaches are working on getting that corrected.

It's now 7:12 am. Signing off for now. Be back in a few minutes to update you.

7:19 am - Like a kid in a candy store, Blankenship is excited as he can be as the first national letter-of-intent comes in. It is . . . Wait, has Crista approved the signed papers yet? We're waiting . . . still waiting . . . APPROVED . . .

the first one in came from the most eastern area - Johnell Celistan Jr. Had a little error in the initial fax, but it was corrected early.

Cory Rahmings from Broken Bow was so excited that he faxed his letter-of-intent three times. He was the second one in, the third was Dylan Foxworth.

The talk has now turned to Phatt Philly's opening at 13th and Boston. It's as good as it was before the old location closed. The fax room now has eight people hovering the fax machine.

Now phone calls are being made to congratulate the players who have already signed. The cell phone is getting passed from one coach to another, to another, to another.

Sausage rolls are here. Time for a break.

7:50 am - Oh, those sausage rolls are so good.

One of the many great things about signing day are the stories from the coaches - no matter if it's recruiting stories or stories about staff members - media relations assistant Cedrique Flemming is the brunt of the jokes and his exploits on the basketball court for noon hoops with the football coaches.

Seven total signings are in, and yes, Cory Rahmings letter of intent has arrive for the fourth time by fax. As excited as the coaches are about Cory's signing, he can send it as many times as he'd like.

The fax room has now turned quiet. Coaches must be in the kitchen attacking the donuts and sausage rolls.

Here's a conversation between coach Malone and a recruit waiting on his dad's signature. Take the papers into your dad and have him sign from the shower, do that and we'll call you when we receive the papers. (I think Coach Malone was only kidding).

8:15 am - 12 signees are in, but it's a total of 14 with Dane Evans and Davis Walton already on campus and in classes.

Evans, however, returned to Sanger, Texas, to go through the process of the signing papers at his school. He was expected to go through the ceremonial signing of his national letter-of-intent.

Micheal Thomas is the latest signing (yes, and his first name is spelled Micheal with an `ea')

Time for another sausage roll. Oh gosh, jalepenos in a sausage roll, whoa this is hot. I need water.

8:18 am - Video of Tulsa head coach Bill Blankenship discussing the first hour of National Signing Day

It has been quiet the last half hour. AD Ross Parmley has stopped by to see how things are going. He, coach Blankenship and coach Malone are visiting about a few things.

The fax phone is ringing.

It's Josh Atkinson. His letter has arrived even though he completed the form at 7:09 am. The signed letter-of-intent did not arrive until 9:05, and that is after it was emailed and faxed again. So it is now official.

9:45 am - Tulsa Defensive Coordinator Brent Guy discusses the players that have joined the TU family today.

10:15 am - Tulsa Offensive Line Coach Denver Johnson talks about the four new players that have signed to play for TU.

10:50 am - For national signing day, it has been rather calm around the football offices. 19 are signed and we're still hopeful for a 20th. Not among that number of 19 is a preferred walk-on who has already been admitted - 6'2" safety Matt Linscott from Jenks High School.

Coach Blankenship has retreated to his office for some quiet, answering emails and getting a little non-recruiting work done.

An 11 am live chat with recruiting coordinator is nearing.

12:10 - It's been a much anticipated fax, but the heir apparent to Tulsa's all-time leading scorer Kevin Fitzpatrick has signed . . . place-kicker Daniel Schwarz.

Schwarz committed to Tulsa in the summer, yet he has still been wowed by some of the nation's more recognized programs - Alabama, LSU, Texas and, even as late as last night, Oklahoma was making a pitch.

But, Schwarz held true to his word that he gave to the Tulsa coaching staff months before.

All 20 players have signed.

Make sure to check out Coach Blankenship's press conference at 2 pm on tulsahurricane.com.

12:30 pm - Offensive Coordinator Greg Peterson adds his thoughts on the 2012 recruiting class.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane 2012 Tulsa Signee List
Joshua Atkinson WR 6-2 185 Carrollton, Texas/The Oakridge School
Blake Belcher OL 6-5 285 Guthrie, Okla./Guthrie
Adam Boyd WR/SAF 6-1 195 McAlester, Okla./McAlester
Jeremy Brady SAF 5-11 185 North Little Rock, Ark./Pulaski Academy
Johnell Celistan CB 6-1 161 Luling, La./Hahnville
Dane Evans QB 6-2 200 Sanger, Texas/Sanger
James Flanders RB 5-11 186 Midwest City, Okla./Midwest City
Dylan Foxworth OL 6-2 265 Claremore, Okla./Claremore
Damian Gibson DE 6-4 235 Tulsa, Okla./East Central
Taylor Grove TE 6-5 240 Chandler, Ariz./Phoenix CC
Matt Linscott SAF 6-2 200 Tulsa, Okla./Jenks
Cory Rahmings DE 6-3 255 Broken Bow, Okla./Broken Bow
Rob Riederer LB 6-1 212 Holton, Kan./Holton
Daniel Schwarz PK 6-3 189 Lawton, Okla./MacArthur
Conner Sherwood LB 6-2 218 Tulsa, Okla./Cascia Hall
Craig Suits LB 6-1 210 Sunnyvale, Texas/Poteet
Micheal Thomas SAF 6-0 200 Lawton, Okla./MacArthur
Darnell Walker, Jr. CB 5-11 165 Bolivar, Mo.
Chris Wallace OL 6-5 310 Sperry, Okla./Sperry
Davis Walton OL 6-3 279 Tulsa, Okla./NE Oklahoma A&M
Tyler Wilson TE 6-7 260 Ponca City, Okla./Ponca City