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Tulsa Head Coach Steve Kragthorpe:

"It was a great day for our seniors. I'm really proud of these 14 guys. These guys have really battled through the course of their careers here, some guys for three years, four years, and some guys even five years. There has been a lot of peaks a lot of valleys, a lot of challenges presented to them, but every time they've come up on the horizon they've knocked them (challenges) back. They've done a good job of putting this program back on the map and they're the ones that deserve the credit. It's been a good three-year run. Obviously, we have a big game next week against Tulane, but we're really proud of these guys, and really happy we were able to get a win in their last game here at Skelly Stadium."

Anthony Germany:
"We played very well today. I thought we came out on the first couple of drives and played exceptional. We had a little drop off a little bit in the second half, but we came in at halftime and regrouped. We stayed poised and came out in the second half and played great."

Uril Parrish:
"This is one of those games you're always going to remember because it was your last game. This game will go down in history for me as one of my most memorable games because of the people I played against and the people I played with, especially all my senior teammates. There's a lot of stuff we shared here and I had a good time."

On his long run in the second half:
"We were due for a run such as that one. They (East Carolina) were over-pursuing a lot and once we knew a block on the linebacker was going to get completed there was a crease up the middle. That's exactly when I did. I ran to the right and I saw Jesse (Stoneham) make the block and I hit the crease and kept on running trying to get to the endzone."



Brad DeVault:
On capping off senior day with a win:
"It's great. I was real worried at halftime, but we came out in the second half and took care of business. It's a good way to end my career at Skelly Stadium."

On the wind factor:
"The first half it blew a lot harder than the second half. If you're kicking into the wind, it takes your ball 10-15 yards out of the way, so you have to compensate for that."

East Carolina Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Skip Holtz opening comments...
"We finally got them stopped with the wind at their backs, which obviously after watching the first half was a huge stop for us. Then we roughed the punter and got them in a third-and-nine situation and they turn and still go in. There are a lot of things to point a finger at, we finally get the ball back but we turn it over and then there are 14 points. We never overcame it. We didn't compete well towards the end of the game and that is what frustrates me because the one thing this team has done all year is competed. They have lined up. They have been down before and they have had some things go against them, but they have always fought back. I just felt like tonight we didn't compete in the fourth quarter. It was a heck of a game through three-and-a-half quarters, but we just didn't compete in the end."

On the amount of time the defense was on the field...
"They did spend a lot of time. That is what happens when you get eight or nine yards a crack running it. It was hard to stop them. We only put together one drive. We had a couple of mistakes and it seems like once that momentum starts going against you, you can't get it stopped. We are calling the same defenses at the end of the game that we called in the first half. In the first half, we were stopping them and putting them in some third-and-six situations, to get ahead of the chains. There at the end they were probably averaging 12 yards a carry. It was bad."

On preparing for Marshall...
"We play the competitors. We play the guys that want to compete, the guys that want to get in there and are willing to roll their sleeves up. We don't have a bowl game to play for right now. A lot of the things that we have talked about, a lot of the dreams and visions that we had at the offset of the season are gone. I know it is frustrating for the seniors, but I think you will learn about the character of your football team right now. You are going to learn a lot about the character of the players, the one's that are going to come out and still compete their tail off and that is what we have to build on."