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Men's Doubles Semifinal Round Post-Match Quotes

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May 25, 2008

#4 Jonas Berg-Erling Tveit (Ole Miss)

#4 Jonas Berg-Erling Tveit (Ole Miss) def. Austin Krjicek-Conor Pollock (Texas A&M), 6-4, 6-4
On the match...
Jonas Berge
"It was a tough match. There were only two service breaks in the whole match. We got hot and pulled it off. It was a real tight match."

Erling Tveit
"Yesterday and the day before we came out a little slow. We just started to prepare for the first point of this match and we actually broke in the first game. We just played really, really well. They were never close to breaking us. We got hot two games and broke them, 6-4, 6-4. We played a really solid match."

On the possibility of an all Ole Miss doubles final...
Jonas Berge
"It would be fun, but it would be weird at the same time."

Erling Tveit
"It would be really strange. I'm sure we would all be a little extra nervous playing each other. I guess that's the best thing that could happen, get two teams in the final."

#2 Robert Farah-Kaes Van't Hof (USC)

#2 Robert Farah-Kaes Van't Hof (USC) def. Bram ten Berge-Matthias Wellerman (Ole Miss), 6-7 (5), 7-6 (5), 7-6 (10)
On the match...
Robert Farah
"Unbelievable. It's an amazing match to play and I'm glad I was a part of it. We were going to lose basically in the third set. We were 5-3, 30-love down with the big guy serving. The guys who I think we only had one break point. And to come out there and play the way we did and break that guy, it was unbelievable. In that breaker there were a lot of emotions, but thank god we could stay calm and close that match."

Kaes Van't Hof
"Those guys played unbelievable and it's a miracle that we came out with that. We're down in the third, like Rob said, just trying to focus on doing the simplest things off their serve. It makes you feel like you're just starting the game when their serving at you. You feel like an amateur out there. Luckily we stayed solid on our serves most of the time. We played a lot of breakers and a lot of close points. It's a lot of nerve racking shots, especially knowing how big the other guys are serving on the other side. You just get tighter and tighter thinking about it."



On playing another Ole Miss team...
Kaes Van't Hof
"I'm not looking forward to playing Ole Miss again. That was their number two team, I can't imagine their number one. Those guys played a great match."