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Tulsa vs. UT Arlington Post-Game Quotes

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Dec. 17, 2011

Box Score

Tulsa Post-Game Quotes vs. UT-Arlington Tulsa Head Coach Doug Wojcik

Opening Statement

"Very fortunate win for us. Hopefully, the monkey is off our back as far as winning a close game down the stretch. I think down 4 with 22 seconds Jordan Clarkson makes a big play, incredible play, really, and then we get the 5-second call and Eric McClellan played really well and got a great basket to tie it up. We gained a lot of momentum, shot free throws well. We just have to put it all together, the 24 turnovers really hurt and a lot of them were just kind of silly turnovers in the first half. I'm really proud of the guys. There were contributions across the board. Everyone did something to help us win and we're just very pleased to come out as the victor."

On pulling out a win in a close game...

"I think it takes us a long way. I don't know if we ever really know how sensitive college kids are in losing tight games. They're never going to admit, `I've lost confidence' or `we can't win,' whatever, but anytime you've had a number of those games, it sets in a little bit and creates some doubt. We have the 9-point lead, we don't push the lead, they come back. We got into foul trouble. They were playing small. Joe Richard got his foul, so now I'm playing Scottie at the four. So there were a lot of different scenarios going on. I just think it helps our team. It pushes us forward and gives us confidence we can win close games."

Tulsa Sophomore Jordan Clarkson

On how badly the team needed to win...

"We needed this win really bad, so we could get over this hump that we've stumbled over really, losing a couple games. We really wanted to get this win at home to try to boost our confidence going into this Creighton game."



On how Eric McClellan has developed as a player this season...

"He has developed a lot, really cut down on his turnovers. He is playing at a good pace really. He is playing really well as a freshman, keeping everything calm. He does a good job of keeping us all together."

Tulsa Freshmen Eric McClellan

On his game-tying shot...

"It was a surreal moment. It just happened to go my way. I'm just glad I made the shot. I didn't even know I was going to take the shot. I was, honestly, coming off a screen, looking for one of my teammates and the lane was open and I just took the shot and, by the grace of God, I made it."

On how he has developed as a player this season... "It is a transition for any freshman. Even if you're ranked number one in the nation coming out of high school, it's a transition. [Jordan Clarkson] sets a perfect example for me everyday. He goes hard everyday and I look up to him and I just try to model that for myself. Whenever we're in the weight room or at practice, we go 110%. That's how we progress everyday and that's how we look at it everyday. I realize I'm going to make mistakes, but I have to grow to be a trusted player on the team, especially at a young age."

Tulsa Senior Steven Idlet

On how he dealt with overtime...

"I had to just stay mentally focused and remember that we have been practicing free throws everyday at practice. It was all about focusing in and making them in tough situations. That was my focus down the stretch."

On finally pulling out a win in a close game...

"It's huge, because we could have blown them out, and, yeah, we would have taken that win, but win a game the way we've been losing games, by making free throws down the stretch and finding a way to win after being down 4 points with 22 seconds left. It's a huge morale booster for us. We found a way to win. We know we can do it. We know we're a good team and now we can carry over that confidence."