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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#4 Seed Georgia def. #13 Seed Pepperdine, 4-1
Friday, May 16, 2008
1.Jamie Hunt/Nate Schnugg (G) def. Bassam Beidas/Johannes de Villiers (P)- 8-1
2.Luis Flores/Javier Garrapiz (G) def. Mahmoud Kamel/James Lemke (P)- 8-2
3.Travis Helgeson/Christian Vitulli (G) vs. Omar Altmann/Brian Brogan (P)- DNF
1.Bassam Beidas (P) def. Travis Helgeson (G)- 6-2, 6-4
2.Nate Schnugg (G) vs. Omar Altmann (P)- DNF
3.Luis Flores (G) def. James Lemke (P)- 6-1, 6-4
4.Jamie Hunt (G) vs. Mahmoud Kamel (P)- DNF
5.Javier Garrapiz (G) def. Rikus de Villiers (P)- 6-2, 6-1
6.Christian Vitulli (G) def. Alex Moreno (P)- 6-3, 6-4

Order of Finish: Doubles- 2,1; Singles- 5, 3, 1, 6


Georgia improved to 24-3 on the season . . . the Bulldogs advance to the quarterfinals for the fourth consecutive year, and for the 22nd year since the NCAA adopted the current format in 1982 . . . Georgia improved its all-time record against Pepperdine to 11-9 . . . Pepperdine finishes the season with a 20-7 record . . . the loss snaps a 17-match winning streak for the Wave . . . the Wave played without No. 1 player Andre Begemann . . . Pepperdine's Bassam Beidas, ranked 37th, moved up to play the No. 1 position and defeated fourth-ranked Travis Helgeson 6-2, 6-4.


Georgia Head Coach Manuel Diaz
On your match against Pepperdine...
"Yea, I am real happy with the way our guys responded today, they played a great match. They have been looking forward to just coming out of the gates and they were excited to play today. I really have a lot of respect for the Pepperdine team and the way they battled. I know their situation is a special one, we have a special fond place in our hearts for Andre (Begemann) and what he has met to their program, not only this year, but in his career. They have had a rough week or two. Our hats are off to them and their plight. In a way it made it a little difficult for us to kind of prepare, we didn't know if he was going to be in the lineup, we heard he was coming back and then he might not be here. It's kind of hard to prepare because it effects everybody's matchups, but our guys played a great doubles point and were very focused in the singles and just provided tremendous energy for each of them."

Georgia Player Jamie Hunt
You have unbelievable streak going on (19 straight without a loss) ...
"I just came out and it was not like I was playing bad, the guy was just hitting winners left and right, I mean all credit to him, he was playing unbelievable, but most of those guys cannot play like that for a while match, much less a whole set. I knew he was going to come down from playing that well and I just stayed positive and tried to get each point that I could and was able to come around."

Georgia Player Christian Vitulli
Did what Jamie (Hunt) did on the court next to you inspire you ...
"Definitively, when he went down 5-0 and he started coming back, I heard the crowd really getting into it and pumping him up. I definitively felt inspired and that just pushed me to play even better, keep going and kept me positive, so, it really did."

Pepperdine Head Coach Adam Steinberg
You had to play without your No. 1 player...
"There's no excuses. It happens to all teams. We didn't have our number one player, but I thought our guys fought so hard against a great team."

Talk about Bassam Beidas moving up to play No. 1 and defeating Travis Helgeson...
"Bassam is an incredible competitor. He's amazing. I knew that he would step up. He's been ranked in the top-10. He's played all these guys. He's got a lot of confidence in himself. He doesn't care who's on the other side of the net if it's Federer he's going to fight. I wasn't concerned at all about himmoiving into that spot."

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