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Breanna Chipney Diary Entry

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Today I had quite a busy day. This morning at 6:30am, our team had a good practice at Mohawk Park. We ran our first cross country race of the season there last weekend. Our practice consisted of six 800m runs with 2 minutes jogging in between each interval. Our coach made the practice quite scenic because he arranged for us to begin each 800m at a different starting point along the course. My favorite part was running through the forest section which is 400m in length. It reminded me of the trails I trained on in my home town, Maple Ridge (BC Canada). This is my first year running on a team with a big group of girls, so I have really been enjoying the great team atmosphere at practice, as it has been very encouraging.

Right after practice I attended a breakfast that I was invited to with fifteen Canadian Diplomats and the Canadian Consulate General. The breakfast was delicious! They served an egg omelet, blueberry muffins, and fresh fruit. After we ate the Consulate General gave a speech about Canadian economical statistics. After the speech I chatted with some of the diplomats about the different places in my province and what I plan to be majoring in here at Tulsa (Elementary education / Coaching).

After breakfast I went straight to my 9:30 Biology class. The other classes I had were history, Math and English which finished at 3:15. This afternoon our team also had a weights session in the gym where they supplied us with Gatorade on tap! I enjoy doing weights twice a week because it helps us improve our upper body and core strength. After weights I ate dinner in the Cafeteria with my team mates, and ended my night completing a few hours of study hall.