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Dec. 5, 2012

Recap |  Box Score |  Photo Gallery 


Opening Statement:
"Tonight was a game that we needed to find a way off the skid we were on, that two gaming losing streak. We wanted to come out and do whatever we needed to do to give ourselves success and give ourselves a chance at winning the ball game. We got great contributions across the board. A lot of games came in and gave good minutes for us and we were able to grind out a win. Missouri State is very similar to us in that they are playing a lot of young players and they're in a tough stretch just like us to be honest with you. Paul does a great job with his team. They play hard. Tonight we just had a few more breaks and a few more balls bounce our way."

On the defense:
"Our effort was pretty good. We would still like to not give up 12 offensive rebounds, but first shot defense was pretty good, we just have to do a better job at finishing the play. We have to do a better job at playing defense with our heads and our feet because we put them on the line quite a few times."

On Pat Swilling being back in the lineup:
"Pat brings a lot. He brings some toughness. From the standpoint that he has played at a division one school before and he played at a very tough junior college in terms of their schedule, their system and the coach that he played for. He has great understanding of the game. Pat is not afraid to shoot the ball, he's not afraid to go make a play. He gets us going. The two guys from New Orleans jumped started us and had 22 points coming off of the bench. We're definitely glad to have Pat back. We're also really glad that Rashad Ray was able to fight through and give us some very good minutes, though he didn't play as much as he normally would, we tried to limit that tonight, but he was still very affective. Offensively, Pat got into a very good flow. He made some shots and got down into the paint a couple times. I continued to check with both of them to make sure they felt okay and they continued to tell me they were fine, so I just tried to help them out as much as I could in the flow of the game."

On the TCU matchup:
"Any time you have a Big XII team coming in, you know it's going to be a tough game. We know they're going to come in and play hard and they're well coached. We've got our work cut out for us. We definitely have to make sure we go into this game with a better mindset and a better presence in terms of rebounding the basketball. Because they are an athletic team and they will go get the ball off of the backboard. We have to make sure that we play defense with our head and our feet so we don't reach and pick up needless fouls, so to speak. We'll go into night and talk about the game and start preparing. Hopefully over the next couple days we will have a few guys that can get a little bit healthier and go from there."

On James Woodard:
"James is a very talented basketball player. We all know he can go out there and score the ball. Tonight wasn't James' night offensively. I'm proud of the fact that he took the challenge of guarding Anthony Downing, and Downing didn't score. And that's the first thing James said to me after the game. It wasn't, "Coach, I didn't score," he said, "Coach, I guarded my man tonight," and I said, "Yes you did. You did a great job."


On when he got word he was cleared to play tonight:
"I got word from the doctor on Sunday that I would be okay to practice, then yesterday after practice coach asked me how I felt and if I felt like I could play. I didn't think I would play as much, but adrenaline carried me through it. I'm just happy it happened and happy they let me play."

On Rashad Ray playing through injury:
"He's from New Orleans. He's tough."

On how he felt about the game:
"I think we could have done a lot of things better, but coming off of a two game skid, I think the important thing is that we won. It's not important how we did it."


On when he knew he was going to play:
"I actually didn't even shoot around today. I just got treatment. Coach wanted to see what I could do in warm-ups. He decided to suit me up."

On how good he thinks this team can be when they Smith and Swannegan back:
"I think we'll be a strong team when everyone gets together and gets healthy I think we'll be hard to beat once everybody is healthy."


On the overall game:
"Tulsa obviously I thought played very well. We hung in there from a defensive standpoint. It was a game. Our guys battled, and we just struggled to put the ball in the basket. When you grind on the defensive end, and you grind and you grind, it helps when the ball goes in. They bring guys in that make their wide-open shots and their free throws. We have to get better in those areas. Overall, we had some chances, but we missed a dunk and we missed some wide-open looks for guys. That is the one thing they are going to have to do if they want to help this team. You got to be able to put the ball in the basket when you get wide-open looks, and we just didn't do it."

On Missouri State's three-point shooting:
"Tonight I thought we took some good threes. (Anthony) Downing couldn't make a shot. Nate (Scheer) had some good looks, but the ball didn't go into the basket and that could be deflating."