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Oct. 13, 2000

Buzz Peterson at 10:59am ET
Hello everybody. I am here and ready to take your questions. Let's go!

Andy Muse from proxy.aol.com at 11:00am ET
Whats the difference in coaching responsibilities in a mid-major program like Appalachian State and a major Div. I program like Tulsa? Good Luck This Year!!!!!!!!!

Buzz Peterson at 11:02am ET
The one thing is the support from the school. So many people love the team and being involved. Speaking engagements two or three times a day, etc. That is why I was so excited about coming here. Sellouts every night. We'll be sold out for the next two years.

Andy, I appreciate you wishing us good luck. Good luck to you too!

Go TU from wcom.com at 11:02am ET
Is there any truth to the rumor that MJ will be at the Reynolds Center tonight?

Buzz Peterson at 11:04am ET
I told somebody he may come to a game or he may show up somtime during the year. I talked to him the other day and he has his hands full with the Wizards. He will be messing around with them a lot. I think he's still in Wilmington or wherever they have had their preseason camp. He's always told me "I don't know if I could come watch you coach or not, I'd be so nervous.". I told him my junior year in college I was going to be a coach and he said I smile too much. I told him I could be mean. Every big game I get a phone call from him.

In(TU)it from net.utulsa.edu at 11:04am ET
Andy Katz at ESPN.com refers to Tulsa as a mid-major program? Do you think this is a correct statement and why?

Buzz Peterson at 11:06am ET
No I don't. Because if you take the RPI poll from last year and you look at conferences, in the first quartile you have the WAC. If you are in the top 8 you are a major program. We don't have the name of a Duke or team like that, but I think we are a major institution. Talking with Bill Self, even Steve Alford, we all talked about how this was a Top 25 job. Just because of the support from this program.

Joe from carolina.com at 11:06am ET
Buzz, What will you miss about App?

Buzz Peterson at 11:07am ET
I'm going to miss the guys, the staff, the team. Having the recruits there. Watching them develop. Where it is located, that is a beautiful place. Great place to raise kids and my wife will tell you it was just hours from our parents. But this was just too good of a job to turn down. The new arena is something we talked about for years.

Tim at 11:07am ET
Will Tulsa play an uptempo game? Do you think there is any team in the country that is as fast as Tulsa?

Buzz Peterson at 11:09am ET
We are going to continue on the defensive end very similar things to what Bill Self did. I would be foolish to change a lot of things. We are going to do what is best for this team, similar to what was done last year. Offensively there may be some differences but not much. Our strenght is our perimeter. We have got some players that our very fast and we have to use that to our advantage. I would had to run this team in a relay race because they are fast!

Jimmy from tnt5.tampa.fl.da.uu.net at 11:09am ET
Taking over a Major Basketball Program, do you more pressure to succeed now, or do your expectations come alot easier without succeding

Buzz Peterson at 11:11am ET
I don't think we can sit here and try to compare this years team to last year. We have to put a stamp on it and say that was one of the best Tulsa teams ever. But we can't compare ourselves to that team. I have to be aware of not being complacent. We can't let that disease set it. It wasn't a fluke. We want to go out and prove it again.

Dewayne Jones from hunter.com at 11:11am ET
Buzz how was it playing under Dean Smith and wearing that beatiful carolina blue

Buzz Peterson at 11:12am ET
Playing under Coach Smith was a privelage. I can say that you learn more than just basketball. You learn life skills and when you are done you feel like you can make it in the world on your own. The practices were a classroom setting, you learned so much. I was intrigued by what we were doing and how it flowed into game situations. That is why I decided I wanted to coach someday.

Jerry from proxy.aol.com at 11:13am ET
Do you feel the team is going to be as strong as everyone in Tulsa anticipates?

Buzz Peterson at 11:14am ET
We are losing 60 perecent of our lineup. From talking to the coaches the WAC is going to be better this year. When I looked at the schedule, I thought it was tough but it will be a big challenge for us.

JR from dial.bright.net at 11:14am ET
do you have any favorite sayings or quotes and if so what are they ?

Buzz Peterson at 11:16am ET
Right now, I talk a lot about complacency. One of my favorite books is "A Winner Within" by Pat Riley. Maybe Parcell's new book also. Tonight we are going to see "Remember the Titans" to kick off the season and motivate the guys. I like using words to encourage them. We have a thought of the day each day as well. I always tell them to give 100 percent in the classroom and on the floor.

Chauncey at 11:16am ET
Hey Buzz, I'm going to attend your midnight madness, what should I expect?

Buzz Peterson at 11:17am ET
At 10:30 we will have a contest going on, they will giving away prizes, you can win $10,000 in a shooting contest. You could win a flight from United, prizes from Nike, etc. The women's team will be introduced and scrimmage, then the men, then Eric Coley and Tony Herd will drop the banner from last eyar.

rob from taascforce.com at 11:18am ET
Your team seems guard heavy, will your team be the Phoenix Suns of college basketball?

Buzz Peterson at 11:19am ET
That is our strength. We have some guys returning and you have to do things to go toward you strength. It is a lot of veterans returning at that position. That's a nice comparison. I wouldn't mind that!

Boone from utulsa.edu at 11:19am ET
Buzz, with the transition to Tulsa, I noticed you took a coach from us here at App. State. What capacity will Coach Keating have that is diiferent from his role here at ASU? Good luck this season, we will miss you!

Buzz Peterson at 11:20am ET
We were at Vanderbilt together for a year and he came my last two years at App. St. and even lived with me for a year. He works very hard and has done a great job recruiting. I want everyone to be head coaches someday and he has that goal. I'm very fortunate to have him on our staff.

In(TU)it from net.utulsa.edu at 11:20am ET
Can you make it rain in Tulsa?

Buzz Peterson at 11:21am ET
I've been going around giving talks a lot and I've been talking about moving here in August. My daughter asked me if it ever rains in Tulsa. The only rain she has ever seen is out of the sprinkler!

BILL at 11:22am ET
What do your think about the two new big guys? Are they ready to play?

Buzz Peterson at 11:23am ET
I've been very pleased with them. J.T. Ivey has been here all summer, lost 30 pounds, and gotten stronger. Jack Ingram does a 300 yard shuttle and I've never had a freshman do it. But he made it. I was pleased to see that. Jason Parker is doing really well also.

Jed at 11:23am ET
Would you have considered the UNC job if you had been presented the opportunity? How do you feel about the job potentially being filled by Doherty for your entire career?

Buzz Peterson at 11:24am ET
Having played there that is something that would be appealig yes but Matt Doherty is somebody who is much more deserving for that job. That is because of the great job he did at Notre Dame. He put a lot of pride back in that program.

UVA FAN from proxy.aol.com at 11:24am ET
You played North Carolina last year in a resonably close game with your Appalachian State team. Is this year revenge year with Tulsa?

Buzz Peterson at 11:26am ET
Our guys talk about that game a lot. I tell them you have to get by Arizona St. first. They are a team that does a great job and will really get after you. We have our work cut out for us if we are fortunate enough to play them. It's amazing how we have 18 practices before our first game. It gets shorter each year.

Isaac from westark.edu at 11:26am ET
Yea last year u had trouble with Fresno State, think u can handle them this year?

Buzz Peterson at 11:27am ET
We lost to them three times so I know our guys think about it. They always have a great team and are always tough competition. They are one of the best teams in the league.

NICK at 11:27am ET

Buzz Peterson at 11:30am ET
It means a lot. The Reynolds Center is such a nice facility. I don't think it gets much nicer. It's nice to not have to get in a bus and go somewhere but rather just walk to the game. It's great for the students to not have to get in their cars.

Thanks for your support and your interest in the program. Everyone is excited to get the season started. I'm ready to go, I'm like a fan right now, just so eager to get going. It's a great time!

Sorry I couldn't get to every question but I do appreciate them all. Thanks everybody!