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Current Student Athletes

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To be eligible to represent The University of Tulsa in Intercollegiate Athletic competition, a student-athlete must meet all NCAA eligibility rules as well as those of The University of Tulsa. Generally to be eligible to represent TU in intercollegiate athletic competition, a student-athlete must: a) be enrolled in at least a minimum full-time program of studies leading toward a degree, b) be in good standing as defined for all students at TU, c) maintain progress towards a degree, as defined by TU and NCAA rules, and d) be in compliance will all rules and regulations of TU, Conference USA and the NCAA.

NCAA Rules specifically define degree progress standards that student-athletes must meet in order to maintain eligibility from year to year. These include successfully completing a minimum number of credits each semester and each year and maintaining a minimum grade point average. These rules are outline in the chart below.

(This chart is attached as "NCAA Continuing Eligibility")

Entering 2nd year
3rd Semester
Entering 3rd year
5th Semester
Entering 4th year
7th Semester
Entering 5th year
9th Semester
  • Pass 24 Credits
  • Pass 18 Credits during Academic Year (Fall and Spring)
  • 1.80 GPA
  • Pass 6 credits/term
  • Pass 18 Credits during Academic Year (Fall and Spring)
  • 1.90 GPA
  • Pass 6 credits/term
  • Declare Major
  • 40% of degree requirements
  • Pass 18 Credits during Academic Year (Fall and Spring)
  • 2.00 GPA
  • Pass 6 credits/term
  • 60% of degree requirements
  • Pass 18 Credits during Academic Year (Fall and Spring)
  • 2.00 GPA
  • Pass 6 credits/term
  • 80% of degree requirements
*Football student-athletes must pass 9 hours during the Fall semester

Enhanced Academic Support
Study time is provided for all Student-Athletes. The Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and the Academic Coordinator determines the number of hours Student-Athletes spend in Enhanced Academic Support (EAS) based on Cumulative Grade Point Averages.

Enhanced Academic Support (EAS) Expectations
Each semester, the GHSS staff identifies student-athletes who require academic assistance. Student-Athletes are given a "plan" for academic success. This may include several academic support services that the GHSS staff believes that an individual Student-Athlete will need to achieve his/her full academic potential.

Class Attendance Policy
Every Student-Athlete is expected to attend all class sessions. Failure to attend class may result in suspension from the team or loss/reduction of an athletic grant-in-aid scholarship. All student-athletes will be subject to the attendance policy regardless of grade point average. This policy will be enforced in the Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions. The following methods will be used to monitor class attendance:

  • Class Checks
  • Direct mail requests
  • Electronic correspondence with professors
  • Telephone calls to professors
  • Personal visits with professors