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Feb. 6, 2013

Recap |  Box Score


Opening Statement
"In tonight's game, UAB came out and they were the more aggressive team. They jumped out on us early, and we didn't respond well. They shot the ball well. They did a lot of positive things on that side of the ball. For us we need to go back to playing like we have been in the past. We have to be a hard nose team defensively and we have to compete each possession. There were far too many times in the first half we didn't have that mindset. We have to give UAB credit; they came in here and shot the ball exceptionally well and moved the ball and did enough to win."

On the deficit going into the second half
"Most of the time (you are going to run out of gas) when you dig such a big hole. We just have to do a better job of not letting that happen. Far too many times we had breakdowns defensively, and they made us pay for that."

On James Woodard's lack of minutes
"James' body is just pretty frail right now. You saw him out there on the court moving rather gingerly. For me, we went in a different direction because Rashad Ray was playing well and did some very positive things out there on the court for us, so we kept going with that."

On Rashad Ray's play
"If you look at the stat line, he played well. But I think he can play like that more often. I don't think it should come in spurts. That's where we need to get to, he needs to play with that energy every game. And it wasn't necessarily just points, he was really active defensively, creating havoc and pressuring the ball and running through passing lanes to get steals, and that's the type of activity we need from him on every possession."




On trying comeback after being down by 20 or more points in the first half
"We're just beat up. We have a lot of injuries. People are playing minutes that they've never played before. I just think we were short of players. We needed people like James Woodard (who's been playing through injuries) and D' Andre Wright who can't give us too much right now because he's still dealing with an ankle injury. If we're a full team we're strong. I think we can beat anybody.

On playing the his most "complete game" so far this season
"I think it was (my most complete). I think I was all over the board tonight with points, steals, rebounds, and assists. I think I did a lot to try to help my team but in the end it just wasn't enough.

On the locker room atmosphere after the game
"It was quiet; real quiet."

On this week's practices after the road loss to Memphis
"It was tough. We worked a lot on defense. Defense, defense, the whole practice. We were working talking to each other, communicating and getting out on transition."


On reaching a "breaking point" after the team's multiple injuries
"We don't want to make excuses. Obviously we have a lot of people down. I've been going to every practice and I've got nicks and bruises, but it's still no excuse. We don't have all the people there but we could have definitely played a lot better.

On the multiple injuries and the toughness of practice
"It's tough for me. We practice hard. It's tough when those guys aren't playing. We practice hard but you can't make that an excuse."


Opening Statement
"We feel great about the win. In the first 15 minutes, we played our best basketball of the year. Our guys were really unselfish. We were turning down shots to get better shots that we were knocking in. On defense, we were playing hard physically, but I think the mental game on the defensive end was extremely effective. After that, it really got tough. The pressure turned up, but we were able to settle down just enough to make plays down the stretch. I'm awfully proud of my guys."

On UAB's end of game performance
"Down the stretch we made some winning plays. It wasn't perfect. It wasn't pretty, but we did enough. We really focused on the defensive end. We worked hard to get to shooters. We certainly didn't make every play, but we definitely did step up. It was nice to see the mentality of these guys. They didn't think it couldn't be done and just kept grinding."

On UAB's first half shooting
"That was fun to watch. One of the coaches said at halftime that we had 13 assists in the first 15 minutes or so. We're a good shooting team, but we are a better shooting team when we share the ball like that. So, that was really neat to watch."

On Danny Manning
"Danny doesn't know this, but I have an autographed picture of Danny Manning in my kid's bedroom. I have all sorts of memorabilia from Kansas with Danny's picture all over it. My guess is that in Danny's basement he doesn't have a lot of pictures with me all over it. Needless to say, I think the world of him as a coach and a player, and I think as a person he is phenomenal."