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Jan. 16, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Tulsa-UTEP Post-Game Quotes • January 16, 2013

Tulsa Head Coach Danny Manning

Opening Statement:

 ““Tonight’s game, according to the stat sheet, was a battle of two really good defensive teams, in terms of the defensive field goal percentage. For awhile, there offensively we struggled to get good looks and you have to give UTEP credit defensively but I thought we also guarded them fairly well and that gave us a chance to win the ballgame.  We struggled turning the ball over and we gave up too many second chance points but I thought for stretches there we guarded very well.” 

On the pressure in the final minute…

“Not well. We didn’t respond well at all. That’s something we have to get better at, but that’s something we practice everyday and we have to go meet the ball and that we’re throwing crisp passes and that we get open. A couple times we got open but then we relaxed and they would come through the passing lane and get a hand on the ball and get the turnover. We’re very fortunate to come out with a win because our press offense was not up to par in the final minute.”

On Zeldric’s improvement…

“Much better. He’s getting better. He’s got a long ways to go like all the freshman do and we’ve all got to become better post defenders and rebound better but he played big minutes for us tonight.”

On the balance offensively…

“I think it speaks to the balance in our system. We tell our guys that everyone out there is a threat offensively. There are no idle cuts and there are no ghosts standing in the corner. Everyone is an option. You cut hard, you move hard. The ball can end up in your hands at any time and I think that gives us a lot of balance scoring the ball. Scottie didn’t score tonight, but I thought he played a great game. We don’t win this game without Scottie playing post-defense the way he played it. Everybody knows the have a role, we have to defend, and offensively we have to share the ball. Whoever has the open shot we have to get them the shot.”



The way you defended…

“There were a couple stretches we really locked in defensively. We were really active and we created some shot clock violations. There were also some times we weren’t on the same page, and they took advantage of our breakdowns. There’s still some phases of the game we have to work on defensively. Some of those shots for UTEP they usually make. Connor Tucker has been shooting the cover off the basketball and tonight for whatever reason shots didn’t go down for him. And it wasn’t because of our defense, he missed a lot of open looks.”

On the effect of the grind out games…

“Any time you win a conference game it’s encouraging, especially if you do it on the road. You want to hold serve at home. For our guys to continue to battle and fight, that’s what we talk about everyday. We don’t talk about wins and losses we talk about competing to the best of your ability on that particular day on that particular possession and our guys are continuing to buy in and we’re able to play for a longer period of time without breakdowns.”

On if he’s every seen a team win with four turnovers in the final minute…

“Nope. No. Not at all. We were fortunate we had a lead and it didn’t come back to bite us, but it almost did.”

Do you think they learned a lesson on holding on to the basketball?

“Yeah. We probably should have just punted it. It was ugly, no question, but we were still able to grind it out.”

Tulsa Player James Woodard

 On the good Tulsa defense…

“That was our mindset coming into the game. We knew it was going to be a hard fought, grind-it-out kind of game. It was going to come down the wire because UTEP is a good team. They run their offense very well. That’s what the coaches stressed as we prepared for them. Defensive rebounding was our main goal.”

On the turnovers at the end of the game…

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a game like that. We had to keep our composure and our poise at the end of the game. We knew we still had to defend even though we had some bad turnovers and that’s what we did.

Was it frustrating when there wasn’t much offense…

 “A win’s a win. No matter how the game goes for me. Everybody has to do what they need to do to contribute to the team in order to get the win, and that’s what we did. Scottie (Haralson) didn’t knock down shots, but he defended well and that helped us win.”

On the focus late in this game…

“It takes a lot of focus. It takes a lot of effort from the team. It’s 35 seconds of hard defense. We took that into focus. I think we’re in a good shape as a team. That’s what we did. We held them to a couple 35 second shot clocks and grabbed a few rebounds and that’s what led to the win.”

On the defensive mindset continuing throughout the year…

“That’s our focus from here on out in order to get to the Conference USA Tournament. We’re really a small team and we have to use our speed and our pressure on defense.”

On the confidence gained going into a road stretch…

“This is a big confidence game for us. We’re going to try to take this win and keep progressing. We’re going to take this to practice and keep getting together.”

On improvement from the early season tournament in San Diego…

“We improved a lot from back in San Diego. We still have room to improve on defense though. We’re holding teams to some 35 second shot clocks and We’re gonna’ keep it rolling.”

UTEP Head Coach Tim Floyd

Opening Statement:

“Congratulations to Tulsa. Danny Manning is doing a really nice job. His team guards as hard as any team we’ve played against thus far, and so far, we have played the hardest schedule in the country. Our shooting percentage is a reflection of our intensity along with their defense, their discipline defensively, and the fact that they didn’t foul. They’re undersized, but they proved that has no bearing on their ability to go back and rebound defensively, which they did a very nice job of. They had a great execution play at the end. They lobbed it over to a naked backside, and one of their big guys caught it and laid it up. They just did a very fine job, and I would like to congratulate them.”

On the final minute of the game:

“Retrospection is a great thing. Reflecting back on it, if I knew that we were going to have a couple steals, absolutely. However, we were in a situation where we were trying to trap until the 10-second mark. They did have a throw over for a layup that led to a foul. Defense wasn’t a real big problem for us. They only scored 45 points. That wasn’t a real issue. The issue was our inability to score.”


On Tulsa’s defense:

“It’s really easy to come out of game like this and say, “Hey, we didn’t shoot well. Gosh we missed some easy shots.” However, I thought they were challenged shots. They were shots taken out of their comfort zone, where they aren’t used to taking them. That’s a credit to Tulsa. No body likes to play a road game against a really good defensive team. They did a really great job.”