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Breanna Chipney Entry No. 6

November 2nd

Today I had quite a busy day. This morning Renine Le Heron, Shelby Riker and I went for our morning 3 mile run at 7:30am. It was a cool crisp morning and also very windy...we haven't had one of these days in a very long time. It was kind of nice though because it reminded me of the cross country weather back up in Canada. When we finished our run we had breakfast in the cafeteria with some of our other teammates.

I had a full day of classes today. My first class was Biology and we watched a movie about different kinds of animals in the ocean. Then I went to my history class and my professor handed back our tests that we took last week, and he went over each question with the class. Then he gave us a lecture about the events that occurred after the civil war. After History I went straight to math class and my professor handed back our tests that we took last week, and she went over the questions with us so people could see where they went wrong. Then we began studying a new unit. My last class of the day was English and in today's class we did peer editing. This is when each student edits another student's rough draft of an essay. I headed back to my dorm to get ready for weights.

Today in weights we worked on our legs and upper body. We did "max outs" when doing push-ups, bicep curls, tricep extension, shoulder press, lateral arm raise and a few more upper body exercises. For our legs we did quadriceps extensions, hamstring curls, and squats.

After weights we had a workout at the track. We did 8x800m with 1 minute rest in between each interval. I thought it was going to be a pretty challenging workout, but because we treated it like one of our steady states it didn't seem too bad. It was dark out by the time we started the workout, so it was pretty cool running under the lights. During each 800m we all tried to stick together as a pack. This works well because we work together by dragging each other along. My times were fairly consistent in this workout and I averaged under 6 minute mile pace. We all went for a cool down after the workout and stretched, and then we headed back to our dorms for the night.

Joel Stansloski Entry No. 6 (Thursday, November 11th--Saturday, November 13th)

This past weekend the cross country team traveled all the way to Peoria Illinois, for the NCAA Midwest Cross Country Championships. It was also the official climax of our season, and all in all a fairly successful trip. Although we did not qualify anyone through to nationals Natalie Rasmussen, a senior on the girls team, finished twentieth and was named all Region. The guys team finished 16th place overall despite being some what diminished by injury to two of our seven, runners. Tad Schoedel was not able to run at all and Jason Schweitzer was extremely limited and not able to run to his full potential. So, at the very least it was a good learning experience for a young team, one that should return next intact.

The weekend started off much like the trip to the WAC championships, on Thursday afternoon, at around one. We loaded a charter bus and began our nine hour journey to Illinois. The first day we traveled about six hours and made it to St. Louis. When we got there we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's which was very good (the salad bar was the best I have ever seen), and then we did a little per oozing at Boarders. After that we hung out at the hotel a little bit then headed off to bed. We did not have to get up all that early the next mourning, as we did not have to leave until ten. So, I slept in till around 8:30, at which point the room Turk (Brett Turowski) and I were sharing was about 55 degrees, because we had the air on full bore all night long. It was hard to come from under the covers but I managed. We left at ten and made it to Peoria at one in the afternoon, and we had an hour and a half for lunch. So, a few of us went to Arby's, which only took half an hour so then we went to an antique mall for a bit. Afterward we went to the course to run and plan the attack for the next morning. It was a nice course fairly flat with five 2000 meter loops.

That evening we were left on our own, for dinner so we went to a place called the Bistro. The only reason that we went to this particular restaurant was because some of us had coupons for free meals. After the meal we determined that the only way anyone would eat at this place was if they got a free meal. Put it was enjoyable, because I got to eat with my parents who had made the trip from Ohio to watch me run. My parents also got to meet my friends and teammates, which was also good. After dinner we got our race numbers and instructions for the next day and we were off to bed.

The next morning Coach Gulley wanted us to get up and go for a light ten minute jog, to warm our legs, as we did not race until noon. So we got up a seven, jogged and then had a fairly substantial breakfast. I had Waffles, a muffin and an apple. Afterward, Taylor Williams, Brett Turowski, and I went to Wal-Mart to try and buy a mini TV for the bus ride home, so we could keep up on the college football games. Unfortunately, they did not have any in stock so we were out of luck. I always thought that Wal-Mart had everything but apparently not so much... We left for the race course at 9:30 as the women raced at eleven. Since we did not race until noon we had some time to kill so, we all sat around the table in the bus and played some Poker (not for money of course). We warmed up about an hour before the race and at noon we were on the line ready to go.

I think that I went out a little too quickly, after one kilometer I was in the top twenty, and knew that I would not hold the pace. Coach Gulley said to just sit for the first twenty minutes but I got a little jumpy and just shot to the front and went with it. I paid a little in the middle and faded back to around 110th but I was able to recover slightly to 87th in a time of 32:59, a 5:16 pace.

After the race we went back to the hotel for a quick shower and lunch, I had a pound and a half of Bean Burritos for which I am still paying, and then started the long journey back to Tulsa. We arrived home at around 11:30, and I headed off to my own bed, which was nice after two nights in hotel beds. I am going to take Sunday off then go right back into training, for indoor and outdoor track.

Joel Stansloski

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