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Tulsa Postgame Quotes vs Southern Miss

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Jan. 26, 2013

Recap |  Box Score


Opening Statement
"Good afternoon. Southern Miss is a very talented team, and they made the plays down the stretch that were required to win. We had some opportunities to grab it, but we did not capitalize. You look at the rebounding margin, and they really hurt us on the offensive glass. They got 18 second-chance points, 19 offensive rebounds, and shot 39 percent for the game. You like to think that if you do a better job at rebounding the basketball, their second-chance points aren't as high, but Donnie Tyndall has them playing at a great level right now."

On Tulsa's scoring drought in the middle of the second half
"You have to give Southern Miss credit. I think right before that we hit four of five, but then we hit a lull for a little bit. I thought we were effective in the zone, but they made adjustments and won the game."

On the last possession of the game
"That was my fault. I didn't do a good enough job of communicating what I was looking for on the final possession."

On the physicality in the game
"I think that is what you're going to get with these teams. We are an aggressive team defensively. Southern Miss is an aggressive team defensively. I don't know the particular order according to the stats, but I would like to think that Southern Miss and Tulsa both have reputations for being good defensively."

On playing a competitive game
"We lost. We have to get better. That's the bottom line. We had an opportunity, but we didn't take advantage or put ourselves in a place to win the game. I think we try hard. We go out and put ourselves in the game. However, we want to try hard and win. The `almost' or `you did this well' doesn't do anything, because at the end of the day, it isn't what we want.

On the team's minutes
"We said all along that if anyone was in a good rhythm, we were going to let him play. If you're out there doing good things, then we are going to keep you out there and watch you play."




On playing a competitive game
"I feel like we match up well with them. We knew that they were going to make a run. For the most part it came down to the rebounding. They outrebounded us. They had 19 offensive rebounds. I say if we do a better job in that (hold them to one shot) we win the game by 10 points."

On the physicality of the game
"It was physical. They let us play a little bit. I think it was just as physical as we thought it would be. But, like I said earlier, I think we match up well. And I feel like it just came down to rebounding for the most part."


On the physicality of the game
"We're a physical team so we don't mind the offensive nature of the game. I think they beat us up a little bit on the offensive glass. We could have done a better job of rebounding on the offensive end. Now we know what we have to do. We know we'll see them again soon. We know what we have to do next time."

On staying close to Southern Miss who is undefeated in conference play
"I don't think we believe in moral victories. Whether you win or lose is what it comes down to. We want to win every game. Saying that you stayed with somebody just isn't up to par for us. I guess you could say we played well as a team, but we don't believe in moral victories."


Opening statement
"First of all I want to say that Danny is doing an outstanding job. He inherited a situation similar to us in that he had some guys leave and had to do some last minute recruiting and the job he's done with this team has been fantastic, so give a lot of credit to him and how hard his kids play. Tonight was a typical conference game. It was a grind-it-out game with two teams that are pretty good defensively. It was an ugly basketball game but I think both defenses need to be credited and our guys made one more play than they did and we found a way to win."

On whether he has ever been involved in consecutive games that have been so different
"Well, I haven't won too many by 56 (points), so probably not. I think when you look at the other night - so much of the energy you get is predicated on where you play. When you're at home, your crowd is there, and for whatever reason, you jump a little higher and run a little faster. Our kids had incredible energy the other night and made shots early which get you going even more. Tonight we struggled offensively. We didn't make a lot of shots early, we didn't have the home crowd to get us over the hump, so it was a struggle all night. But again, give the Tulsa players credit because they guard very well."

On whether he liked how his guys responded after getting down six in the second half
"I thought we started the second half very lethargic. We got driven over the top on our zone a couple times which led to layups. We called a timeout and addressed a couple things and I thought the last 17 minutes of the half we competed and it was a possession-by-possession game. Mike Craig made a big play on a tip dunk that got us going a little bit and he caused a couple steals, which allowed us to play in the open floor, and that's where our team is pretty good. Typical tough conference road game, and we're just very fortunate."

On how big the edge on the offensive boards for his team
"It was, no question about it. We're a pretty good rebounding team. If I'm not mistaken, coming into the game we're leading our league in rebounding. We're undersized but we've got some nice athletes. We played pretty hard. No question a huge play was with two and a half or three minutes to go we missed a free throw but Mills offensive rebounded it and scored to put us up four. Anytime you can get 19 offensive rebounds it's certainly going to help you win."