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Diary Entry No. 2

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Today was a fairly busy day. It all started off bright and early in the morning, but not as you may think. No, we did not have training this morning but we still had to get up early, for running of sorts. We were hosting, in coordination with Fleet Feet, the Hurricane Run, right here on campus. So, myself along with all the other freshmen guys, had to get up and prepare for more then 800 screaming grade schools kids who would be running a one mile fun run, as well as 300 other runners who would be competing in the 8k race. We had to set up tents, tables, chairs and of course food (which we were allowed to consume).

We also had jobs once the race actually began, mine was to read splits at the 5k mark on the course. Which seemed like a fairly easy job, however finding the mark on the road proved quite a bit more difficult than it sounds. Our instructions told us to go to the second light pole past the third fire hydrant on the second block of 12th street past the Denny's restaurant. So you can understand the confusion. Once I found my spot it was fairly easy, the leader, and eventual winner Tim Surface, who incidentally trains with us in the morning, came past in like 16:15, however, the last people to come through were at 50 minutes, so there was a lot of standing around time.

After the race we tore everything back down and headed off for an easy seven mile run. I then ate and took a short two-hour nap. After I woke up I watched some college football, and prepared for the Golden Hurricane game that evening. The first quarter of the game was not very good. We were down seven to zero, but after that we scored the rest of the points and won easily 49-7. After the game Nolan Jenkins, Tailor Williams and I went back to my place for a quick snack, than we went to a Birthday Party for one of the women on the team, Mel Hardy. We were there until around 1:30am then we headed off to Clif Mitchell's house for a bit then back to our dorms for some rest. I decided to risk having a tough run on Sunday, and stayed up late and it all worked out as I was able to complete all 15 miles with ease.