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Head Coach Todd Graham Quotes on the 2010 Signing Class

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Jake Alexander
"Jake is probably our No. 1 recruit. He has a great pedigree on the offensive line with his father being one of the best players that has ever played here. We were able to beat Big 12 schools and SEC schools on him. He's a guy that we think is going to be an impact player at the center or guard position. He has tremendous promise and is someone that can make us a better football team up front, which was our biggest concern during recruiting. He's very versatile, athletic and explosive."

Zik Asiegbu
"Zik had an unbelievable senior year. He played cornerback as a junior and developed late during his senior year as a linebacker. I think he is the sleeper of the class. He wasn't even on the radar as a junior and we went in late and found him, and we think he is one of the jewels of the class. He has tremendous athleticism and is very fast. He is a linebacker who can cover out in space and defend the spread offense. He has great promise."

Brenton Bogar
"He's another Tulsa Area kid with great speed. He is one of the fastest recruits we signed and we think he has a chance to come in and compete early at cornerback. It is a position where we graduated two players and need to get better. He's a very physical player and we think he can improve us in the secondary with his ability to play man coverage."

Relus Chance
"He's a 6'5" defensive end out of Waxahachie, Texas, that led his team to the state semifinals this year. I think he is one of the best explosive athletes at the pass rusher position in the state of Texas. We felt very fortunate to get an early commitment out of him. He has a great ability to rush the passer and defend the spread offense."

Ja'Terian Douglas
"We were able to beat Big 12 schools on him. He is a Reggie Bush-type of player. He is extremely explosive and has the ability to run and catch the ball out of the backfield. He was one of the top two backs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and one of the best backs in Texas. He is a big-time back with great speed, durability and athleticism."



Durrell Finch
"He's a 6'5", 235-pound defensive end that we feel like can defend the spread offense, which is something that you have to be able to do in our league. He has great explosiveness off the ball and is definitely a pass rush specialist. I think he had 11 sacks this past season, and he is just a tremendous pass rusher that we think can be an impact player for us."

Quentin George
"He's a very athletic young man that played free safety in high school and grew into a 6'2", 235-pound linebacker body. We think he has great promise at linebacker. We have to get better at stopping the run and it helps to have a big explosive inside linebacker."

Derrick Hall
"He was one of the most talented running backs in the country when he came out of high school and signed with Texas A&M. We think he is an unbelievable talent with great versatility. He is extremely fast with big-play capability. Derrick is probably the impact player of our class, and is guy that we think can come onto the scene and do great things in a hurry for us. He has All-America tools and really fits our system well."

Donnell Hawkins
"Donnell comes from Copperas Cove High School in Texas which has a tremendous tradition of turning out great players. He is an edge blitzer at the Will linebacker position, with great athleticism to cover in space as well. We really retooled this defensive class to be able to add speed and guys who can change directions in space. He has the chance to develop into a great versatile linebacker."

Kalen Henderson
"Kalen is a young man that we were able to get a commitment out of early and comes from the same high school as Alex Singleton in East St. John High School (Mount Airy, La.). He has great accuracy as well as athleticism. He can use his legs to create time and to make things happen, but he is extremely accurate with the football. I was really impressed with his deep ball and how accurate he was with that. He is someone that we think has a bright future in our program."

Alec Henry
"We think that he is one of the most underrated players that we have signed. He is one of the toughest and most physical offensive linemen in the area this year. We recruited him as a defensive tackle and we think his athleticism is going to help us anchor the front. He has tremendous potential and could factor into someone who competes for playing time this next year. He's another guy that comes from a state championship team."

Tres Houston
"Tres played quarterback in high school and was a great athlete. His coaches raved about his leadership and what a winner he is. We had an opportunity to add him late to the class and we think he is a guy who is an impact player. He has great size to play the cornerback position, and he has a chance to come in and compete for a starting job."

Milton Howell
"He's another guy that played quarterback in high school, but he's a football player. He played for a national championship at junior college and he's a winner. That's one thing that we are looking for - guys who know how to win. Milton will play safety and he has a chance to be an impact player for us. He's another guy with great speed and athleticism, but also great ball skills."

Brion James
"Brion is a hitter. I think he cracked two helmets this year. He's an explosive player at 6'3", 200 pounds. He's a guy that we see playing the safety position or the Spur/Bandit position. He is a great blitzer off of the edge, and has a chance to come in and play right away."

DeWitt Jennings
"He's an unbelievable athlete and I think he was the Ford Player of the Year in the Tulsa area. DeWitt was an outstanding running back at Bixby, and we think that athleticism translates to the Spur position on defense. We think he can come in and be an impact player for us."

Deonte Morris
"He's a tight end that we think can be a Charles Clay-type player. He has great size and great ability and we see him a three-back for us. He has tremendous promise with his tools and we think he can develop into a great player."

Marco Nelson
"Marco was a tremendous running back at Glenpool but like DeWitt Jennings we see him playing defense. He will be a Bandit safety with his tremendous speed, athleticism and physical play. We wanted to increase our speed and athleticism in the secondary and Marco is someone we really targeted and can come in and compete right away."

Mitchell Osborne
"Mitchell is another player that we think is really underrated. He played on a Southlake Carroll High School team that is notorious for winning state championships in Texas. We think he is a Chris Chamberlain-type of player at the linebacker position. He is very smart, intelligent and explosive. We have a great tradition of linebackers that are like him and come from that same mold, so we believe he has great promise."

Jameel Owens
"We are so excited and very fortunate to have a transfer of his caliber. He's a very explosive receiver at 6'3", 225-pounds who can flat out fly. He had a hardship with his mom's illness and had to move closer to home. Jameel played in nine ball games as a true freshman at Oklahoma. He was the No. 1 player in the state of Oklahoma and was one of the best in the country coming out of high school. We think he is going to be a big-time impact player for us in this offense."

James Roberson
"He comes from a state championship team at Union High School, and is someone we have been recruiting since he was a freshman. He knows what takes to win and he has great size and athleticism. We slot him at the free safety position and we think he has unlimited potential."

Thomas Roberson
"We are estatic to have Thomas stay true to his commitment to us. He's our No. 1 receiver and he is an impact player with All-America potential. He comes from a state championship team at Union and he was the catalyst for that team. Thomas is a deep threat and a tremendous kick returner. He's very fast with a great 6'3" frame and we see him as an outside receiver. We wanted to get bigger at wide receiver, and with him and Jameel Owens we got a lot bigger and a lot better."

Luke Snider
"Luke is a coachable kid and was one of the toughest players on the field in the state of Oklahoma this year. He's very smart and extremely fast. I don't think a lot of people know that he ran a 4.4, 40-yard dash in camp. He's savvy and has the ability to change directions and make plays."

Eldon Thompson
"Eldon is a 6'3", 235-pound linebacker and he is an enforcer. He's a very physical inside linebacker who can also put his hand on the ground and rush the passer. We targeted him early and we feel he has a chance to come in at linebacker and give us more size and explosive power inside."

Tyrunn Walker
"He's a big defensive end and one of our focuses was to get better against the run, which he can do at his size. He also has great athleticism to rush the passer. We have great expectations for him. He has All-America potential as a defensive lineman. He is a dominant and physical player."

Cole Way
"We are really excited about Cole Way. He comes from a great family of kickers and he is a guy with great size and leverage on the football. We look to him to be the future punter of the program. He was a part of a state championship and he knows what it takes to win."

Darrell Zellars
"He's a big, imposing and powerful player. He project him to become one of the best defensive linemen in the league. It is very critical for us to stop the run and he is very explosive at the nose tackle position. He has great quickness and strength getting off of the football."