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Ram-Harel Falls in Opening Round of NCAA Singles Championship

Ram-Harel Opens NCAA Singles Championships on Wednesday Against Texas A&M's Efferding



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April 23, 2006

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C-USA Men's Tennis Championship
Championship Post-Match Quotes • April 23, 2006
#3 Tulsa defeated #1 Rice, 4-1

Head Coach Vince Westbrook: How does it feel in winning the championship: "It always feels special winning a championship. I'm very happy for our guys. It's been a tough three weeks on us, and until this past Tuesday we didn't turn it around, and now you see what happened. We're playing solid. Today, in the doubles we played tight. We showed our youth in the doubles, absolutely showed our youth in the doubles. Then we came out in the singles and made up our mind that Rice wasn't going to give it to us and we were going to have to fight for everything. That's why we had complete control of the singles."

"Winning the Conference USA Championship was one of the goals that we set to accomplish this year, and when you achieved something you set out to do everyone starts buying into the system. When you have this many good players, it's tough to get them all on the same page and that is what's been so challenging this year. But, as you see they're here for each other. We recruited each other to be part of this special group, and we'll have these guys together for the next two years, so I think we'll be tough to beat. But, we'll have highs and lows with this group."

Who specifically stood out in the championship match? "I think the bottom of our lineup has been very strong. I think Ross Cunningham coming back from injury has been solid for us. Diego Camacho has been solid. The Soriano brothers have stepped it up. Federico has been solid all year. He has played phenomenal all year and has had some good wins. Ricardo, in the last week, has really stepped it up, and of course Arnau turned it around today. When you have someone leading it's always great. The good thing about this is that this is a team. We're not counting on one player, we're counting on all nine."