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Dec. 8, 2012

Recap |  Box Score


Opening statement
"We found a way to get a win. We grinded it out. We played out of foul trouble. We turned the ball over way too many times. We still found a way to gut it out. That's something that, as a coaching staff, that we are proud of. We're not happy with some of the categories or stats that we accumulated tonight. Turning the ball over 23 times is way too much. They scored 24 points off our miscues. Second chance points, they had seven. We'd like to think if we do a better job of taking care of the basketball and rebounding the ball, maybe the score of the game is a little bit different. Nonetheless, we had some guys play well for us. We played a lot of bodies, and just grinded one out."

On the back-and-forth nature of the game down the stretch
"It was tight, it was nip-and-tuck. Every possession was magnified. We're sitting on our side saying, the ball bounced our way and we got a win. They're sitting on their side saying, we could've done this or we could've done that. It was just one of those games. We're fortunate it worked out well for us."

On how much the freshmen grow up after a back-and-forth game like this
"Hopefully they grow up a lot. Our freshman guards saw a different level of athleticism, a different level of player in terms of covering ground and things of that nature. We have to do a better job of taking care of the basketball. We put our freshman guards out there, and they play hard and we trust them to run our team and do a good job. We have to definitely make sure we don't turn over the ball as much as we did last night."

On whether this was the best post-scoring game of the season
"We thought so. We thought we had the opportunity to come away with points or at least get fouled a few other times, and we didn't catch the ball or we dropped it. We got it right where we wanted it. We also, I thought through the course of our offense, we missed some guys under the bucket a couple of times throughout the course of the game. We'll continue to work on it. It's encouraging to see that open though. When we're running our stuff and we execute, we get the ball where we're supposed to."



On the importance of winning this game with the next four games on the road
"It's nice to go on the road trip with the momentum of the win. We'll go out and play those games, and there going to be tough, but they're going to be fun. We told our guys at the end of the game tonight, regardless of what's going on out here, enjoy the moment. We've done some smart things, we've done some things not so smart. But honestly, don't shy away from the moment. This is why you've worked so hard, to put yourself in situations, and you have to take advantage of it."

On the impact of Pat Swilling, Jr., to the team
"Pat is a seasoned veteran. He brings that presence to our team. Not only being able to put the ball down on the floor and go make plays, he has vision offensively, vision defensively. Mentally, he's been through some battles, been through some hardship, so he's got a hard shell about him. We're not winning these last two games without Pat Swilling, Jr. we're just happy to have him back."


On his surprise when he was fouled with 3.2 seconds left
"Yes. When I got the rebound, I glanced at the clock and I knew we had about four or five seconds left. I was just going to try to push it hard and get the best shot that we could. When he jumped on me and I fell to the ground, I heard the whistle and I thought, `Man, that was a bad foul.' But thank god."

On his nerves at the free throw line with the game on the line
"I was kind of nervous. It was my second game back, and my first time to hit a clutch shot. But being an older guy, a junior, I've been in some of those situations. I knew I had to at least make one so we can get out of here with a win."

On using the box-and-one defense in the second half
"We just worked on it this week because we're going to be playing some pretty good players in the coming weeks. So we decided to practice that. (Kyan) Anderson is a pretty good player. He had 20 in the last three games, 35 against UAB. We knew coming in that he was going to score. Just being able to take him out of his game and throwing something different at him, it altered what he was trying to do."

On the importance of winning this game with the next four games on the road
"I think it's a priority for us to hold down our home court. We already had one loss here against Stephen F. Austin. One loss is too many. We take a lot of pride in home court, and of course this is our last home game until we go on the road. Of course we have Creighton next Wednesday (Dec. 19). Closing out this two-game home stretch and going to (UALR and) Creighton with some confidence helps us out a lot."

On overcoming 23 turnovers
"We have to credit our defense. We do have a lot of long athletes. I think something that kept us calm was our defense. Not being down 10 points, we didn't have to force anything. Being down one or two with four minutes to go, you need just one stop and get the ball back, and you can get a tie game or get the lead. Even though we had a lot of turnovers, we just knew we needed to get back and play defense and get the ball back, and have a new opportunity to do what we have to do. Just staying calm, telling everybody to calm down and just keep playing, I think was helpful for us."


On whether this was the best game in the post by he and Kauri Black
"In practice the coaches stay on us, saying to screen hard or cut hard, and you'll get easier looks, easier posts. Earlier in the season, every once in a while we'd get a look here and there, but we executed more today. It opened up, not only for us, but also for our teammates to get open looks. I definitely do think this was our best game execution-wise."

On how he developed the use of his left hand in shooting
"I used my left hand (in high school), but coming into college, they stayed on me a lot and told me I have to use both hands. You can't just go up with your right hand all of the time. I just know there are good athletes out there, and if I'm under the basket and I reverse it, I might use my left hand, sometimes my right. That's something I try to work on every day."

TCU Head Coach Trent Johnson

Opening statement
"We had a lot of opportunities. I don't know how good of a game that was for either team. We had 15 turnovers, they had 23. The frustrating thing for me was that down the stretch, we got 30, 35 feet from the basket and set a moving screen and had a guy give up a turnover and in that crucial situation with the score tied, we had someone foul the guy. Danny has a young club, and they play extremely hard and they are going to get better as the year progresses. But for us, everybody wants to make a big deal and ask questions. Devonta Abron's hip was bothering him, and there were a couple of guys we had to leave at home for academics. This was a basketball game we had the opportunity to win. I can't blame our effort, I can't blame the shots that we were getting and making. It was a good win for Tulsa and I wish them the best of luck."

On the lack of flow in the game
"I think it was a combination of the defense and the young team. You have Tulsa, in regards to their young and talented team, they have a lot of freshmen out there. And you look at us and we have a lot of guys open, who can shoot the ball. Both teams, especially the team I'm coaching, offensively there is a rhythm and a flow that you can play with when you have the talent increase. For us, we have to play like this. It is good for us to play in games like this."

On the foul in the last play
"The bottom line is this. From day one if you ask me if I coach one way, I coach one way. You got to have a little toughness and discipline. If the ball is up on the glass and you're behind a guy you've got to rebound with two hands. For this team in general, there is nothing that happened today that hasn't been addressed, that they haven't been prepared to do. That's easier said then done, and when you are actually playing somebody you've got to get it done. Adrick knows that he was crucial down the stretch in the foul he made, and he was crucial down the stretch in three seconds with the ball going inbound. Like I said, we had the opportunity to win the game early and often. Any time you get out rebounded that speaks volumes to them being the aggressor, and we're having a hard time on the glass versus anybody, so you can credit Tulsa with that."