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Tulsa Postgame Quotes vs Buffalo

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Jan. 3, 2013

Box Score


Opening Statement
"Today was a game of offensive struggle from both teams in terms of shooting the basketball. I think you can give both teams a little credit defensively, but on both sides of the court players missed shots they would normally make, or should have made, or shot a lower percentage then normal. It was a wash on offensive rebounds, they got 19 and we got 19. That's still too many for us to give up, though. First shot defense was good again, but we need to get better at cleaning it up once we make them shoot."

On the short bench
"We tell them all the time that it's hard for your man to score if he can't catch the ball. When you allow the guys to catch the ball when we're in harms way instead of making a harder catch or making them catch a little further out of their comfort zone and then we can get there and be a strong help as a team defensively. We were able to do that a little bit better in the second half, but not as well. But McCrea is a talented basketball player, he caught that ball early in the game and only missed one shot at halftime, and he made us pay. The second half we tried to surround him a little bit more and put a little more doubt in his mind."

On Buffalo's Javan McCrea
"Those are shots that he makes on a regular basis. He shoots a high percentage from the field and we just have to do a better job defensively on letting guys catch balls that deep."


On the multiple injuries that have occurred in the team throughout the season
"I think it doesn't make a difference how we play. We practice hard. We play hard. Injuries are going to happen we just have to play through them."




On the multiple injuries that have occurred in the team throughout the season
"It's just all adversity. We have to pull through it. We have to fight hard for each other and get more wins."

On his aggressive offensive play towards the end of the game
"(Cold Periods) happen. It did have an effect on me though. So I did turn it up. Just like coach Manning says you have to forget about bad plays and get to the next one."