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Feb. 16, 2013

Recap |  Box Score


Opening Statement
"This was a very interesting game. In regulation we had a chance to seal the game, but we weren't sound enough or disciplined enough to take care of the ball. They throw up a Hail Mary and it goes in, and we have an interesting next 45 minutes or so. We have to be a little bit more disciplined down the stretch during regulation in the game. While saying that, we showed that we were ready to grind and fight through it, and our players continued to fight and got through it. This was a tough game for both our teams. I'm sure that they are feeling like they had enough opportunities to take advantage of it, but we're fortunate to come away with the victory."

On Houston's game-tying shot at the end of regulation
"It is frustrating. We talk about it each and every day. We talk about finishing plays, executing on the offensive end, and finishing on the defensive end. You give them one contested shot and finish by possessing the basketball. Then you take care of it. We need to continue to take care of the ball and finish the play by rebounding. I think that at halftime, they were shooting thirty percent from the field. If we had been able to keep them at that pace or around there, then the second half would have been much better for us. They got a lot of second chance points, and that really hurt us the last time that we played them because they got 22 second-chance fast-break shots."

On what was said before the start of overtime
"Moving on to the next play is one of the last things we talk about with our guys before we leave the locker room before the game. We all know that mistakes are going to happen. We understand that, but we don't want the second mistake to happen. We don't want to mistakes in a row. That is what bothered us at the end of regulation. We didn't go meet the ball. We didn't defend the ball, and they made a shot. It was a great shot, but we bounced back. We always talk about the next play. We made a mistake. So what? Let's move on. We'll correct you in film the next day."



On shooting 50 free throws
"They had to foul because we were up in the game. They had to foul. We only shot four in the first half."

On the minute total and productivity of James Woodard and D'Andre Wright
"Their high minute total doesn't bother me. They practice for more than they play. We practice to the NCAA limit. Right now, we are probably going an 1:45 or an 1:50 minutes. So going 30 or 45 minutes shouldn't be a problem. They're productivity was very good. Look at James, and we missed him. We had a lot of guys who helped us fill his minutes, but we missed his presence. He is our leading rebounder. He got 12 rebounds while coming off of the bench. He gets 16 points. His presence is huge for us, and he gets 4 assists. D'Andre is playing really well. He is scoring really well. He is confident when he is shooting the ball, and those are the most minutes that he has played in a while. I look at our minute sheet, and we were able to balance it out. Houston had one guy that played over 40 minutes, and two more guys played more than 50 minutes. We were able to use the depth that we've been working on, because of our injuries. That is one of the biggest reasons we won the game."

On D'Andre Wright's improvement this year
"D'Andre has gotten better. He is more comfortable on the court and making more reads. We spend a lot of time on technique and detail in practice. A lot of that is coming into play for him, reading and understanding what the defense is trying to do."

On Tulsa's ability to win the game in the third overtime period
"I'm proud of them. We are always proud of them, and we are going to always be proud of them as long as they go out and play with an intensity and energy that is representative of TU. I think that these men have done that thus far."


On whether he has ever played in a triple overtime game

On the length of the game and playing through recent injuries
"We knew when we came into the game that Houston would be a tough team to beat. Once we got to overtime we knew that all of the offseason training that we've been doing would come into effect. We knew that their team was getting tired so we just tried to put it on them and in the third overtime we finally pulled a win out."

On the state of his injured leg
"It feels good really. You know, I had to get the stiffness out and keep it loose at times. In the first half I was in foul trouble so I was just trying to keep it loose on the bench. Pain-wise it's really getting better. I'm seeing a lot of improvement."

On Tulsa shooting 50 free throws
"In the first half really they shot a bunch of free throws and we weren't able to get the line. They scored most of their points off of free throws in the first half. We knew that we had to get to the line to if we wanted to get the lead. Once we got to the end of the (regulation) game, and then in the overtimes, we really started to get to the line."


On whether he has ever played in a triple overtime game
"In AAU I did once. It's the most exhausting thing you'll go through in your life."

On the length of the game and playing through recent injuries
"I think the game itself kept us energized. It kept us motivated to keep running and keep pushing. The fans stayed into it and gave us energy also. I think as a team we kept our focus on getting the win; and that's what we did. " On the length of the game and playing through recent injuries...

On the team's reaction to the turnover that allowed Houston to force the first overtime
"That was a really good play for them. We give them credit for hitting that shot. But, after that shot we just had to keep our heads planted and grind it out. We knew what we had to do in the first overtime. Now it's just time to think about the next game and keep on moving."

On the impressive team play of players such as Rashad Ray and Pat Swilling Jr.
"This really was a team win. It was a team effort for us with everybody that played and even the people that didn't play. They contributed to the team. That's how we have to play from here on out. That's how we're going to win games."

On how he felt after playing the long game coming off of his recent injuries
"It kind of wore on me but it's part of the game. I just have to get through it. I have to keep going in for treatment and keep doing what I'm doing so I can get back to 100% and give better opportunities to the team."


On whether he has ever been associated with a game like that, three overtimes
"Yes. I've seen that before. It doesn't feel very good on this end."

On Jherrod Stiggers three-point play at the end of regulation
"Just awareness. Obviously, we got the shot, but the biggest thing was that he had the awareness to get the ball. We knew we'd have to scramble around. He's capable of making three's like that. He hit one earlier in the year at Prairie View when he knocked down a big three. He's a guy we're trying to get to the free throw line more, having more balance, but he can really shoot that three. But, unfortunate for us, we couldn't finish it in any of the three overtimes. We were happy to get it there, but couldn't finish."

On whether it popped your eyes out that Tulsa finished with 50 free throws
"There were a lot of free throws in the game."

On TaShawn Thomas
"He's a terrific player. He played his heart out today. I'm proud of our guys. I congratulate Danny and his guys. They competed hard too. TaShawn battled. He's a good player. He has to be more physical and continue to get more balance down low. We have to get him to the free throw line more. He has to be powerful down there to where he scores. We have to have mentality that we have to go so strong to the basket that a free throw is a bonus, rather than trying to draw a foul. TaShawn is doing better balancing his feet and going strong, but we have to get him to the free throw line. The disappointing thing is that Joe (Young) gets to the free throw line 10 times in the first half, and only gets there four in the second half. That's a disappointing stat for us. He's a terrific free throw shooter. Daniel House got in foul trouble and that hurt us. We had some other guys come in and do some good things for us, but TaShawn is a special young man and a special player.

On whether he thinks his team can make a run similar a few years ago when the C-USA Tournament was in Tulsa, and Houston got hot late and made the run to win the tournament championship
"I'll settle for that this year. We have to get better. I'm so proud of our guys competing. I despise the way the game turned out from our end, but I'm proud of our guys and how they competed. They left it all on the court. We even had a chance there late in the third overtime when they missed a free throw, 5 points game, 30 plus seconds and we don't get the defensive rebound. We still have a lot of games to play. We lost some games we shouldn't have lost. Today, you have to give Tulsa a lot of credit. They battled too. They made free throws and made plays when they had to. We had the lead in the first two overtimes, and Tulsa made some plays. We have to continue to get better. Our young guys are battling. We have a couple tough road trips coming up. I knew today would be a challenge, but I was proud of the way our guys competed."