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TU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

TU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (TUSAAC)
Each academic year, the TU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (TUSAAC) is selected. The Director of Student Development for Athletics is the liaison for the athletic department and TU SAAC. This committee is comprised of student-athlete representatives (2) from all of The University of Tulsa's intercollegiate athletic programs. The purpose of the committee is to provide direct input into athletic department decisions that affect student-athletes. The committee meets twice each month during the academic year to talk with athletic administrators about issues of interest to student-athletes. The committee is also instrumental in coordinating the community outreach program for student-athletes. Student-athlete representatives volunteer and/or are selected by their head coach to participate. The role of each member is to represent his or her team in terms of communicating information to the administration staff and coaches as well assisting with planning of events and communicating those events with their teammates.

Mission Statement
The mission of TUSAAC is to inspire and enhance the total student-athlete experience through promoting opportunities for success, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image on campus and in the community.

Message from TUSAAC President (coming soon)

2013-2014 TUSAAC Representatives
Karson Bizzell - Women's Golf
Riley Kemmer - Men's Basketball
Nick Wood - Men's Basketball
Mariah Turner - Women's Basketball
Brentom Todd - Football
Carly Boatwright - Volleyball
Michael Mudoh - Football
Carol Benito - Women's Tennis
Julie Kernen- Softball
Abe Matamoros - M. Soccer
Cliff Marsland - M. Tennis
Emmett Cookson - Cross Country
Audrey Jean-Baptiste - Track
Meghan Spivak - Spirit Squad
Katherine Feist- Spirit Squad