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Ram-Harel Falls in Opening Round of NCAA Singles Championship

Ram-Harel Opens NCAA Singles Championships on Wednesday Against Texas A&M's Efferding



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May 10, 2008

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Tulsa / Binghamton Quotes

May 10, 2008

Tulsa Head Coach - Vince Westbrook

"Well considering the conditions and the waiting around all day, I thought that we played pretty good. I like how overall we were really mature on how we handled the conditions, because usually these matches with these kinds of wind conditions would be pulled inside and I wanted to be outside. I think if you look at how (Arnau) Brugues handled himself today, the wind has always given him a problem and he was very solid today. I think they know it is an advantage for us to play in theses types of conditions. A lot of coaches probably would have complain in these conditions and made us go inside. I like that our team has really learned to play in the wind and you have a lot of guys it has been rough on them as they have developed over the years here, they hated the wind. Now you can see that there were not a lot of complaints and I thought we were pretty mature in the way we handled ourselves and we have to be that way. If we are going to win tomorrow, we have to be mature, we got to show up and we have to show up whatever the conditions are. One thing this team has been consistent, that they do reel themselves back in, when we won the Blue/Gray (Classic), when we won the C-USA Championship, all of a sudden the wind gusting at over 20 MPH, didn't effect us, we just went out there and played and we need that tomorrow because both us and Oklahoma State play in these conditions all the time, so the wind is not going to be a factor, regardless, and the thing I liked today is we started a little slow in the doubles. No. 1 we were pretty good, No. 2 we were a little slow and No. 3, I thought they played pretty solid because it was a new combination. I think if you look at our guys, today, I was a little concerned that with graduation, we had five guys walk in commencement, going through all that we get away from our routine because either we are in a hotel or here. We have a very disciplined regiment that we go through, before we go out and play. Today it was important to our guys that they walk and then we got back in and the first thing I said to them is we are going to have fun today guys, graduation and the finals are over, now we start our run. Now we focus on tennis and what happens, happens and that's how we got to handle this guys, but the thing I said that is unique about this group is they know this is their deal now, it's on them and they know it and tomorrow we are going to come out and give it everything we got. I think the conditions really helped us because they had to hit a lot of balls today, it was not easy and I will actually take this instead of coming out and annihilating this team and then feeling really good about ourselves and then we come out tomorrow and we have not hit enough balls because it has been three weeks that we have been out of competition, so there are a lot of positives we can take from this match today."



Binghamton Head Coach - Adam Cohen

"Tough conditions for both teams to play under, we came here on Thursday and tried to get a couple of days of practice in, to get use to the heat. It's hard to play in conditions like this, 25, 30, 40 MPH winds, it's not easy for either team. I was proud of the way our guys hung in there and competed, didn't give up mentally because of the conditions, so I was proud of our guys for that."