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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#7 Texas def. #2 Ohio State, 4-2
Sunday, May 18, 2008
1.#9 Ed Corrie/Kellen Damico (T) def. #10 Bryan Koniecko/Steven Moneke (O)- 8-5 3
2.#14 Drew Eberly/Justin Kronauge (O) vs. #53 Luis Diaz Barriga/Miguel Reyes Varela (T)- DNF
3.Dimitar Kutrovsky/Josh Zavala (T) def. Matt Allare/Shuhei Uzawa (O)- 8-4
1.#10 Dimitar Kutrovsky (T) def. #16 Bryan Koniecko (O)- 6-1, 2-6, 6-3
2.#33 Steven Moneke (O) def. #41 Kellen Damico (T)- 6-4, 1-6, 6-2
3.#19 Justin Kronauge (O) vs. #47 Ed Corrie (T)- DNF
4.Luis Diaz Barriga (T) def. Shuhei Uzawa (O)- 6-1, 2-6, 6-1
5.Milan Mihailovic (T) def. Matt Allare (O) - 7-6 (4), 6-4
6.Drew Eberly (O) def. Miguel Reyes Varela (T)- 6-2, 6-2

Order of Finish: Doubles- 3,1 ; Singles- 5, 4, 2, 6, 1



Texas Head Coach Michael Center
Your thoughts on the match...
"Ohio State is a very difficult team to knock out. They compete really, really well up and down the lineup. Their top-3 have really been amazing this year. I don't think Moneke has lost a dual match, and Koniecko and Kronauge are good. They've been very reliable at the top. Then the guy that plays six for them has been very, very good. They're a very physical team, well-conditioned and well-trained. I thought we had an edge in the doubles today, and we got that point, and I like the fact that we had two seniors at four and five playing two freshmen at four and five. I thought we had a little bit of an edge there, but I knew to knock out one of those other four guys was going to take a heck of an effort, and we produced it today. Dimitar (Kutrovsky) got it done and clinched the match."

Talk about the Big 12 Conference play in the national tournament...
"I don't know if our conference gets enough credit nationally. Baylor broke through and won the championship in 2004, and they've been to the Final Four several times. This is our second trip. I think for us to really get the national attention, we need to break through as well. We've been a very competitive team. It's our second Final Four in the last three years. We're here to breakthrough. We feel good about our team. I thought at the beginning of the year that this team had a chance, and now it's down to four teams. So, we'll be out there going for our shots and play aggressively and if someone takes us out they're going to have to beat us. That's our attitude right now."

Talk about the proximity to Austin for fans to come up...
"We had a nice following today. Some people flew up from Austin today. Texas has a huge alumni base. I see people sitting there with their Texas garb on, which is probably tough to wear here in the state of Oklahoma, so they find an excuse to put on the burnt orange and come out and support the Horns. We encourage all of them to come out, and I will assure them they'll be safe here at the Michael D. Case Tennis Center."

Texas Player Dimitar Kutrovsky
Talk about coming back and winning the match after losing the first set 6-1...
"I knew Bryan's style. I know him from the juniors. I played doubles with him in one tournament. I know he's a good player. We have a pretty similar style, being aggressive and hitting the ball flat, and attacking every shot that we possibly can. He just started off better than me. He was more energetic. He was more aggressive, and I wasn't as energetic as much as I could be. He pushed me on my serve and I couldn't do much on my return game, so it was a pretty fast 6-1. In the second set, I just had to put it together and had to be more aggressive and energetic. I knew that if I lost I'd let every one down, so I had to lay it out there and play hard."

Ohio State Head Coach Ty Tucker
On the match...
"Tough match. Tough pill to swallow. I just feel bad for our guys, especially Drew Eberly, who sat out the singles match. He's the only senior we have, the lineup we played is all back for next year. If I try to be positive, I can think about that."

"It's tough. We just didn't do what we needed to do in the start of the doubles match. We gave up 15 minutes of play that I haven't seen our guys play like in a while. I don't know if it was tight. Last year I over-practiced them in the quarterfinals and we lost. Guys started to get cramps the day before the match last time, and this time I under-practiced them. I haven't been able to find the right mix. The most disheartening thing is I usually feel like I dot the I's and cross the T's, and I don't feel like I had them ready to play doubles."


Texas improved to 24-5 on the season . . . the loss snapped a 24-match winning streak for Ohio State . . . the Buckeyes end the season with a 35-2 overall record, having lost only to No. 1 Virginia and No. 7 Texas . . . the Longhorns advance to the semifinals for the third time in school history and the second time in the last three years . . . Texas made semifinal appearances in 1993 and 2006 . . . OSU's No. 1 player Bryan Koniecko had his 17-match winning streak snapped by Texas' Dimitar Kutrovsky . . . Texas has improved its series lead over Ohio State to 5-0 . . . it's the second straight year that Ohio State has lost in the quarterfinals.

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