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Tulsa Postgame Quotes vs Florida State in Orange Bowl Basketball Classic

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Dec. 29, 2012

Recap |  Box Score


Opening Statement
"Hello. Tonight's ball game was a ball game that the first half was fairly close. We played pretty good first-shot defense and in the second half they were able to get into the paint, shoot lay-ups, and they did a great job on the offensive glass [with] second chance points. We as a team have to do better and try to take care of the basketball and box out because anytime you give up 24 points off turnovers and 13 second chance points, that makes a tall order for you on the offensive end."

A lot of turnovers were in the first couple of minutes, did you think the worst was over when it came to ball control after that?
"Well we play fast so we know there are going to be some turnovers. Some of the turnovers that we had we didn't think were called for in terms of what we were trying to get where the ball was going. We want to play fast and get the ball moving, but we don't want to make home-run plays and I thought early in the game we came out and were trying to make too many home-run plays and that gave us some trouble in terms of turning the ball over."

What happened in the second half and what do you attribute those runs to?
"Well they're a good team. Coach Hamilton does a great job, but looking at the stat sheet you have to say points in the paint and second chance points. They really hurt us with that in the second half."

A lot of threes kept you in it, was that something that just developed or you wanted to do that going in?
"Well we are a ball screen team. We come off of ball screens and make reads and react to how the teams are playing us. They gave Pat jump shots. You know, Pat is a good shooter and when he catches the ball in rhythm, he has the green light to shoot. He was knocking them down in the first half and Scottie went on a little run in the second half and knocked down shots as well, but we try to get our foot in the paint, get some dribble penetration with the pass and attack from there."



Can you talk about what Terrance Shannon did for them with 16 points and 10 rebounds off the bench?
"Great minutes. He's a very talented basketball player [and] he comes in with a motor. He's able to give them second chance opportunities on the offensive glass, he runs the floor hard, he rebounds well. You know he played exceptionally well for them."

On Florida State's defense
"They are a good defensive team. You can't simulate their length and quickness because they are so long. Not to many teams have a 6'7 point guard so they are very athletic and Coach Hamilton's teams have always been really stingy on the defensive end and they do a good job of that."


Where the looks minimized in the second half for you?
"I think they did a better job of jumping to the ball and playing help side. In the first half we were getting into the lane-penetrating and kicking-so that gave a lot of open shots for all of our shooters. But I think they kind of tightened up and tried to deny some of the shooters that we had on the wing so I think they did a better job."


Opening Statement
"I thought we were extremely impatient in the first part of the game. I thought we took our shots too quick and we were not able to get into any offensive rhythm. Even though we did have good shots we never gave ourselves a chance to get the best shot. I thought in the second half we came back out and we were a little more patent. We got some stops and got some easy baskets as a result of not giving them as many open three pointers as we did the first half. I thought Terrance (Shannon) gave us a big lift, obviously with his energy. I was especially pleased with my two young point guards who were able to give good floor leadership. Overall I see us making progress but we still have a long way to go. I thought Tulsa did a tremendous job executing the offense. They challenged us, we needed that type of team that's going to execute and play with a system that we had to defend, and we had a lot of miscues in especially the first half. Defensively we turned it up a notch in the second half, shot 56% in the second half because we got some stops and some easy baskets. We're still a working progress; we're not anywhere close to being as sound in all areas as I know we need to be if we're going to compete as well as we have in the past in the ACC. But I do see some progress with this team, we like them. The next phase we've got to get our big guys contributing a little more. Tulsa did a great job; they played small and they didn't allow us to get our big guys nearly as much experience as we would have liked to, but that's pretty much where we are as a team."

On Terrance Shannon
"Terrance is consistent with his effort and energy, and maybe his statistics might not always show that he is playing well, but he effects the game. He is a live body and his energy and his ability to set good screens creates havoc. He is very confident of his scoring ability and he has been working very hard in practice. Terrance's biggest issue is that he was in such poor condition at the beginning of the season with injuries, and now he's back now from a conditioning standpoint. He's giving us just what we need. His versatility is important for us." Florida State forward Terrance Shannon

On playing strong after Christmas break
"When I went home over the break I just spent more time running and getting into better condition. I feel like the second half of the season we got to step it up. I want to be that driving force."

On being close to entering ACC conference play
"It was a pretty good game. We're just trying to finish up strong on our non conference schedule and get some momentum going into ACC play. These games are really helpful and just let us know what we need to build on."

On improving his game
"I feel like I didn't come out with enough energy. I feel like the more energy I come out with, the better the team is as a whole. I got to be more aggressive and be more energized on the court."

On experience in Charlotte
"It was a positive experience (experience in Charlotte). I try to look for the positives instead of the negatives. Coach called me out and challenged me. I had to step up to the challenge. He (Coach Hamiilton) was pleased with the way I played the last few games so I had to step it up. I respect him. I respect everything he says. He was calling me out. He was wanting me to respond."


On Terrance Shannon's game today
"Terrance came with that energy. That's one element we really need from our big guys. That toughness that he is known to bring to every single game."

On today's game
"Playing aggressive defensive and executing our stuff. Getting out to layups and dunks. It was really just executing our stuff. We forced them to turn the ball over a little bit more. We were reversing and forced their defense to break down a little more. We did a good job there."

On the slow first half
"We got off to a sluggish start. We had too many guys trying to bee too aggressive. There are a couple guys where we want to have that switch on all the time, but everybody else has to settle into their roll especially the young guys. I don't think a lot of young guys fought into their roll yet."