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Diary Entry No. 3

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September 26th
Today I ran to a place where I have never run before......downtown Tulsa! Our team met at 6:30 this morning at Riverside to go for our usual long Sunday run. We started off along the gravel path which runs alongside the river and then headed off on the roads. I was surprised to actually see hills downtown because there aren't many in Oklahoma. I'm used to running hills at home in Canada so it was good to run on them again. Throughout the run downtown we ran by many tall buildings which we can also see from campus. 30 minutes into the run we took a short pit stop to take a team bathroom break. When we finished our business we continued on our route, but then we ran into an obstacle. We were running together in our pack until we were forced to stop because when we were about to cross some train tracks, the alarm and warning lights go off and the gate goes down. Just before Coach Gulley says, "well we're going to have to turn around now," the half milers are yelling "We can make it! We can make it!" But in the end none of us ended up risking our lives to beat the train across the tracks. We took the safe route and turned around and made it safely back to Riverside in one piece! Today we ended up running for 90 minutes, so we ran approximately 12 miles. When we got back to Riverside we chugged the Gatorade that was sitting on the picnic table for us.

When I arrived back at campus I took a nap until it was time to go eat brunch in the cafeteria. Brunch was good today because they served strawberry Belgian waffles. After brunch I studied some of my history, as I have my first test coming up on Tuesday. Tonight I went to study hall for a couple of hours and then I came back to my dorm room to phone my friend Anita who I used to run against back home. She's an awesome runner, and I'm hoping she comes to TU next year. After all, who wouldn't want to come to our school when you can experience runs as exciting as ours!