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2008 NCAA Tennis Championships

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#9 Seed Baylor 4, #8 Seed Tennessee 1
Friday, May 16, 2008
1.#4 Kaden Hensel/J. P. Smith (T) def. David Galic/Denes Lukacs (B) 9-8 (4)
2.Attila Bucko/Lars Poerschke (B) def. Davey Sandgren/Jeremy Tweedt (T) 9-8 (3)
3.Boris Conkic/Matteo Fago (T) def. Dominik Mueller/Jordan Rux (B) 9-8 (2)
1.#8 Lars Poerschke (B) def. #35 Kaden Hensel (T) 6-2, 6-1
2.#9 Denes Lukacs (B) def. #24 J. P. Smith (T) 6-2, 6-3
3.#93 Boris Conkic (T) vs. David Galic (B) DNF
4.Dominik Mueller (B) def. Davey Sandgren (T) 6-0, 6-1
5.Attila Bucko (B) def. Matteo Fago (T) 3-6, 6-3, 6-4
6.Jeremy Tweedt (T) vs. Jordan Rux (B) DNF

Order of Finish: Singles - 4, 2, 1, 5

Baylor Head Coach Matt Knoll
On beating Tennessee...
"Yea, just a fantastic college tennis match. I have never coached a match where we have had three tiebreakers in doubles; I've never seen that before. They did a super job, we were up a break on No. 1 and No. 3 and served for the match at No. 3 and to their credit they fought through it and won the doubles point, which gave them a ton of momentum. I was proud of our guys, we came out and got off to a good start in the singles and got all four matches we needed to."

Talk the success you had here in 2004...
"Its amazing how it is out there all the time, that was first national championship Baylor had ever won in any team sport. You can't be a Baylor athlete and not know something special happen here in 2004, certainly can't be Baylor men's tennis player and not know. We have a big banner hanging in our facility and it is a picture of us out on first court there with the Case Indoor Courts behind us, so the connection is pretty easy to make. But, we didn't talk about it, we feel like the conditions here are go for us, particularly if the wind will pick up a little bit. I was a little disappointed that it was so calm out there; so if any you guys have a connection with the weatherman, let's try to get it going. We not use to playing in these calm conditions, but it is close to home, a lot of fans can come up and we really like it here. Tulsa does a great job on supporting the event and it is really a neat place to play college tennis.

Baylor Player Lars Poerschke
Talk about your match at No. 1...
"Well, after the doubles I knew we needed somebody to just come out and get a quick win. We were lucky enough that three guys came out and got quick wins. I mean Dave (Galic) was still in the first-set and we are up 3-1 after losing the doubles point. So, I think that created a lot of momentum for us and helped us win the match. The three guys were in even matches and knew we only needed one more point to win the match."

Tennessee Head Coach Sam Winterbotham
Give us your thoughts about the match...
"I thought we came out a little bit nervous. In doubles, we allowed them to get early breaks on us. I think the event was a little overwhelming for these guys, but I thought they did a great job of rebounding and showed a lot of heart and determination to come back and win the doubles point. Then I think we just flat out got beat in some spots in singles that forced us to win the spots we thought we could win, but it put a lot of pressure on our guys to do that, and that was the difference. Give Baylor a lot of credit, their experience definitely showed."

Tennessee Player Kaden Hensel
Talk about the tight play in all three doubles matches...
"I agree with coach. We came out a little nervous. You can see it in everyone's demeanor. The freshmen didn't know what to expect, but once they settled down everybody got going and competed well in the doubles, and as a result got the W."

Baylor improved to 25-2 on the season . . . it's the seventh straight year that the Bears have won 25 matches . . . Tennessee finished the season with a 23-4 record . . . Baylor advances to the quarterfinals for the seventh time in school history and the sixth consecutive year . . . the Bears have won 15 of its last 16 matches.
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