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Tulsa Postgame Quotes at UAB

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Sept. 29, 2012

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

TULSA HEAD COACH Bill Blankenship

On the way the Tulsa team responded in the second half against UAB
"We went into halftime with a chance to put UAB away. However, we did not do that, and I knew that Coach (Garrick) McGee would come out of halftime ready. We came out and did not do anything on our first three offensive plays. After we punted the ball away, UAB answered with a score, and then the game was on again. They are a very well coached football team, and they outplayed us in a lot of areas."

On the play action pass on the opening drive of the game by UAB
"It was exactly what we talked about concerning what they might do coming out of the gates. We thought that they would take a shot to start the game, and they executed the play."

On the different approach Tulsa took in the second half
"We came out in the second half wanting to keep doing what we had done in the first half. After UAB scored to open the second half, we felt that we needed to shorten the game. We just did not execute very well on offense in the third quarter. You have to give UAB a lot of credit for the way they have been executing their defensive schemes."


On difference between first and second half defense:
"We just played one defense the whole second half. We played four (men) down, cover 3, because our players couldn't figure out one thing during the first half of the game. So we came in here and said, `We'll play one defense the whole second half,' not make them think about anything. Just let them line up and see if they could figure it out."

On halftime adjustments offensively:
"For a while we just decided to do things the right way. That's the only way you can win. You have to trust your coaches and do what your coaches are telling you to do. At halftime we got on (the team) pretty hard. They tried to do things the right way for a while but late in the game we just decided not to."



On what happened on the final offensive play that resulted in a fumble:
"We had a go-route called for (Jamarcus) Nelson. He's the fastest guy on our team. The corner was up in press. Instead of the quarterback taking the proper drop of three-steps, one hitch, and throwing it to him, (Austin Brown) just stood and there and was waiting. I am not sure what he was waiting on. He just took the sack. Jamarcus is fast enough that if the corner is pressing, as soon as he releases you can just throw it. But he just took the sack."