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May 23, 2008

Andy Connelly-Ross Cunningham (Tulsa)

Andy Connelly-Ross Cunningham def. (#9-16) Boris Fetbroyt-Andy Orban (Maryland) 7-6 (4), 7-5
On the match . . .
Andy Connelly
"We were really excited going into the match. Everyone talks to you about All-American and stuff like that, but we just want to play free in everything. We started out kind of rough, not making a lot of balls. When we got into it, we worked together and with our coaches to overcome and win."

Ross Cunningham
"Yesterday, I talked about one day one of us is up, and one is down and the other one carries him. It was my day to be down. I was missing on returns and Andy was making everything, fighting hard and keeping me up. We really struggled through the first set and fought real hard in the tiebreaker. Before the second set I said let's pretend we lost that first set and go for the gusto and play every point like it was our last. We got a few more returns on the court after we started playing two back and then kind of took it to the end of the match. There was a lot of energy from the crowd that helped a lot."

Head Coach Vince Westbrook
"It's awesome to see how these guys performed because there's a ton of pressure being Oklahoma kids and playing on this stage. What these guys have gone through this year on the national stage, they've fought there way through and they've played the best teams in the country. We never panic with these two, because they do carry each other. One's up, one's down. They cover each other pretty well and they're very coachable. They're always communicating. When there's something they disagree with on the court, they usually have a pretty good answer because they know each other very well. We've seen them with a performance like this in the finals of the Blue-Grey when they beat the number two team in the nation. These guys have played together so long. They know each others game. I'm very proud of them. They've earned it this year. They're All-Americans and it's our first Oklahoma kids as All-Americans. We have three All-Americans this year, so this has been a pretty good year for Tulsa tennis."



When you were up and serving for the match and they broke you, did it hurt you at all?
Andy Connelly
"No, we know that happens a lot. I double-faulted one point and they got a few net courts. It happens. We just went back on serve and we knew we can break them. Coach let us know not to get too discourages. Coach kept us level to keep fighting."

#1 Somdev Devvarman-Treat Hughey (Virginia)

Austin Krajicek-Conor Pollock (Texas A&M) def. #1 Somdev Devvarman-Treat Hughey (Virginia), 6-4, 6-4
On the match...
Treat Hughey
"They played some great tennis. They deserve all the credit. They were serving real big today and they won the points that really turned the match. We were up a break in the first and they stepped up their game just a little. They got a couple breaks here or there and that's just the way tennis goes. With that they took the momentum and played some great tennis."

Somdev Davvarman
"They got a couple breaks to go their way and they took advantage of that. They started playing with momentum, I guess, and they served out the match pretty well."

On the difference in the match...
Treat Hughey
"There wasn't a point here or there, just three or four games at the end of the second set they got lucky. They played some great tennis, they just took it to us today."

Austin Krajicek-Conor Pollock (Texas A&M)

Austin Krajicek-Conor Pollock (Texas A&M) def. #1 Somdev Devvarman-Trent Huey (Virginia), 6-3, 6-4
On the playing the No. 1 ranked Virginia pair and the match . . .
Austin Krajicek
"We knew it was going to be a great opportunity and we had every confidence in our team, we really thought we could win that match. But, they are a great team, you have to give them credit, they are really good. But, we played our best tennis and we got a win today."

Talk about a turning point in the match?
Conor Pollock
"We got down early, which was a little disheartening, but we fought back and found a way to get back in the match. From that point on, after we broke back their serve, it gave us a lot of confidence. I think that was really the turning point and momentum changer."

On that first break, you got the overhead where they didn't hit and it came back into your side?
Conor Pollock
"After that point, I told Austin it was a sign that we were going to win the match. It turned out that it was."

How do you think Virginia played? Conor Pollock
"Probably not their best tennis. I think we took them out of their game a little bit. I'm sure they've had better days. I think we did a great job of keeping them off balance and playing smart doubles."

How well did you think you played? Austin Krajicek
"I think we played pretty good today. Not, maybe, our ultimate, but I think that was really good doubles and if we keep that up I think we can be in good position to go deep in this tournament. It was one of our best doubles we played this year, but I think there's better to come."

#2 Robert Farah-Kaes Van't Hof (USC)

#2 Robert Farah-Kaes Van't Hof (USC) def. Clancy Shields-Luke Shields (Boise State), 7-5, 4-6, 6-3
On that match...
Kaes Van't Hof
"We let one get away from us in the second-set, we are up 7-5, 4-2. Those guys (Clancy and Luke Shields) played a pretty good game to break Rob (Farah). They took advantage of second serves and scraped out a lot of points. Those guys are tough to play, they are pretty savy on the court, they don't blow you away, but they are going to get balls back at you. They try to frustrate you out there and it's tough."

Robert Farah
"We had a hard match, those guys are brothers, so they know how to play together, they have been playing their whole lives, so they really understand each other. Kaes (Van't Hof) and I played well, we got frustrated in the second-set and we lost that set. But, it was alright because we won and that's the important thing."

Talk about playing friends of yours in the next match...
Kaes Van't Hof
"It's great. Those guys are doing well and we're doing well, couldn't ask for a better matchup to play those guys (Andy Connelly/Ross Cunningham). They are my good buddies. Hopefully it will be good doubles tomorrow.

Robert Farah
"Tomorrow is going to be a fun match. The crowd is going to be against us, but we are just going to have to make serves and returns and we will be fine. We played against them this season already. They are a really good doubles team, so we are going to have to bring it."

#4 Jonas Berg-Erling Tveit (Ole Miss)

#4 Jonas Berg-Erling Tveit (Ole Miss) def. Billy Heiser-Ryan Rowe (Illinois), 6-3, 2-6, 7-5
On the match...
Jonas Berg
"We played a great team. Once again we got off to a great start, and once again we lost the second set. The third set was very tough, very even. They got up 5-3 serving for the match. We just hung in there and we got the break back and then pulled it through. It was a good win."

Erling Tveit
"It was a hard fought match out there. We started off early and got broke in the first game. We played a really good second game and got right back in the match. We played pretty well in the first set. When you're playing three set its kind of hard to keep it up the whole time when you're used to playing to eight. We had one bad service game, had a few chances in our return game and didn't get it. In the third set, we got down 5-3, but we played really well from then on. We got up the next four games. It's nice to be a college player for one more day."