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Oct. 27, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes |  Photo Gallery 

HEAD COACH Bill Blankenship

On the early penalties
"I kept thinking that things would even out today. We had been very clean. I don't even know how many penalties we had. But, there were a lot of key penalties that bit us. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. It was more about the timing of the penalties. It was an incredibly snake bit day."

On giving up only four touchdowns in ten quarters
"It should have been enough. I don't know what the red zone issues were. We got down there several times. Turnovers and penalties hurt us."

On failing to convert on the field goal
"I didn't in the beginning, but later I thought it was a momentum changer. Honestly, when he (Carl Salazar) missed that I thought there would be four or five more scores in the game. I really did. I felt like we had done enough moving the ball that we would have more opportunities. I told him (Carl Salazar) to get his mind right. There will be more opportunities today."

On being down seven points
"I hesitated when we were backed up on fourth down, because we had a couple of time outs left, and three and a half minutes to play. Their kicker is just so good that we couldn't give them a short field. We tried to stay patient, because it was a one score game."

On the play of Dane Evans
"I thought he made some good plays at times, but he also made some freshmen type plays."

On what play you would like to have back
"I would like to have the fade to the corner back, the first turnover. You always second guess it. When we were running the ball and had man coverage, I thought that if we could get a pass out there to JJ (James Jordan), he would go get it."

On the remainder of the season
"Trey (Watts) was in the locker room passionately talking to the players about it. With the character of this team, I know we will bounce back. I would bet it. When things get tough, you really find out if everyone is in. It will be hard for some of them because they just don't have the wherewithal. They haven't been in it as much. But, there was some passionate leadership in the locker room. There are all kinds of scenarios. Guys will have to figure out what it means to them."


In your first college start, were you affected by the speed of the game
"No. The playing time I had gotten against Bowling Green and Iowa State - I think that kind of broke me into it a little bit. The speed of the game wasn't too fast. I just didn't play good."

Rough first start is common for freshman quarterbacks
"I'm just mad at myself. I let my teammates down. I feel bad."

Can Tulsa recover and have a hot November
"We can do it. We can still do what we want to do. This loss just makes it tougher on us."


Are you able to separate the team outcome from the fact that Tulsa's defense played very well again. Tulsa has given up only four touchdowns in its last 10 quarters
"I don't look at it like that. We're a team. We've got to find a way to win, no matter what. We didn't get it done tonight as a team. We don't point fingers at offense or defense."

On Tulsa's defensive improvement with freshmen rotating at end, tackle, safety and cornerback
"We've got to grow up each week. This was game seven. They're not freshmen anymore. Will Barrow had a great interception today. The pups played well today. We've just got to find a way to win."

Because of the history of your series with Tulane, did everyone on the Tulsa sideline believe that you would win here today?
"Of course. Going into the game, you're supposed (to expect) to win. But this is a tough one."

Can Tulsa recover and have a hot November
"Definitely. The next win will get this taste out of our mouths."