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Entry No. 5 (Thursday, October 28th through Saturday, October 30th)

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This past weekend was a lot of fun; all the hard work of the entire season was culminated at the Western Athletic Conference Championships in Ruston, La. It was our second to last meet of the season and we wanted to run well as we were the defending conference champions. Our last meet will be in two weeks in Peoria Illinois, the NCAA Midwest Region Championships, unless we should finish in the top two and make it to nationals. All and all it was a good weekend and we all saw our hard work pay off.

We left on Thursday afternoon at about 3:30 on a 54-seat charter bus. Since there was only about 20 people o the trip there was plenty of room to stretch out and sleep, because it was a fairly long ride, about eight hours each way. On Thursday we only drove six hours and spent the night somewhere in Texas. On the way we stopped for dinner at Chile's in Paris Texas, and our bus got stuck in the parking lot, so, we had to get a tow truck to get back on the road. The whole way we watched movies, some that were okay others that were, well...not so much. On Friday we were allowed to sleep in, as we did not leave for Ruston until eleven, which was a welcome experience. We traveled about two more hours to the course, once their Coach Gulley instructed us to do what we needed to in order to run well for the next day. So, I ran the five-mile course and did some strides in my spikes.

After working out we headed off to the hotel and hung out until we went to Pizza Hut (not my choice) for dinner at six, I think. It wasn't all that bad, we got pasta and salad, and tour waiter gave us free drinks. We got back to the Hotel at around seven and all went to Jason Schweitzers room to watch the Borne Supremacy, which was the best movie that we watch on the trip, hands down. After that we had a short meeting, got our WAC gifts and headed off to bed. The WAC gifts included a fleece blanket a hat, a towel, and a water bottle.

The next morning I got up at six and had my pre race meal Raman Noodles, creamy chicken, and the ladies that were working at the continental breakfast wanted me to have biscuits and gravy and milk! We left for the course around 7:45 as our race started at 9:30. At 8:30 we started our warm up, and at 9:30 it was go time. The gun went off and there we went. For the first two miles or so, Tulsa had 1,2,3 in that race as myself, Jason Schweitzer and Taylor Williams lead the way. It did not finish up that way but we had a strong showing nonetheless, second place behind Rice. Brett Turowski and I got second team All-WAC which is pretty good fro a couple of freshman. The course was rough and it was around 85 degrees and humid, so the times were off, but it was a good showing for a team with no seniors.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel showered and hit the road. On the way back we stopped at Wendy's and I treated myself to a Spicy Chicken Compo, Biggie sized for all my hard work over the season. We got back at 8:30ish and met up with all the half mile guys and hung out for a while as our Sunday run was not in the morning the next day. However, once Sunday rolled around it was back to the grindstone for our noses.

Joel Stansloski