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This has been the toughest week of training since I have been here. We started off with a 16 mile long run on Sunday, a hard recovery run Monday, mile repeats on Tuesday, 3/4 tempo on Wednesday, and finally, today we did an eight mile tempo run at Riverside. Riverside is one of the best places to train that I have ever found. It has more that 60 miles of path and runs mostly alongside the Arkansas River. Coach Gulley wanted us to average our miles between 5:40 and 5:45. So we tried to work together to accomplish the goal. I ended up running with Taylor Williams, and we ran a 45:27, which came out to be a 5:41 average mile.

After the workout I had breakfast, and headed off to my work-study job. I work in the history department, and basically make copies and do small tasks for any professor that needs help. It is a fairly good job because I can work when I have the time and, while I am here there is a lot of down time to do homework, or read the newspaper, or whatever. Thursday is probably my favorite day, as I only have two classes, American History and Math, so I have more time to myself.

After class was over, we had our team meeting and we learned that we had a meet added to our schedule for the up coming weekend at Oral Roberts University, which is just across town from us. We are basically going to run it as a workout, and try to stay as a pack for the first three miles and then fight it out to the end. So, it should be a good run. After the meeting we had a quick lift, and then I headed off to dinner. It was one of the best meals since I have been here, fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn.

After dinner I had to go to study hall for about an hour, and I kid you not, the room were we have study hall was flooding. We had not had any rain in about a month and a half and yesterday it just poured, we got something like 7 inches in 3 hours, so rain was just coming right through an emergency exit door. It was crazy. After study hall Jay Matlack came and picked Nolan Jenkins and myself up and we went to a surprise birthday party for one of the ladies on the team April Montgomery. It was supposed to be a BBQ but because of all the rain we just had hotdogs, ice cream, and cake, but it was still a lot of fun to get everyone together. When we got back to campus, Renine LeHeron, Brett Turowski, and I watch some TV and later we meet some other people for some free PB and J sandwiches, provide by TU, and played a bit of organ music and then headed off to bed.