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Keyarris Garrett catches a pass in fall preseason practice at H.A. Chapman Stadium
Keyarris Garrett catches a pass in fall preseason practice at H.A. Chapman Stadium
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Aug 15, 2013

TULSA, Okla. - The Tulsa football team competed its 12th practice session of the preseason with a scrimmage at H.A. Chapman Stadium on Thursday morning.

Tulsa began the scrimmage with goal line and short-yardage situations and then moved into longer possession situations.

"It was a real mixture of how we were formatting the scrimmage. Early in the scrimmage, we tried to go ones against ones, and we did that a lot. Then we tried to do some ones vs. twos, and then we tried to get everybody some action. We just tried to have a lot of playing today. There were a lot of good things," said Blankenship.

"We did some goal line situations early, and really had some good competition. It was ones and against ones, and we had some wins for both sides. I thought it was really good," said Blankenship. "Then we flipped the field and we were on our own two-yard line, advantage defense. It was the same thing, the number one offense operated pretty well and got the ball out a little bit, and the defense continued to do what they needed to do. Then we had an injury to Darrell (Williams), and it really kind of took the wind out of everybody's sails. From that point on, it wasn't quite as intense, but we got a lot of work done."

"The number one defense showed up when they were supposed to, and the number one offense showed up when they were supposed to. We got some good plays from some young guys. (Receiver) Josh Atkinson made some really nice plays in the second and third units, and there were some others, but that's what I immediately remember," added Blankenship.

In other news, Blankenship announced that senior defensive tackle Jack Jewell is academically ineligible for the 2013 season. Jewell has no eligibility remaining. In addition, sophomore cornerback Darrell Williams suffered a dislocated knee during today's workout and will miss the entire season.