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Dec. 4, 2013

Recap |  Box Score


Opening statement
"I thought we shot the ball well. When you shoot the ball ell it makes up for a multitude of sins. That's what I'm looking at on the stat sheet. We got contributions from a lot of guys who did a lot of good things, but we can't bee content. This was a good game. I'm glad we won the game and had a lot of guys that played well. We have to come back tomorrow and get better. It's a nice win."

On putting together one of the best performances of the season
"We put together some good sequences on the offensive end with executing, shot-making, but we have to do that and still put together sequence where we finish on the defensive end as well. There were too many times tonight where gave up fifty-fifty balls or long rebounds or we broke down somewhere. We didn't break down as much as in some past games, but we need to tighten that up."

On Rashad Smith's most complete game of the season
"This is the second game Rashad Smith has had a double-double. Tonight he gets fourteen points, eleven rebounds, four assists, two blocks, and plays thirty minutes. That was good for us, but James Woodard got comfortable offensively and put up a lot of points. Shaq Harrison made a high percentage. Pat Swilling made some shots. Rashad Ray made some shots. Our bench was outstanding, getting 41 points from them tonight. It was a great overall team effort. I'm happy with the assist to turnover ratio, but we need to continue to work."



On whether the team has gotten past the free throw funk at home
"I hope so. Sometimes, we shoot them well. Sometimes, we don't."

On whether Tulsa had a calm timeout when down 17-9 in the first half
"It's not a calm and cool type of timeout. It's more of a sense-of-urgency timeout. We've got to go right now. We've got to make stops on the defensive end. We've got to move the ball and run our stuff on the offensive end. We can't trade buckets. We've got to get stops and run the ball down the court."

On the improvement he will look for against UALR Saturday
"I think we can do a better job on the glass. That's just me. That's my mind-set. I also think we can do a better of job of (following) our scouting report. A lot of times, we didn't guard to our scouting report. We didn't know the personnel we were guarding. That's something we've got to have a great understanding of as we continue to move forward."


On the last 12 minutes
"That was one of our main focuses in the game, to get the ball moving from side to side. Get the defense shifting because once we get them on the same third, the defense would break down and we would find any shot that we wanted. We did a pretty good job of that today especially in the second half. In the last five games our second half hasn't been strong, but we came out a little bit better today."

On the tough schedule
"I really think so because we've been playing great teams. We've played two top-25 teams in the nation - Wichita State and Creighton. They exposed our weakness like good teams are supposed to. Coach Manning knows what he is doing, and we have to trust in him for the strength of our schedule, and tweak the little things. That's the only thing that's really holding us back, (things) such as jumping to the ball and forgetting to box out. We have to build on that and continue to progress as a team so we can be one of those great teams."

On the slow start at the free throw line
"We shouldn't shoot free throws like we've been. Our free throw percentage has to go up because it's a free shot and we've earned that shot and we've got to take pride and make those free throws. Step up to the line with confidence and not think too much. It's just going up there and shooting and getting a free basket. We took pride in it today in practice also - shooting our free throws. We have to continue to get better at it."

On stepping up his game
"He (Manning) has talked to me and he said it should be no excuse for me not to be that aggressive. My teammates said that they needed me to be aggressive because once I'm aggressive, it opens the floor for everyone else. So, I have been looking into myself and talking to coach Manning. I have to take pride it that. It all starts with practice and making my teammates better. If anybody is not aggressive, then the other person, the defender he's not getting better on that day. Once we keep being aggressive as a team, then everybody gets better and we all have a good practice and once game time comes, it'll all be easier."

On executing without the drama in the final minutes "It's always nice to have a win like this because of all that we've been through (during) the losing streak. We got a break and we can finally know that we actually are progressing. We've got to continue to build on that. It all starts in practice, once again, to keep pushing each other and getting on to each other and making sure everybody's accountable so we can get better and progress. We know we are a good team and we have to show everybody else how good we are."