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Nov. 23, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats |  Notes

TULSA HEAD COACH Bill Blankenship

Opening statement
"Brent (defensive coordinator Brent Guy) did a great job of halftime of emphasizing to the defense to get a turnover and get it going. It seemed to definitely give us energy. As time went on, the offensive line starting imposing their will."

On the raw conditions of the weather
"I thought we had to be the tougher team - mentally with the elements, and physically tough. It took us a while, but we established it."

On turning the ball over four times
"Oh, my gosh. I told Dane after the game, `There are very few times in your career when this is going to happen (throwing three interceptions but getting the win).' He better enjoy having that kind of day, and having it turn out well."

On Stetson Burnett returning and playing well
"He performed well. I think he played under his ability because of his injury. We were a man down. For him to play tonight was big."


On causing turnovers
"That was the biggest thing tonight - get the turnover and then go score."

On putting pressure on the quarterback
"We knew we could get to him. It was a big factor."


On Shawn Jackson's interception and return
"It changed everything. Shawn made a big play. It's a team game for a reason. We got a big play from the defense, and then the offense gets a touchdown."



On gaining 1,200 rushing yards this season
"The offensive linemen and fullbacks - the guys who block for me - this is all about them. They work their tails off every single play."


On putting pressure on the quarterback
"We kept him under duress enough that he wasn't real accurate at times. For the most part, guys did a good break of breaking on the ball and getting tips. And we got enough pressure that we never lost control of things.

"Shawn Jackson's pick was big. That was a big momentum swing. That's why he's Shawn Jackson."

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Skip Holtz

Opening statement
"It is frustrating to come out here on senior day with the respect that I have and this team has for this senior class and not get a win. We had been talking about the opportunity to play for something in November and I think this football competed hard. We just made too many mistakes, especially in the second half. We talked about the turnover bug, really the achilles heel for this football team at this point. We had four turnovers in the second half that made it very difficult to overcome. Our defense was able to make some nice stops to get off the field. The bottom line offensively we were not able to get enough productivity together to get the ball in the end zone and score some points. I believe in every one of our losses, we scored under 20 points and I think our defense is playing hard and creating some opportunities for us. We just have to get better as an offensive football team."

On the difference in the game
"On third down it was very balanced, when you look at it, we were both around 40 or 50 percent. I thought on third down there were some good things. We have a turnover that leads for seven points for them in the third quarter. We had another turnover that takes points off the board on a throw down to Sterling Griffin in the corner. The bottom line is being able to take the ball and move it down the field. We made some yards but we are not doing anything consistently enough. When you look at some of the sacks and loss of yardage plays they tend to pile up. Before the half I thought we had the opportunity to kick a field goal and took a sack that knocked us out of field goal range. We tried to get a completion to get about 10 yards and Ryan ends up taking a shot down the middle of the field and you do not get any points out of that. You got yards that make that stats look even; we just are not as consistent as we need to be as an offensive football team. When you look at it statistically Tevin King ran the ball for 100 yards and did some really good things but in the first quarter we did not have a first down. We came in here with the mindset that we were going to try and run the ball but they came in and said you have a young quarterback and we are going to make him throw it and beat us. I thought we did some things to spread it out in the second half."