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Nov. 10, 2013

Recap |  Box Score |  Photo Gallery 


Opening statement
"This was a tough way for us to open up the season. ORU came out strong, and they were the aggressors. They did an outstanding job of rebounding the basketball. We didn't match their intensity. You look at the stat sheet and see the rebounding difference. They created a lot of second chance opportunities by going to the glass. When you throw free throws on top of that, it is tough to overcome. (ORU Head Coach) Scott (Sutton) had his guys ready to play, and they came out and did what they needed to do to get a win. On the flipside, for us, we know what we need to do better, and that will start tomorrow at practice."

On responding to mistakes in the game
"We are going to cover quite a few bases tomorrow. I don't know what we will start with, but we will cover a lot of the areas that we were deficient in today."

On the importance of combining defense and rebounding
"In the first half, we did a good job of defending, but they picked up a bunch of offensive rebounds. We talked about that. We played pretty good first shot defense, but we didn't finish the play. You have to rebound the ball, and that is something that we talk about and do work on. Obviously, I need to do a better job of emphasizing this and getting them to learn that this is what it is going to take."

On the role that fatigue played in free throw shooting
"Rashad Smith played 34 minutes, but it is kind of hard to take him out for his free throws when he is shooting 8-10 from the field. I would like to see him get a few more rebounds, but no I do not believe that his fatigue caused him to miss that many free throws. I just think that we need to go up there and knock them down."


On the message in the locker room after the game
"We talked about rebounds a lot. We emphasize rebounding a lot in practice. Rebounds are an effort thing, and they came out and wanted it more. That is what it shows us."

On the role of fatigue in free throw shooting
"There is no excuse. It was different, but it felt good at the same time. Thinking about playing 34 minutes and actually playing 34 minutes is not the same, for sure. Fatigue is no excuse. It is something that we go over in practice. I should have had more rebounds today. I should have made more free throws today. We just didn't get it done. Point blank."

TULSA GUARD Shaquille Harrison

On the game being decided by rebounds and free throw shooting
"It is really sickening. We really strive to make free throws and practice our rebounding. That is our number one thing to do in practice. Today we didn't get it done. It is really sickening, but we just need to get back in the gym and continue to work on those things."

On his effectiveness getting to the rim
"I try to get to the rim to score as well get other guys some shots. I want to get the ball to more effective scorers, because we have so many guys that score in a variety of ways. It is my job to get them the ball. Coach Manning likes to emphasize to me more dribbling to pass rather than dribbling to score."


Opening statement
"Great win. No other way to put it. Proud of my guys. I thought they competed the entire game. We didn't play great. In the first half, we had so many turnovers and we were awful in transition. But we were up three and Shawn, I think I jinxed him, as I was telling Jimmie Tramel, how great he was playing and he couldn't make a shot. I thought the second half went back and forth. We built a lead and then they made a run, which I knew they would. They fouled out Shawn and Brandon. We get behind and that's when I thought Obi (Emegano), D.J. (Jackson) and Korey (Billbury) those guys stepped up and showed leadership, showed toughness. We just didn't have it last year. Things didn't look good. Our best players were on the bench and the crowd was into it, they're shooting a ton of free throws. Our guys found a way to win. I think this team is deeper and we were able to go to the bench and not drop off too much. They have great character about them. Obi is a high, high character guy. His demeanor, his calmness, his leadership out there tonight in the second half showed itself. He wasn't playing great. In fact, I thought he was a little bit nervous, but in the first half, he turned the ball over too many times and he missed some shots. But late in the game, he was able to get our guys together and obviously stepped up on the free throw line and made shots. I thought Korey made a couple of huge plays during that stretch as well to get us the lead back."

On the rebound margin
"I thought our athleticism showed up tonight. I thought Drew Wilson and Brandon Conley kind of jump started us. Our guards were great. Korey got in there and rebounded. Brandon's tip dunk got our guys going and then we got a couple of dunks there that really energized our team. That was something that was a major concern. We practiced quite a bit on and stressed that the last few days in practice. To get 17 offensive rebounds and like you said, out rebound them by 17, I never thought that could or would happen."

On the locker room
"It's been a long time. It's a big game and they kind of had our number the last several years. We've taken some really good teams down here and haven't won. To lose how we did last year. To lose the players we did, only had four guys coming back. I don't think a lot of people knew how talented we were but our guys understood. I think this group understands the importance of this game better than any team then we've had. We had a lot of Oklahoma kids on this team and they understand what this game means."

On rebounding
"In the first game we did a great job in rebounding. The game was so fast-paced, I think we ended up getting 67 rebounds. The thing our guys have not done consistently is attack the glass like they did tonight. Brandon Conley, and Drew Wilson is a big time athlete. I think our guards are - Korey gets eight rebounds, Obi gets six, Korey gets five offensive rebounds - those guys are athletic and strong. But you're right. This is a standard. This is how they have to go every time. The shot goes up and they've got to attack that glass."

On confidence
"It will give this team or should give this team a great deal of confidence going forward. I think this is the first road game, opening road win we've ever had. To be able to go on the road and not play you're best and win a rivalry game. It should give our guys a ton of confidence."


On the emotion after the game after what happened last season
"Yes, but its more than that. It's all that this team has been through. We only have four returning guys. Those younger guys came and stepped up. They haven't played this game before. But they've seen the emotion and they were down to do their part."

On setting the tone for the season
"Honestly being 1-0 has never felt so good in my life. I have played a lot of basketball. But when you come to a game like this its not about this team. It's about the university. It's about the alumni and everything that has to do with ORU. A lot of people look down on us because we go to ORU. We are the school on the other side. We are the school from the south side, the small school. We've got a lot of rules. We go to church, we pray and we do a lot of things. To win a game like this, this is for everybody. I love my coach and to get that smile and a hug after the game. It's nothing like it."

On the rebounding margin
"That goes to our testament, not only our big guys, but our guards as well. Big guys are not getting as many touches as they want to. The great thing about them this year is that they don't care. They want to do everything to help the team. Setting good screens, go down there and grab all the rebounds. That's the type guys they are. "


On what Shawn Glover said when he fouled out
"Just to finish. That's all he said. Finish and bring it home and that's what we tried to do for our seniors."

On new foul rules
"Coach Sutton and the staff has been telling us for weeks that its going take us a couple of months to get adjusted to the new rules and thank God for everything he has done because I almost fouled out in the game."

On the free throws
"We shoot about 50 free throws apiece and every chance we get, I practice. Our coach is drilling us with the free throws and they want us to stay 70 or 80 percent every game. We work on that a whole lot."