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March 6, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Tulsa-SMU Post-Game Quotes • March 6, 2013

Tulsa Head Coach Danny Manning
Opening Statement:
"This is a tough way to go out, to take a loss on Senior Night. Give SMU credit tonight. They had a great game tonight. Coach Brown drew up a great plan, and they executed their offense and made shots. We have to give them credit for that. For us, it's disappointing because we wanted to have a much better showing than we did tonight. We have to go back, watch film, and get prepared for our last game of the season. We have to do whatever it takes to get that last win of the season on the road. Losing tonight, on Senior Night, is a tough pill to swallow."

On the disparity in paint points:
"They did a very good job of getting the ball in to the paint. Even their guards were making shots in the paint. Our percentage from 3 wasn't terrible, but we seemed to settle instead of putting our heads down and getting shots in the paint. We had some opportunities in the paint, but we didn't capitalize. That is one glaring stat, and it is something that we will correct. Normally it isn't like that, but it is what it is tonight. Give SMU credit for capitalizing on it tonight."

On SMU's game plan:
"They play their starters for a lot of minutes. Ball control is very important to coach Brown, along with spacing. They are trained to look for their opening and not give up until the end of the shot clock. That is part of his philosophy at times, and it was executed very well."

On losing record in conference play:
"It can be attributed to a lot of things, but it doesn't matter. We still have to find a way to get the job done. We still have to go out and compete at a level that gives us a chance to have success. Bottom line, we didn't do enough tonight to have enough success. We aren't taking anything away from SMU. They've played a lot of close games without catching many breaks. We knew that this was a team that was going to come in hungry. They're well coached. That really played in their favor tonight."



On the fact that anyone can win any game in Conference USA:
"There is a lot of parity in the league. You can see the top two teams, Memphis and Southern Miss, are very comfortable at the top of the standings. If you look at the middle, there is a big pack. You watch a lot of games and see the scores and it doesn't surprise us as coaches, but it can still make you scratch your head a little bit."

On Saturday's finale versus Rice:
"We want to finish the season with a win, and move into the tournament with some momentum. It will also give us a chance to finish .500 in conference play. We wanted a much better record than that, but we can only control our next game."

On coaching against Larry Brown:
"It is always business. I've been around Coach Larry Brown for a long time. He is a loving, caring person until the game starts. Once the game starts, he is trying to beat your head in. That is the sign of a great coach and competitor. There were hugs before, a battle in between, and hugs after."

Tulsa Guard Scottie Haralson:
On the recent lull that TU has gone through:
"We've been playing though injuries all year, but I wouldn't say it's an excuse. Throughout the course of the year we've been trying to put a whole 40 minutes together. We play well in spurts but teams just can't win like that. I think for the most part we do compete. We play hard, but we just have continue to do that through the course of a whole game."

On his senior night and the emotions he felt when his name was called before his final conference game in the Reynolds Center:
"I really didn't expect to bawl out like I did, but I just all hit me at once before the game. This city has meant so much to me. It gave me a second chance. I came in and had a great career here and I thank the fans for their love and support. I'm going to miss it. I know I'm going to miss it. It just all hit mea at once before the game."

On his vision of TU Men's Basketball in the coming years:
"The future is bright. The future is really bright for these guys. These guys work hard. I've seen the growth of their maturity level on and off the court. Coach Manning is a great coach. He has a great staff and it's only going to get better. Even though me and some other seniors are leaving, they still have a great deal of talent still here with more talent coming in. It's only going to get better for these guys."

On what the team needs to do to have success going into the conference tournament:
"We need to be more consistent and stay poised throughout the course of the game. We need to trust one another. When we play well together and we're defending, rebounding, and eliminating our turnovers we're pretty good. So we just have to do that and we'll do pretty well in the conference tournament."

On what the team needs to do going into the last game of the season at Rice:
"It's the last game of the season. We're all about the next game. We just have to dial in and focus in on these guys. Even though they're at the bottom of the conference they're still going to play there hardest. We just have to come out with the focus and intensity we need and keep it throughout the course of the game and we can get that win."

Tulsa Guard Shaquille Harrison:
On the team coming up short vs. SMU and how it compared to the Tulane comeback:
"Some nights you just don't make that full comeback. It's hard coming back in the first place and extending the lead like we did against Tulane is tough. We just couldn't do it tonight, but hopefully we learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward when we hit this conference tournament."

On what the team needs to do going into the last game of the season at Rice:
"It's the last game of the season. That's the most motivation you can get. It's the last chance you have to show who you really are and put your stamp on the season before the conference tournament comes around."

SMU Head Coach Larry Brown
On the difference between this game and the last matchup:
"I've watched them play and they've really improved. That was the wildest, craziest game I've been involved in a long time. We hold them to eight points for 19 minutes and 30 seconds and we lose the game on two contested threes, and they were out of timeouts. I thought this was by far the best we've played. We've been in this kind of game almost every game and haven't been able to close it out. We've either missed free throws, turned the ball over, or didn't secure rebounds. I went off on my team they were playing like they were scared to death late and I don't want them to worry about the consequence right now. This is the best we've played defensively in the second half. Most games we've been ahead at halftime then didn't shut people down in the second half. It seems like people have been able to find a way to score on us, maybe it's our lack of depth. Our bench won the game tonight, if you look at the numbers, we lead the country in starters minutes and tonight our bench won the game for us."

On the difference in points in the paint:
"I thought we got inside pretty good. I watched the game the other night when they were down so badly against Tulane, they have two of the better three-point shooters in the league. They shot 26 threes, and we took two, so hopefully we would score in the paint. I'm not opposed to three-point shots, but our strength is inside and I think we did a good job and they didn't make threes like they did in the last game. In the first half, they had control, they made threes. In the second half we did a better job of defending the three-point line."

On the 25th anniversary of your '88 championship coming up, what's the difference between that team and this one:
"I'd like it a lot more if the kid (Danny Manning) sitting over there was playing. It'd be pretty easy. We've lost about 13 games in the last five minutes and if we had him we wouldn't have lost any of them. He's one of the greatest players to ever play our game. He's one of the best human beings to ever be a part of our game and he's going to be a phenomenal coach. I'm proud when I see him coaching, and I see Steve, and coach Juneau, and the Kansas connection, but I dread these teams. I've got so much respect for him. Every time I see this March Madness stuff, they very rarely mention just how special he was, and how he carried a team on his back against some quality opponents. You very rarely see that mentioned and it blows my mind. Looking back 25 years, at Kansas, a school that has so much tradition, my college coach played there and was an assistant coach there. I got to be part of that. Now you're at SMU, the interest is going to be there, but we don't have tradition. We won our last NCAA game in '88, and the last time we won a NCAA game was '93. When I went to the arena at Kansas, I used to get the kids coffee and donuts in the morning and pizza at night. We had more people waiting to get in a game at midnight at Kansas then we have in our bleachers but that's going to change. I'm pretty confident it is."

On if he's seen changes beginning at SMU:
"Oh yeah. We've got a new arena. They're fixing up our arena. We've got three terrific transfers, we have commitments from some pretty special kids, and we have everybody returning. I look at his roster, he loses two seniors, has kids that have gotten hurt, and has young kids that can really play. Why wouldn't you want to play for Danny and play in this environment? Bill was here. Nolan was here. Tubby was here. Buzz was here. Holy gosh. I can't even imagine any school that can say that and now you've probably got the best young coach. Bill told me a stat at Kansas. In the last eight or nine years that Danny was there, every big guy that started half the games in one year went to the NBA, but one kid, and I think he was a walk-on. That guy had a lot to do with that. We're going to be talking about him like we were talking about those other coaches. I hope he'll be able to stay awhile, and not learn from me."