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Jan. 7, 2013

Recap |  Box Score


Opening statement
"If you look at the stat sheet, it was a tale of two halves. We shot the ball well in the first half, particularly Pat. He carried us, he made a lot of big shots. In the second half they came out, Coach Brown made great adjustments. They played great in the second half. We played well for about a minute, to be honest with you, and that was the last minute of the game, in terms of executing. Pat made a big shot, and we were very fortunate to come out with a win. It was a different flow in both halves, and we're just fortunate to come out with a road win in league play."

On the emotions of facing his former coach in SMU Head Coach Larry Brown
"I was looking forward to it, to be honest with you. This has nothing to do with SMU and Tulsa right now - I knew how many guys that played for Coach Brown were coming back. I knew I'd get a chance to see a lot of familiar faces, which is nice. We both knew at some point we were going to play each other. I just so happened that it was set up to be the first game in conference play, which is always different. Both teams are coming off that first part of the season in non-conference. Then you start conference play against an opponent that you're familiar and comfortable with, knowing and you care a lot for. This was a game that, like I said, we were just fortunate enough to win. It's mind-boggling how we did it, to be honest with you, if you look at the stat sheet. But we'll take it and move on."

On whether he spoke to Coach Brown and former teammates before the game, and whether he was able keep his pregame routine
"I stayed in the routine pretty well. When we got in, my teammates were at the hotel, so we visited for a while last night. Then we went into our getting ready for the game, getting into our scout and doing what we normally do. I bumped into them a couple of times in the hotel when I was going back and forth to my room. I spoke with Coach Brown really briefly after shootaround, and saw a couple of guys on his staff. Like I said, there were a lot of hugs and a lot of love before and after the game, but during the game, the competitive juices flow."



On whether the out of bounds play was set up for him
"We got into a line. We have a line play to get in bounds. We circled somebody around the line, and then we basically elevator-doored Pat open. He got a good look and he made a great shot."

On his message to the team when SMU had fouls to give at the end of the game
"As soon as we caught the ball, I told our guys to shoot it, because they were going to foul us. Hopefully we could get in the act of shooting and get to the free throw line for maybe the third or fourth or maybe fifth times of the night."

On the adjustments SMU made on defense in the second half
"They extended the pressure. They ran through quite a few of our reversal passes at the top. We didn't go meet the ball, but give them credit: they were active and got their hands on balls and deflections. We would shoot a shot and miss, and they would be able to push the ball up in transition and be in attack mode. They have that up-tempo style of play, and talented basketball players with creases and seams always find a way to get to the bucket, and they did that in the second half."

On his team's ability to stay in the game mentally after losing its lead and the maturity shown by staying in the game until the end
"We're very fortunate in the sense that we had a chance to go on a foreign tour this year, up to Canada, and some of those days are helping us out right now, just from the standpoint that we have been together for a while. In our non-conference schedule, we went a played in some tough places and we took some lumps. But those lumps helped us stay focused enough to get the chance to win this game. Regardless of what the score was, our guys continued to battle and fight, and that's something that we as a staff are extremely proud of."

On what he and Coach Brown said to each other after the game
"Not much. Just good game, kid of, I guess. We'll speak again, we'll always stay in touch. I wish him the best, I know he wishes me the best. We'll meet again, and we'll have to go through this all again.'

On he talked to his players at halftime, knowing Coach Brown would make adjustments
"I think anytime you're in a situation like that, where your team shoots as well as we shot, and scores the ball and you have a lead, you don't want your team to come out complacent. You don't want your team to get comfortable. You know the coach in the other locker room, regardless of whether it's Coach Brown, or Tubby Smith or Bill Self, they're on their guys. They're saying, `You didn't play, you've got to compete, you have to do this, you have to do this, you have to turn up the intensity level.' We knew that's what was going on. It was just a matter of, we have to do a better job of answering that call when the bell is rung."

On his emotions and thoughts now that the game and first meeting with Coach Brown is over
"The funny thing, to be honest with you, is this game was not Coach Brown vs. me. It was SMU vs. Tulsa. Nobody talked about the players in the game. Those are the guys that are playing. We played a good first half. They played a good second half. All-in-all it was an entertaining game. Both sides played hard."

JUNIOR GUARD Pat Swilling, Jr.

On his big night and whether he was extra motivated for the game
"As a team, we just wanted to come out and play well. It wasn't anything special to us. It was our first conference game. Of course we wanted to win. We just wanted to come out and play well as a team. We played well the first half, but we didn't play well the second half. That's something that we have to work on."

On how he saw his game-winning shot
"I know I came off clean, off of a great screen by Kauri. When I did come off clean, I did feel my man around, and I could out the corner of my eye somebody closing out, so I wanted to get it up quickly. Coach was telling us to shoot it just in case they did foul, so we could try to get some free throws. When I caught the ball, the first thing I thought was `shoot' so I shot it, and thankfully it went in."

On whether he saw something in film he wanted to attack in the SMU defense
"Not really. I think in the first half we had good ball-movement. We shot the ball well in the first half, not just me individually. We had good ball-movement, good player-movement and we were able to get some open shots."